Yuusha Yori Saikyouna Kuro Kishi


Yuusha Yori Saikyouna Kuro Kishi Chapter 2

To clarify: I, AFlappyTeddyBird do not speak a hint of Japanese. Everything that is posted here will be translated by my friend KK_Akatsuki who kindly allows me to publish these. These translations are rather roughly edited, and translations happen very sporadically, sometimes it could be 1 chapter in a month, sometimes it could be 4 or anything in between, just don’t have high expectations about punctuality. I will try to do my best to edit the chapters so that they’re not unpleasant to read, but I do sometimes struggle with re-forming sentences.

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And now without further ado, Chapter 02:


Chapter 2: Takamagahara(Land of the Higher gods) and the Sun god



"Ara, have you awoken, Chie-san…"




I woke up in a room that that had the same style as an old chinese drama movie. I saw a young beautiful woman wearing a luxurious looking kimono with an expensive looking robe(hagoromo). A really big woman.


Why is she so big?


"Let me introduce myself to you. I am known as the god of the sun here in Takamagahara, Amaterasu-o-okamisama."






Amaterasu-o-okamisama of Takamagahara.


"Amaterasu-o-okamisama, the chief god of Takamagahara that in Japanese mythology? The deified god of the sun?"


"Ara, you really know it well."




Why is the chief god of japanese mythology in front of my eyes!?


I know cause its a name of a well known god!? (t/l note: I don't know how to make this into a question, LOL)


"Well~ it's expected to be confused after all. For now, come here."


To say it in simple terms, I was scooped up by the hand of Amaterasu-o-okamisama.


What's up with this situation?


I can't feel my body or anything else.


While I was confused, I was placed on a wooden circular object in front of the chair of Amaterasu-o-okamisama sat on.


"First of all, you have died."


'… seriously?'


I was suddenly told something outrageous.


With a refreshing smile at that.


I had an idea as to why though.


"The reason is well, I think you already know. It was because you were caught up with Yuusuke-kun."


"I knew it was that idiot's fault."


As always.


That pest!(t/l: it's jinx in the original)


"Yes, as a hero of Erudoa, he was supposed to have been summoned alone. Your body was destroyed because you were caught. So I hurriedly picked up your soul."


While saying that, Amaterasu-o-okamisama hoisted a hand mirror from her bosom and turned it to me.


What was reflected there, was a palm sized round sparkling object.


It was the shape of a soul.


She looked large because I was small.


I was already shocked countless times that I wasn't surprised by this.


"I am very sorry to have troubled you Amaterasu-o-okamisama."


"You may call me Amaterasu."


Ah, as expected of a god.


How divine.


And also very friendly.


"Don't mind it, I also have a proposal for you."






What could it be?


"I can place your soul into another body and go to the world of Erudoa."




What does she mean?


"I actually have a very good relationship with the Elk god, as Tea drinking friends. He's also the god of the world that summoned Yuusuke-kun."


"Please wait a minute! You can interact with the gods of the other world!?"


"Ehh(yes), crossing over to different worlds is easy for a god."


I was replied to with a smile.


"To say as a god, you need to have a god's divine blessing to pass through the gate of another world. Or else your body and soul may collapse, almost like you." (t/l: don't ask me about the first phrase. It said 'to itte kami ka' which literally means 'to say god')




If Amaterasu-sama didn't pull away my soul, it would've been destroyed!


If I hadn't been patient with Yuusuke, I would have already kicked his butt…


"Hearing you say that, because my body passed through that magic circle without my permission, I became an irregular in that summoning and because of that my body was destroyed, correct?"


"As I expected, you managed to understand it fast."


I became happy cause I managed to impress Amaterasu-sama.


Well, I am already used to gasping what was happening. (Alternatively: Well, I'm already used to reading the atmosphere.)


"The one who chose him was me, because he's dense, he won't suspect anybody, to a point where it seems like he's not looking at anybody at all, was a result of my previous investigation. More than anyone would expect, I as a god of the earth, cannot simply watch what was happening in the other world. We, the gods of old, kept contact with each other. The gods of Olympus and Takamagahara who live here on earth." (The last phrase was hard to reword… LOL)


Ah, that means gods live in a world populated by other gods, like how we humans live in a world with other humans.


