Zhuge Kong Ming and the Outsider


Zhuge Kong Ming and the Outsider Volume 1 Chapter 8-9

Chapter 8: Recovered

Kong Jun and Kong Ming has a genuine parent-child relationship, son saluting father is a regular thing, but Kong Jun when heard the sound "greets father"  his body shook, looked very excited and said: "Ming ér, are you alright?"

Kong Ming, this child, is absolute beloved of Kong Jun, because such a young talent, not only are the hope of their branch re-entering the main family, also the pride of his life! It can be said that Kong Jun put all his expectations on Kong Ming’s body!

Unfortunately, due to a sudden illness, so that once the genius boy became an idiot overnight, which for Kong Jun this is a great blow. If Kong Jun is not a Yuan General master, has an unyielding degree of mental will, I am afraid he will be depressed, leading to his demise.

Kong Jun had hoped that Kong Ming would return to normal, but how many times had he disappointed after three years? And this time, Kong Jun but apparently felt Kong Ming again absorb world elementary force, after inducing the incredible breath, he can imagine the excitement in mind.

As for Kong Ming, he felt the deep love of a father for his son, and he slowly raised his head and looked at Kong Jun. The Kong Ming, smart wisdom primarily is that of the Three Kingdoms era military strategists Zhuge, but after fusing with little Kong Ming, he knows what kind of a person is this Kong Jun.

From the soul perspective, Kong Ming and Kong Jun have nothing to relate to it, but yet he felt a sense of blood connection from this body.

Kong Ming’s parents died at an early age and were brought up by his uncle. So the feeling of the so-called father love was not too thick. But at this moment, Kong Ming clearly felt a sincere love from Kong Jun, his heart excited, with a serious voice: "Father, please rest assured, that child is well! All misfortunes are in the past, consider this is but a dream like to me."

Kong Jun put his hand on Kong Ming’s shoulder, immediately felt the Kong Ming elementary force fluctuation from his body surging, apparently has been completely restored to the Late Stage Yuan Gentleman boundary! Kong Jun in heart surprised, but also quickly calmed down.

Kong Jun turned back to the people outside the courtyard: "Today the matter of inner courtyard, should not leak to the outside if so will be handled according to family regulations."

Kong Jun is the patriarch of Kong family, he always acted decisively, once the mood calmed down, will stand in the perspective of the family.

Kong Ming, in his childhood, became the pride of Kong because he is a genius, but as he became ill, his pride became the laughingstock of the city! As a result, even if Kong Jun and Kong Ming’s father and son’s feelings remain unchanged, but Kong Ming’s position in the Kong family, actually was quite awkward.

What Kong Jun wants to confirm now that Kong Ming, the talent, actually came back! Otherwise, once the Kong second young master restoration news is out, but the fact is inconsistent, does Kong once again become the laughingstock of the city?

At this stage, letting this news temporarily confined to the Kong family is better.

Regarding patriarch's order, the Kong people did not dare to disobey, they together respectfully back down, but also conveniently shut the door to the courtyard.

Looking at the closed door, Kong clan members are jubilant, and young Kong Zhao in high spirits waved his fist, is happy: "If younger brother fully recovered, it is too good! Our Kong has a hope of rising!"

The rest of the people echoed his word,  but nobody noticed Kong Zhao clenched his hands, used too much force, even the phalanx and joints were slightly discolored.

In the yard only Kong Jun and Kong Ming two people are left, Kong Jun smiled and nodded to Kong Ming, and then puts out the hand on Kong Ming’s back, put out an elementary force, walked randomly in Kong Ming whole body.

After checking the result Kong Jun is very satisfied, because the body of Kong Ming elementary force is abundant, has been completely restored to the level before his illness. As long as the Kong Ming practice talent recovered, it won’t be a year or so; Kong Ming still has a hope to impact Yuan Teacher boundary.

Although thirteen-year-old Yuan Teacher, not like ten-year-old Yuan Teacher to be so dazzling, so long as can achieve Yuan Teacher boundary before the underage, has a possibility to become marshal level powerhouse.

