Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 35

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TL: Aeon
TLC: Faerieeee
Editor: Xaga

Yuusha Onna – Chapter 35
35 : Wolves

When we ran in the direction of where we heard the scream, we saw one carriage being attacked by a pack of wolves.

「Save them!! Lilia!!」
「I'll protect them!!」

I began to run, aiming at the wolves that approached the wagon with the frying-pan.

「Here I come!!」

As though one wolf noticed me, it begins to run toward here!! Once again, the world becomes slow. I see the strength that the wolf put in its legs in order to leap upon me.

「It's slow!!」

I avoid by jumping to the left of the wolf that has started jumping and throw the frying-pan at its head.

*Mishi*!! The frying-pan sinks into it.

Just like that, the wolf rolls on ground, and in the end it hardened like a jewel and cracked into something like polygons.

「I grant the energy of the Flame!!」

Lilia faces me while clinging to both my hands, and the moment she said that, the frying-pan became red and hot.
Once again, as if they notice it, one of the wolves ran towards us again.

「Like I said, It's slow!!」

I avoid it by a hairbreadth, and this time I strike the jaw with the frying-pan.This time the wolf flutters in the air.

And, as it falls to the ground, it scatters into pieces.

《Next, to the left.》


In accordance to the instruction of Helena, I cleanly hit the wolf that was attacking me from the back by swinging the frying-pan to the left. Before it fell, its face broke into polygons and disappeared.

《They're still coming. Two from the right. Please leave to Lilia those who are coming from the left.》

「All right!!」

Wielding the frying-pan like a sword, I run out towards the wolf that stops attacking the wagon and runs aiming at here. First of all, I blow away the wolf near me by scooping it up. When I blew it away, its body knocked against another wolf, destroying their organisation.

During this interval, I strike once more.

「I don't know from where you come from, but you saved me!!」
「It's okay!! We're in the same boat!!」

Jumping down from the carriage, a man stands before me.

「The town is not far from here!! If we get close to the town, the guards will give us assistance!!」
「Let's hold out a little more!! Let's do our best!!」

In order to defend the carriage, I stand to the left of the wagon, knocking down the approaching wolves.

Little by little, the number of wolves that attack decreases. Apparently, they seem to have given up.

However, they seem to not have yet lost their fighting spirit.

「I grant the energy of the Flame!!」
「Uoh, This fellow…」

Lilia also granted the energy of the Flame to the man, though for a moment the man opened his eyes in surprise, but it was not a time to be surprised and he adjusted his grip on his sword.

「Hold out a little more!!」


Is what I say to the man whom I'm fighting back to back with, but in reality it seems there are not much of them left.

Holding the frying-pan, I began to run toward the wolves.


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