Zombie Master


Zombie Master Chapter 41

This is the finale, wasn’t planning on doing it so soon, but chapter 40 was shorter than I was expecting. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if the author ever comes back to finish their story, I’ll be sure to update it.

When he had finished with Kaoru, next he let her crawl on all fours on the bed and sat on her back. It may have been hard to support the weight of an adult man if it is a living, but now that she is a female zombie, she is much more powerful than an ordinary man, so she can easily support him.

On the other hand, sitting comfortable on her as a chair is unfortunately not flattering, but there are things that appeal to something like domination appetite or lust. And think of something that is missing in this chair, he let Eriko stand behind him and trust his weight against her as a backrest. A person who has soft and big breasts like Eriko is suitable for being a backrest.

“Oh, this is nice …”

He felt happy at something unexpected. Putting his neck on Eriko’s shoulder while feeling the softness of her chest directly on his back. If this is a human lover, there may have been options such as hugging him voluntarily, but unfortunately the zombies do not seem to be doing so. He can understand that they will not act to exceed his instructions, but it still feels a little lonely.

However, it is only a moment to feel that loneliness, as if you saw it with erotic comics or something, thinking that it might be interesting to make women zombie into furniture etc. If one is seated on his feet or they are on all fours, you can lay your feet on them, put a tabletop on top, put a desk and hang clothes, put it on a clothes line, leave some of them acting as a toilet, as expected I want to use an ordinary toilet instead… He will think about it, but if he thinks about convenience before the desire to control, he can not help lying down my neck.

While thinking about stupid things, he let Justina crawl on all fours and stick his right foot into her mouth. Justina who understood it only carefully starts sucking Takumi’s legs. Between each toe carefully sucking from pinkie toe to his big toe. Although it is somewhat ticklish, it is not bad to see how moist tongue cleansing his feet while making a sound with a blowjob.

Also during that time, not only the backrest but also the shoulders are massaged by Eriko. There was no longer shoulder pain, but there is still a comfort of being gently rubbed with a weak force. The zombie furniture which is not human furniture does not come with pain, but seriously worrying that a chair can be adopted and pushing his left foot to Justina.

Takumi who was drunk on that comfortable sensation, but when Justina ceases to clean his feet, then stands backwards in front of him and makes three dimensional body bend. He did not know how to say it in English, but it was quite the performance.

If he were to explain it, Justina’s butt will protrude in front. The she used her hands and slowly opened her feet to the left and right, until he could see a secret place between the buttocks. Hair is treated and there is only a bit of peach fuzz, and white skin like ivory that is impressive as it is so close to the genitals. The secret place which has been used only once has been very beautiful, opening the big labia left and right with your fingers makes him feel relaxed and pink meat felt. Of course, the Japanese underage girl zombies are also suitable for expressions of pink color, but that of white people is reminiscent of the pink skin of newly born babies.

As if it is invited to its pink color, Takumi spreads her while inserting the index finger of both hands and into the vagina from the vaginal opening. Looking through the open mouth of the vagina with a tantalizing love juiced out, her trembling pink vagina seems to be eagerly awaiting his cock.

Takumi thinks for a while, spreading his legs while sitting on Kaoru, before guiding Justina to slowly descend on his erect dick. Takumi lightly hits Justina’s butt as it tastes the comfort of being covered within her tight vagina. Then Justina starts to move her waist up and down as if she were riding a horse on a merry-go-round.

Zutsu …… Zucch … ….

Because the speed is still slow, the damp sound is low and long. When her waist sinks, he hears the sound of stitching …… Then, as the waist rises upwards, the pink vaginal opening turns over and his cock is covered from the root to the glans thoroughly. At that time, Juju … … and a slightly high damp sound echoes long.

Justina repeats the same move. While swaying the body up and down, the face remains neutral and the original red eyes that would have been blue eyes do not know where it is reflected.

Takumi for some time liked Justina’s moves, but as slow movements become unsatisfactory, he grabbed the Justina’s thin waist with both hands and support that movement with both hands according to Justina’s movements. Justina began to raise the speed as he moved her waist gradually.

Then Justina’s big breasts shake greatly, and if they sway in the left and right, they can understand the movement even if they go over the back. Lift Justina’s right hand while stretching his neck so that it can be caught by it, it is in sight that the right chest shakes roughly. Every time it shakes greatly, things like ripples are born in their chests, naturally and eyes the pink nipples to move up and down according to the tremors.

Grab the right chest as it is with the right hand and massage with the other and begin to move the waist slightly up and down from oneself as well. The impact is easy as the body of Kaoru that became a chair will absorb it well.