Kong Ming will still be the genius that shook the Cuenca city!

Then, Kong Jun tested the cultivation law that Kong Ming practiced and then watched Kong Ming perform a set of previously known techniques, finally determined his son talent, fully restored.

Perhaps, as Kong Ming said, this time of three years, consider it as a big dream. Although delayed for three years, but as long as woke up, everything is not too late!

Kong Ming has completely fused the memory of little Kong Ming, so it’s easy to make a recovery. Of course, when Kong Jun asked why Kong Ming would recover, it was necessary to pretend to be silly. Anyway, Kong Ming said he was hit by thunder, like waking from a dream, suddenly sober.

When the purple lightning struck Kong Ming, it was not seen by Kong Jun and others. But the little kids, who played pranks, but witnessed the whole process of Kong Ming being struck by lightning, which was impossible to conceal. Kong Ming admitted that after being hit by lightning bewilderedly recovered, natural nobody could question him, is impossible to associate with the purple lightning that had also hidden another Kong Ming’s soul, and the opportunity to occupy the small body of Kong Ming.

Even the experienced Kong Jun, could not know the origin of purple lightning, less likely to know its secrets. As for the recovery after being struck by lightning, though it sounded strange, he could not find a better explanation for the moment.

All these can only sum it up as Kong ancestors divine grace!

At any rate, Kong Ming’s recovery was a great event for the family. Kong Jun told Kong Ming to have a good rest for two or three days, after the family will announce the good news, of Kong second master talent restored. At that time, Kong clan must have a look, who dare to treat Kong second master as a joke!

Kong Ming respectfully salutes as Kong Jun went back, returns to the small courtyard, static sitting in own bed.

The door was closed, and the sky was getting dark, but Kong Ming slowly raised his hands, so he held them up.

On the surface, the hands are nothing special. But as long as you take a closer look, you can see a purple brilliance looming between the skin, which is very mysterious.

However, with the restraint of Kong Ming’s mind, the purple brilliance beneath the skin disappeared……

Chapter 9: Mysterious Energy

The present Kong Ming can say that wisdom is stronger than ever, and that the state of mind is significantly different from the journey of the universe, and that even though he has experienced such wonders as possessing the body and reborn, he does not find it strange.

With the present cultivation law this body is practicing, Kong Ming has realized what it is called world elementary force, and the feeling of absorbing elementary force into the body.

Can say the elementary force is an exceptionally incredible energy. With the aid of this powerful energy, human beings can get rid of the shackles of their mortal body and exert their power beyond imagination. The elementary force applied to the extreme, can do great things such as move mountains and drain seas, pick up the stars magical powers, are not impossible.

Kong Ming in the Three Kingdoms era the skills are knowledgeable, proficient in all technique of hundred schools of thought, the art of becoming invisible or the Invisible Art technique is one of the most profound attainments, even know some of the ancient Immortal law practice methods.

The law of the immortal, if trained to the high depths, its strength is quite powerful. However, to practice the Immortal law, the harsh conditions are more than the practice of elementary force. At least, the Kong Ming of the Three Kingdoms period did not have the physique to practice the Immortal law, or he would not have died in the wuzhang plain.

Kong Ming’s present body, if only based on physical quality, compared to the Three Kingdoms era did not know how many times stronger. This phenomenon, is, of course, is due to the practice of world elementary force, and also the human beings on the mainland of Tianyuan are different from the earth, and appear to be stronger!

If only by the battle efficiency, can practice the elementary force of Kong Ming, compared to the Three Kingdoms era of Kong Ming, thousands of times and ten thousand times more powerful!

Kong Ming can feel that his body is now entirely different from what he used to be, and can even describe it as powerful and incredible. But this power is not just because of the strength of the elementary force, but also in his body that lurks another mysterious energy!

