Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi


Yuusha Isagi no Maou Hanashi Chapter 57.16-4

The explosion happened right in front of Amalia. This probably the biggest explosion that she'd ever seen in her life.

The king and the princes could only stare in a daze as the place where they grew turned into rubles.

Despite how the evacuation of the surrounding civilians was completed, everyone turned pale when looking at the spectacle in front of them.

A giant that appeared out of nowhere, the descent of the God. The god that bring destruction and chaos, the God of destruction.

No one can do anything but to hang their head in the presence of the Giant. Even the Holy knight which was boasted to be the strongest knights army in the whole continent, couldn't do anything about the current event. What can they do against such opponent? Even the strongest barrier that they had, probably would be easily destroyed by that thing.

Everyone were equally powerless in the presence of God.

A dark cloud casting over Dynacity. Human race can only pray to the heaven as their judgement slowly come toward them.

"It's over… The God have descend upon us…"

The priests prayed desperately. Not to mention the nobles, even the soldiers were cowering in fear.

"Big sis…"

Stood right beside Amalie, was Frantz who had just been saved from the dungeon. It seems that he was trapped in a different dungeon than the one that existed below the Royal Castle. Though he received some minor mental damage, there were no particular danger with his life.

But then, there's this scenery that unfolding before him.

"… Don't worry, Fra-chan, everything's gonna be alright…"

She clenched her fist against her chest, Amalia looked straight into the remnant of the castle. She was the only one who knows what actually happened over there.

He, no, they were fighting right now.

A light flashed in the middle cloud of sand. Amalie gasped then strain her eyes.

She could see that the giant were wrapped in a chain of light. Just as she thought, someone was fighting against that thing. Then she prays, not to God, but to their unwavering victory.

A bright, white light flashed near the giant's head.

The giant's head started to slip. To the right, then to the left.

In the next moment, the giant's slowly knelled into the ground.

Like a sugar that was poured into a cup of water, the monster's body started to dissolve into a red mist. Amalia exclaimed in awe.

They've done it!

Finally, silence once again returned to Dynacity. The several hundred people who were present at that place doesn't seem to be able to understand what just happened. They weren't sure whether the danger already went by,or not. No one dare to ask the other to go and look for the situation.

Before long, a young man with long hair and well ordered face came out from remnant of the castle while carrying the guild leader on his back.


Amalie quickly dashed toward them, but she quickly realized.

That her father alreadys stopped breathing.

"… Father… You…."

However, his face was filled with tranquility. Probably, it had always been his wish to be able to die in the middle of a battle.

Feeling that her father's wish had been granted, Amalie just clenched her fist against her chest.

The young man raised his voice so that everyone could hear his voice.

"Everyone, rejoice! The god had been slain!"

Hearing those words, people started to murmur. A savior just appeared right in front of them.

"That monster is Caliburnas true form! He put his hand on a forbidden treasure, and attain a power that surpass human capabilities! And so, we - Shuu and The Guild Master, Bardz-- defeated him before he could bring any harm against human race! Mercenary King protected this city, people and most of all, he protected the dignity of the adventurer until the end of his life! People! Praise this man!"

As soon as Shuu raised his fist into the sky, the crowds started to break into applause.

Though she get drowned with the crowd for a moment, she quickly realized that something was amiss. He wasn't here.

He, the one who saved her from the depths of despair. Her hero wasn't here.

"…. Isa-kun. Where is he…. ?"

However, no matter how hard she tried to look for him, she couldn't find him anywhere.


Two week had passed since Caliburnas Rebellion and his death.

Though there's no more than a little damage to the city buildings, but the royal castle altogether with its long history were completely destroyed. And that seems to bring a huge mental damage toward the citizens.

To the extent that there were some people who suggest to move the capital city somewhere else.

Nevertheless, there's no way for the current human race to move the summoning circle Crimzon to a different place. So the King sending out an urgent request to every Sorcerers and Adventurers available to repair the castle as fast as possible.

The death of the man who called the king of hero also brought a great impact to the people, and especially to the adventurers.

Why Caliburnas started a rebellion right in the middle of the royal castle, what in the world his aim?

One speculated that he searched for the power of God to destroy the human race.

Other people said that this was a curse for pushing so much race into the brink of extinction.

There are also people who said that he was actually assassinated by Bardz.

People also thought that Caliburnas tried to become the sole leader of the human race by killing the king. And so on.

The truth is, of course, was disappear into the darkness. There were only two people in this world who knew what was actually happened.

That's right, the one was the man who once called "Hero" and the other one was the man who once called as "The Brave". It's Mashu and Isagi.

They completely divided the role that each of them would play in the recent accident. Shuu act as the hero, praised by people, received the title of "Guardian" by the King himself.

On the other side, nobody even knew about Isagi. The only thing that was related to him was the lonely "Masked Guy" who were tried to attack Caliburnas alone.

And now, both of them were living under the same roof.

It was a small inn. Maybe it's even appropriate to call it as a lodging house.

It was run by a widow who lost her husband in her early age. However, since she only let the people that she trusts to stay in her inn, other than the room where Shuu's staying, were empty.

Inside a room with simple but refined furniture. Isagi could be seen laid down on the bed while reading the newspaper from The Adventurer Guild.

Looking at him right now, there doesn't seem any injuries after his battle with Caliburnas. However, the truth is, he was in a comatose state for three days straight after depleting his magical power and using the rest of his remaining energy to get out from the royal castle.

After being nursed for two weeks by a healer that Shuu hire from alley. Isagi was recovered to the extent where he was able to move his body around.

Of course, he wore a brand new eyepatch on his eyes. He lost his second mask in that battle, though.

"… There's nothing particularly important happening today,too, eh. And like usual, the battle against the adventurer and the human race is just awful"

It seems that the demon race finally able to reclaim the third capital, Belfast,and now they'd decided to continue their advance toward the Human race's last city, the Port City Blackround.

Also, they raised Renzou and Shirbenia subjugation level from S to the highest rank, S+. In the whole continent, the number of people who placed on the same rank as those two, including the head of the Dragon race and Piril race, were counting no more than ten people.

While Shirbenia was strong from the start, Renzou who was able to reach the same height as her in just two months, shows how amazing his growth speed was.

Despite all of that, Isagi wondered, why he couldn't imagine the figure of Yoshinobu become stronger at all.

At that moment,someone came and knocked on the door.


"It's me, I just came home"


As soon as the door opened, Shuu appeared with a smile on his face. He loosen the collar of his uniform as he started to speak.

"Today, I have good news for you"


"Finally, my work has been approved, and now I'm working as Hafona-san direct assistant. There's only ten person in the entire guild who work as his personal assistant,you know"

"Oh, that's amazing. From just guild staff, you've raised your rank to the personal assistant, eh, you successful man!"

"Everything's thanks to you. I also brought a bottle of wine with me? How about we drink it together with Masa-san after this?"

He took out a bottle from the bag and showed it to Isagi with smile on his face. Though the trace of fatigue still left on his face, but his expression shows that everything he'd worked hard for finally being paid.


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