Zhan Long


Zhan Long Chapter 1318

„Whish...... Whish......"

The god shape changes the gloss of body exudes the low sound, sways my behind cape slightly to fly upwards, above the double sword has covered entirely the blood, I look up to Pearl, suddenly thinks satirical, cannot bear smiles: „Initially Pearl gave me the palace guard, lets my Zhongxing empire, wants my also world peace, exterminates north crowd of demons, finally now, Pearl unexpectedly has become the Hybrid Demon lackey, must massacre the friend who my this once gave the heavy responsibility, this too satirized."

Pearl has also smiled, laughing of young lady, the front twin peaks shiver all over, the hand pointed at me saying: Li Xiao Yao, you are really a stodgy person, what you pursue is what? World republican? Has a dream, only has strength is the sun."

Saying, her vision one coldly, suddenly spins the body to fly, palm grips the sword hilt, this giant sword blade edge transforms for a three feet cold glow in her hand rapidly, from airborne falls rapidly!

I raise the shield of stars hurriedly, „bang" fell 34% toughness, the Pearl rapid near body, the sword hilt has pounded + knee hit fiercely, directly the shield of stars breaking, the palm has put covers in my front, showed a faint smile: „Feels at ease dead."


My moral nature one cold, the front the flame erupted, seems rent with grief ache, Pearl will attack power so be strong? Is unscientific, Sif must simply many! Is...... Do the dark blue billows give the private lesson to her?

HP falls suddenly 40% +, could not support, one time was struck to fly by Dahlen, Sif, Kate strength launches the attack together, my full Xue only remaining 12%, were really instantaneously fearful.

The foot pedal earth, one time treads the broken heavenly thunder skill attack.

But treads the broken heavenly thunder almost not to complete completely, dark fire ignition that suddenly a Pearl wrong body, the whole body has reappeared on me, turns round is a sword, even if my reaction rate can follow a standard to keep off, but hung.

Continues the rebirth, falls 8 levels!

This time fell to 238 levels, but the good news altogether to fall 15 levels, the overlord rebirth has promoted 225% entire attributes for me, this also means that the attack, defense, HP , etc. on 225% scales, have eaten the additional blood card, total HP already arrived in 300 thousand critical junctions, was somewhat terrorist.

Sif, Dahlen then attacked twice appears somewhat laughable




Solemn king level BOSS, hits me unexpectedly, only then a little injury, moreover my total HP also came up, the attack that they collaborate can only wipe out I 10% HP!

The butterfly sword, does the sword almost also attacks, fell on Dahlen together, „bang bang bang" made the high quota injury digit, but also had the MISS phrases, NND, Level too big started unceasingly MISS disparately, this was not a good news, but must walk, here protracted battle, I now the most major function is the invincible tank, but was not the invincible output, at least must draw Level to 15 levels in can genuine single Tiao.

Fights the boots to explode treads the ground, hits directly backward, „bang" hits on the chest of Pearl, her strength value was also well below me, drank tenderly is hit flies to draw back, can only look helplessly my god shape changed the body jumps, flew to Tian Ling Empire.

„Pursues, massacres him to me!"

Pearl flies into a rage behind is roaring: „Your this group of fools, why will make him escape, immediately sounds the conch, starts the general attack, gives me to turn into one pile of ruins Tian Ling Empire, looked how they also hide in stretch of ruins resist the Hybrid Demon oppression of the people!"


The sword spirit cavalry soldier replied loudly, afterward the sound of conch in the distant place has resounded, the dense and numerous Hybrid Demon armies have stepped into the state earth, in addition, Indian war zone and German war zone and other players.

I wants to return to fly, while asked in team channel: Qing Qian, iron skull city and trend of Ze deep pool city how?"

Yue Qing Qian replied: „One hour ago news, the sky rose and brown pupil were killed to return to the city, now at the forum was summoning that the player gathers, the preparation expedites once more, but comes to the Tian Ling Empire journey to be very remote, the players in iron skull city take about 10 hours, the players in Ze deep pool city take about 15 hours, we have Cooldown!"

„Is very good!"

I smile: „That while these 10 hours, destroys completely these Hybrid Demon armies, then wields the armed forces to expedite, attacks the hammering skull city!"


Fang Ge Que said: Xiao Yao can you attack the hammering skull city?"


I nod saying: „Iron skull city is west the den of boundary treaty of alliance, the western boundary treaty of alliance is our number one enemy, after we repel the Hybrid Demon army, the side song you are responsible for defending imperial, I am responsible for expediting, how is it?"

Fang Ge Que is the person who very stands aloof from the world, the person who the pursue monopolizes is I, but he pursues is the player tactic, operation of limit, therefore consents to say joyfully: „Good, such division of labor is also good."

Regarding Fang Ge Que defends the imperial ability, I trust, the war of previous Tian Ling Empire has understood . Moreover, the Yan Zhao Warrior defense ability is also outstanding, can remains to help Fang Ge Que him and [Prague], player who at least Ye Lai, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han , etc. were good at attacking, I must take away completely the expedition, the victory or defeat fight in this round country.