Kong Ming, as long as he concentrated his inner sense, can realize that his body, has a purple light is in slow circulation.  What kind of existence is this purple brilliance, Kong Ming is not sure. But he can feel, this purple light can absorb the purple energy from the sky coming from the distant universe. Can only say that this mysterious power can let him become stronger than ever!

This mystical strength is not the elementary force and even can say that they are quite distinct from each other, there are two different kinds, but the two forces can coexist in Kong Ming’s body, not harming him.

It can be said that the only common ground of mystical strength and elementary force is that Kong Ming can become very powerful!

After experiencing the strength of the elementary force, Kong Ming wanted to find out what the mysterious energy in the body was and wanted to try to see if he could control the mysterious energy.

Mysterious energy born, should be from the purple light in the body, but Kong Ming can feel that the mysterious energy is absorbing the power from the stars of the universe!

Now it was all dark, and after thinking for a moment, Kong Ming simply got up, pushed the window open and looked out into the night sky.

Kong Ming proficient in ancient Chinese divination, night view is a daily process for him, is almost the required course that he of Three Kingdom era must make every night,  in the heart knows all types of star.

However, after the universe travel through various realms, Kong Ming already know, on different planets, the sky is completely different, if looking from different galaxies to the heavens, the sky looks different.

The stars at night are made up of myriads of stars, each of which almost represents a massive star. This point, Kong Ming already understood.

By the present  Kong Ming’s knowledge, as long as he can see the sky, he can perform mathematical calculations to determine the Tianyuan continent position, located around the universe, and what kind of galaxies are around, so he can analyze in the end where the mysterious power is coming.

But when Kong Ming opened the window and saw the night sky, he gave a long sigh.

Because on the mainland of Tianyuan there are only some dozens of stars in the evening sky!

From the memory of Kong Ming, Kong Ming had long known that the mainland of Tianyuan was without the moon.

The absence of the moon is not difficult to understand, for it means that there is not a place suitable for the moon in outer space of Tianyuan. But Kong Ming still felt a bit strange after seeing the stars on the mainland of Tianyuan.

Kong Ming’s eyesight can be said to be excellent, but after he looked into the night sky, can only see dozens of stars glittering. What’s more, only a few dozen stars are visible, not because of the brightness of the stars, but because there are only so few stars in the night sky!

Arguably, this phenomenon is unlikely to happen, because stars are impossible to be so few no matter where it is in the universe!

The only possibility is that the Tianyuan continent, is in a unique space in the universe, perhaps in a marginal corner of the universe, and in no other galaxies, so the stars in the sky will appear so little!

No wonder, in the memory of little Kongming, there is no information regarding the stars. After all, there are only a few stars in the night sky. In the eyes of ordinary people, the concept of the stars can not be formed at all. However, such a different starry sky still can give Kong Ming enough inspiration, because he has clearly sensed the source of the mysterious energy in the body, which star comes from!

Although in the sky there are only dozens of stars, position of one of the stars in the night sky for Kong Ming is too familiar; even when his eyes are closed, he can lock the exact location of the star!

This star named Dubhe!

Dubhe, the First Star of Northern Dipper, alpha Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper, anyone who understood the night view of stars would not utterly misread the position of this star!

But surprisingly, from the Tianyuan night sky, why can in the position of the first star in the Big Dipper, really can see the presence of a “Dubhe”?

The earth and the Tianyuan continent are located in two different spaces in the universe, and their starry sky is entirely different. If the two places have the same star in that, it is not a coincidence. At least, the remaining dozens of stars in Tianyuan’s starry sky are not in the star's position corresponding to any star on the earth.

If some in hundreds of millions of probability, causes the Tianyuan mainland and Earth have the star Dubhe in the exact position, why, the source of mysterious forces in Kong Ming body, came from the star Dubhe?

Can coincidence explain this phenomenon?

This time Kong Ming has not known that in a white tower in the Yuan Prefecture there is a mystical crystal ball! But in the crystal ball, a new luminous spot was born a short time ago, just also correspond with the position of the star “Dubhe”!


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