Jutsu …… Ju … … Ju … …

Takumi who gradually became increasingly sweet paralysis around his waist raises his pace. The peculiar meat stick which has become slightly dark in the secret place moves up and down many times.

And at the end he inserts it deep into the vagina so as to hit the waist strongly and at the same time white liquid emanates in the vagina. It is still a lot even though he has done it many times today when the semen spouts out. Grabbing Justina’s waist as he pushed it against himself and ejaculated.

Then he grabbed the big breasts of Justina from the back and wait for the slackness after ejaculation to settle down, slowly pulling out his cock. At the same time, a slurry of semen and love juice flows out from the vaginal opening.

“Eriko, get on all fours”

Immediately after giving instructions to Eriko, Takumi scratches his cock still in her mouth.

Even if nothing is commanded any more, she will skillfully move her tongue like a prostitute. Suck up the slurry of semen and love nectar that remained a little in the glans, and carefully trace the root of the glans with the tongue so as to stimulate that cock until it becomes erect.

Soon afterwards, his dick becomes erect again and she swallows it all the way to the root at a stretch. Then, Ju Chu … …. Jutululu … … and raising the lips slowly with a dull moist sound raised, the meat stick shows a wetted figure with Eriko’s saliva instead of Justina’s love juice.

When pulling up to the root of the glans head, she picks up her mouth like this and raised her head, gently lick the tip of the glans head with the tip of the tongue holding the glans with the back of the lips. Since Takumi does not instruct such a way in particular, it seems that each zombie has its own personality.

It looks like she is devoted to trying to make him feel comfortable, but looking only at her face it is expressionless, so it’s hard to tell for sure.

Takumi who thought of something suddenly wants to see her like a twin tail by grabbing both sides of her long hair. While thinking that it would make her seem somewhat young, this time while grabbing the twin tail, move the head of Eriko towards his cock, moving it as he liked and let it go deeply.

Guju~tsu…… Gupo~tsu … …

Still Eriko’s facial expression did not change at all, she got caught somewhat stronger than ever so as not to release her lips from Takumi’s meat stick, he felt that stimulation is pleasant. No matter how wildly she is moved, her tongue dedicates itself to licking his cock.

When Takumi feels that his desire burns up, he pulls out the cock from the mouth of Eriko and pushes it down on the floor as it is. Grab and shake the large chest roughly with both hands and tightly tighten. In his hands he move his fingers carefully as if playing the piano while feeling the weight as well as the softness of her chest.

While excited about a well-ordered face like the doll that can be seen from between the big breasts, her spread feet and aroused place remain his focus. Since the secret spot is already wet enough to drip drip, his dick is swallowed up with almost no resistance. Still, at the moment of insertion, the inside of the vagina revolve and giving a comfortable tightening.

Thunder ……

Repeat the piston motion while covering over with weight. With this full feeling, his cock is tattooing her inside, but there is no sagging on the fresh skin of Eriko, stroking her belly with his right hand with rubbing her right chest with his left hand, it feels like his fingers are sucked into her skin. As he traced the lips of Eriko with the index finger of the right hand, she lick it as it sticks to the index finger and middle finger that the pink tongue comes out cheekily and has traced the lips.

In the meantime, the piston movement is made while pressing the whole body. Every time it gets wet sounds out, a sticky liquid leaks out from the connection part.

When pleasures in the vagina become entangled and the pleasure rises, as he turned his hand to the waist of Eriko and press up, it pushes up his hips more quickly. Along with that, it is worth seeing that her breasts shake up and down. While looking at the raised peach colored nipple, slowly twisting, the folds in the vagina move right and left while tangling, giving a fresh pleasure. As he responds to it and rubbing the inside of her vagina with his cock, there is a place that feels tortuous feeling in the glans head and as he moved his waist little by little around it there will be extreme pleasure running through them both.

Moving his hips many times as it is, ejaculating to the back of the vagina at the same time as he thrust hard at the end. At that moment, her vagina tightens tightly, as if to suck up his semen greedily, squeezing it down to the last drop.

Stop moving the waist and pinched her nipples with both hands that have been out of hand, and the vagina tightens around his dick a few times again.

However, as expected it is not meant to continue further, Takumi slowly pulls out his cock, still standing up as he lays back on the bed and rests.

Three people, Eriko, Justina, and Kaoru, took out their tongue and began to lick his cock clean, as a result of it overflowing as expected. Three people licking and cleansing the mixture of semen and love juice from the tip of his dick to the base.

“As expected, I did too much today …”

Takumi murmured as if he was somewhat productive, and started to arrange the things that must be done in the mind.


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