And the gods of the other world aren't able to intervene with the gods that manage this world.


The gods of the other world won't know what to do if the hero summoning failed. (t/l: Yuusha = Brave hero = pain to write for me so I only wrote hero, LOL)


They could only call a person who has the divine blessing of the gods.


And the chosen one this time is that idiot, Yuusuke.


Probably the reason why I'm here is because I'm now only existing as a soul.


"The gods of Erudoa cannot interfere with the lower world. If I left your friend to that world alone, I would get anxious if everything was alright."


"Yes, I know what you mean."


I understand because we've been friends for years.


"He will continue raising up romance flags everywhere and I'm sure most of his party members would probably be all pretty girls. He'll have the men's trust cause he's easy to get along with, he'll also be the person who'll be directed with the most jealousy because of it. He won't even notice it. It's cause he's a naive and trusting person! He'll be used and deceived by those in power. What they're doing is not for world peace!!!"


Wouldn't it rather make it worse?


I'm somehow becoming anxious…


"Yeah, now that I think about it I may have made a mistake in choosing that human


Amaterasu-sama was now regretting what she did in her head.


Well, he's almost perfect because of his monstrous looks and great physical abilities.


"That where I have something to talk to you about."


"… don't tell me."


I have a bad feeling about this.


"Let's not care about the hero right now. Please defeat the Maou!"


It has come!!! (Soo Kita ka-!!)


"I will transfer you into a body I made. It will be look the same as the original so you won't feel any discomfort from it. With my divine blessing, you will have equal or greater physical and magical power with the hero. Even if you will suddenly fight against the Maou, you will still be equal to him. Of course you will need to obtain the knowledge, language and common sense of that world. You will be able to read and write their words. Also, I will make you a sword and armor just for you!!!"


She prepares fast. (e/n: She moves fast.)


Well, it's her friends world, so she feels responsible for it.


This god apparently treasures her friends deeply.


"Besides you’re still too young. I can't send you back to your original world, so living in a different world is the only way…. I'm so sorry, it's because I missed the timing."


I see, so she was thinking about me.


Then I won't refuse her offer.


It seems like I'm also a good-natured person.


"Alright, I'll accept your offer."


"Really!? Thank you very much! Then let's start right away by transferring you into your new body."


After talking with Amaterasu-sama, we then moved to another room.


On the bed inside the room, a person who could've been mistaken as me laid there.


The person was wearing some plain clothing with western-like fantasy designs and wore some light brown boots.


"Trousers for easier movement. The reason why it's black is because it suits you the most."


It's really easy to move in.


It was in the color I liked.


I was really thrilled because I like fantasy and I was about to go to a fantasy world.


Amaterasu-sama then placed me on the body.


Then I entered it.




"How do you find it?"


I rose up and tried to move my neck, arms and feet around.


Nothing felt out of place.


"Everything feels alright."


I stood next to Amaterasu-sama.


We looked about the same.


"That's good. So, here's your weapons and armor."


I looked at what she handed me.




"It's black."


"Ara, then please forgive me if you don't like it. I thought that it was perfect for you."


"No, well, I think it's good…"


I was given a dark shiny plate mail and helmet.


It looked like a black knight that appears in games.


Beside it was a black sword handle and sheath that had the same design.


This made me really happy.


"Uwaah! I really love Katanas!!!"


I softly pulled it out from the sheath.


The blade had a beautiful obsidian color.


But it's still black…


"The name of the sword is "Sakuya(Tsuitachi Yoru)" and is a holy sword I made just for you."


"Holy Sword?"


It looks more like a demon sword than a holy sword.


"That katana, unlike Yuusuke-kuns 'Dynamis' can't emit sword pressure, which can blow away things and cut through dragons with ease. Its sheath has the ability to create a barrier and render the attack of even the demon lord useless. Though your sword looks like a demon sword, it does possess the attribute of divinity "


It's somehow really amazing.