However, must first consider how to kill behind these ferocious king level BOSS.


Wan Er." I summoned one, said: „Several BOSS came, every large or small five-star, four star BOSS also dozens, the matter I must ask."

„Um, what, asked?"

„According to me, the king level BOSS intelligence quotient specially is high, knew perfectly well will not beat soon in the killed situation will escape, what tool our players will have to belay them, making them have no place to go?"

„Hunts for Longwang." Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile, said: „Sky rose has used, this built the blueprint I to spend 10 thousand dollars to buy from the iron skull city, previous time has made the artisan build one batch in Fan Shu City, on the present Tian Ling Empire Beicheng wall at least 50 hunt for Longwang, which Hybrid Demon king needs to arrest, you said that I ordered."

„OK!" I said with a smile joyfully: Wan Er is really a good wife!"

The Q-Sword sound egg hurts very much: „This is the public team group, forbids the show love......"

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles: „Was jealous!"

„I do not have!" Q-Sword argued: „I...... Person who I had liking...... It is not such that you imagine."

The rare Chinese war zone most perfect man will reveal such awkward side unexpectedly, Dong Cheng Yue then asked: „You said that the person who you like who is?"

„Did not tell you!"

Ye Lai Ha Ha said with a smile: „Heard that Q-Sword was pursuing a star recently, it is estimated that has gone well, is a star! Probably is calls Liu Shenme that......"

Q-Sword was red in the face: „Leaf fatty you do not speak irresponsibly......"

„Ha, wanted on the entertainment version headline, your shy egg!"

Q-Sword does not speak, it is estimated that has also tacitly approved, had the skill really......


In an instant Tian Ling Empire outside at present, the city also many players was entering a city, but, I have spent 5000 R motherfucker to issue an announcement of Chinese area without enough time immediately


System Announcement( player Xiao Yao Zi Zai frontline propaganda): Everybody in do not enter the north gate that north Tian Ling Empire has not entered a city, hurries to detour from the thing two gates enters, the north gate is closed, the Hybrid Demon king came, the preparation opens kills!


Really, after hearing the news, almost all players diverge to the both sides, is good, avoids the unnecessary loss, my rapid flight such as falling of electricity on the city, the surroundings, Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Mu Xuan and Q-Sword and the others, looks at my Level, Fang Ge Que somewhat cannot help but uncomfortable, knits the brows: Xiao Yao, you paid for this country war too......"

„Should, who call, only then I have the overlord rebirth, prepares to make war!"


„First locks Dahlen to attack, I come, when advocates T, in addition my HP, leads away Sif, Pearl and other BOSS, kills in turn, first locks Dahlen."

„Good!" All people nod together.


The distant place, several big kings killed, Dahlen as rampant wild, seven killed the sword to raise, calls out one: Tian Ling Empire, breaks to the father!"


The long sword flood soars to the heavens the ray, this strikes compared with initially the silver spear chopped into pieces cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to strike to want strong over a hundred times, the Tian Ling Empire barbican wall unable absolutely such quickly to be killed!

My without hesitation overran, the god shape opens, the front surface raises the left arm, the shield of stars!


Under the god shape, the strength of imperial day starts, immediately the supernatural power of whole person rises suddenly rapidly, simultaneously the shield of stars also turned into one to soar to the heavens the great shield, such protected in the Tian Ling Empire Beicheng wall sky, Dahlen this strikes already to the situation of extraordinary not sending, a sword fell suddenly, happen to bang on the shield of stars!


The loud acoustic shock penetrating highest heaven, entire Tian Ling Empire trembles, but my left arm already numb, my goodness, camel of skinny is big, the king is a king, this strikes to be really unbearable, unexpectedly directly the shield of full tough stars crushing.

Raised the butterfly sword distantly, [Blade Spin] has cut continuously three times, Dahlen was one calls out immediately has fired into me.

Cannot resist with all one's strength, backlash!

Dahlen's HP has not even returned fully, 70%, good opportunity!

In all directions various skill greeting, Dahlen like is a youth chases down me to arrive in the city wall, although raises sword waves to make the players very uncomfortable, but his HP falls quickly, especially I come in situation that when T he cannot massacre, another direction, Pearl and Sif were attracted by several other player influences, Drunken Spear to Pearl, although could not win, but should be insufficient a short time to hang.

In the city heavy artillery sound again and again, rapid exchanged fire with the Hybrid Demon army.


Has continued nearly 20 minutes, finally Dahlen's HP already saw the bottom, sees the potential not to be wonderful, immediately must walk, raises the sword saying: „father juan, another day fought out!"

But where can ask him to leave, one side hunting for Longwang Shua Shua" continuous emission, the wire rope ties up Dahlen of remnant blood directly solid.

Fang Ge Que raises proud Tianzhang, said loudly: Xiao Yao needs Level to restore, BOSS gives the homicide, quick!"

I naturally appreciated kindness rendered, before rushing, one set rides the wind to cut + [Thundering Heavens] high eruption skill directly Dahlen's final HP to carry off, is massacring his flash, golden light flowed swiftly to fall on the body, Level rose suddenly 7 levels!