Other name: No other name

Genre: Shounen, Supernatural

Date released: Unknown
Views: 3122

Author: Masayuki Yano

Status: Completed

Translator: .hack//translate

The year is 2023, three years after the Immortal Dusk* Incident. With the hacker-group Schicksal dissolved, having resigned from CyberConnect Corp., and the position of Network-Trouble Consultant now vacant, Ryuuji Sogabe is forced to scrape together a living. However, when an unexpected request from a former colleague is put forward, the evil plot surrounding “The World” drags Ryuuji back into the fold. In this blood-stained final battle, will he come out the victor? *Immortal Dusk is the name of the event Geist wished to create in the .hack//LINK game.
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