Heck, does Dynamis' the difference between the power of the sword and the sheath have any meaning at all?


Like hidden potential of the sword?


No not that, Yusuke's holy sword's 'Sword Pressure' seems like it can do anything.


What a cheat.


"A, this 'Sakuya' is sharper than 'Dynamis' and can cut its 'Sword Pressure'."




My sword was also a cheat.


"Ah, also, nobody other than you can use the sword, Chie-san and in its dormant state, none other than you can carry it."


"… Ah, so that it can't be used for evil right?"


"Yes, that's right."


I see.


Certainly, if a strong weapon like this is used, it would be really troublesome.


"Now for the explanation of the armor. When you done this armor, you won't feel it's weight. You'll also be protected from heat, cold and any kinds of attacks. You will never be injured."


"Then, what if its crushed?"


"Nothing will happen to it."


She spoke with a smile.


The armor was also a cheat.


"But you'll receive damage if you're in the air. It's because the way the armor protects you is by transferring the shockwaves to the ground."


That's convincing.


No matter how much of a cheat it is, it's not almighty.


"Also, attacks from a dragon, ancient demon, and maou that also destroys the ground you stand increases the risk of injuring your flesh from powerful attacks."


"What would happen to me then?"


"Instant death."




That's really dangerous.


Well, everything will be alright if I use the sheathe well.


"There's also a red magic stone that's embedded in the eyes of the helmet and acts as an magical power supply for it. GIving you the ability to see in the dark and change your voice at will."


"Change the voice?"


It had such a function?


"Yes, I was wondering if you'd want to hide your true identity, it is a dangerous world after all. Also the boots have a secret that will increase your height by 5 cm."


"Ah, I see!"


That's right, I can't just introduce myself as a girl and its also important to hide information against the enemy.


Amaterasu-sama told me that the average height of women in Erudoa is 150 – 170 cm while for boys it was 170 – 190 cm.


I'm 165 cm, so if I wear the armor my height becomes 170 cm. It's not even funny/weird to be a woman and have the same height as a man.


Also, if I wore the armor, they won't be able to judge whether I'm a woman or a man. It's a perfect way to hide my identity.


"So it's better if I'm not found out over there then."


"That would be for the best. You already stand out there cause you're a person from earth, its rare for Erudoa to have any people that comes from the orient. They don't have anyone that has black hair and black eyes over there."


That's also good to know.


"Thanks, I'll be careful then."


"For now, please touch the 'Sakuya' and the armor."


I touch them as I was told.


The 'Sakuya' and the armor dissolved into a mist and gathered in my right wrist.


When the haze disappeared, a silver bracelet with a black stone embedded on its center appeared in its place.


"That's its dormant state. You only need to imagine it strongly if you ever decide to wear it and the same goes if you want to remove it."


"Umm, why is it a black haze?"


"That's because your elemental affinity is the darkness attribute."


Ah, I have the darkness attribute.


"You can create your own magic based on your imagination."


That's helpful.


Honestly, even if knowledge is presented to you, learning about it is hard.


"Then, before you go, please wear the armor."


I then imagined myself wearing the armor.


A black mist covered me and became an armor.


The 'Sakuya' also dangled on my waist.


I really didn't feel the weight.


"My~ you've turned into a splendid black knight."


"Is that so?"


It feels like I'm cosplaying and is very embarrassing.


"I'll gonna open the gate now. Also, here's my gift to you, its the currency of the other world."


I was given a brown bag that contained money.


What the.


Its quite heavy.


As I was thinking that, Amaterasu-sama waved her hand to open the gate.


It somehow looked like space was being twisted.


"I'll be sending you to the time four years before the holy kingdom summoned a hero, at the capital of an empire. From what I've heard from the Elk god, it's a country where the emperor likes to gather those who are strong so I think you'll be safe there. That's a place I would like to recommend for you to live in. You can also use the four years time to increase your knowledge and strengthen your body."


"I understand."


"This is as far as I'm able to cooperate with you. Then, Black Knight Chie, may the fortunes of war be with you."


"Hai, Amaterasu-sama."


I jumped into the gate.


I will now live in a new world.


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