Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 34

Hi, Faerieeee here. Recently I had obtained a new slave translator for Yuusha Onna and here are the chapters. Please welcome Aeon to the team!

TL: Aeon
TLC: Faerieeee
Editor: Xaga

PS: I understand that there is an ongoing translation out there. As for now, there will be regular releases on my side. So I am going to reach out to them and see if there is anyway to discuss this matter.

The chapters are short and erm.. a little on the lewd side. So if you can’t handle content that are NSFW, please do not read this series.


Yuusha Onna Chapter 34
Although all we have to do is to travel?

Because I made Lilia extremely worried, I explained it to her properly

「…………so, that's the story, Lilia. Do you know Helena-san?」

「Helena-san?Yeah, of course. We were classmates at the same school。」

「That person is going to be my Navi.」

「Aah, indeed. If it's Helena-san, I believe she will choose that path.」

That path.. What path ?

「It’s a school course for finding employment.」

「Ugh, my head… 」

Even if one say it's quite recent; until yesterday, being in high school, I was at a loss as to whether getting a job or going to university.

Well, it won't matter for a while.

「Then she became a home security guard. 」

「Eh?Isn't that bad?」

It looks like I could see the future when she becomes something like a fatty.

《It is regrettable. To be a home security guard.》

「Is it wrong?」

《I receive money from the country properly.》

「It isn't bad !!」

《I do the bare minimum. More importantly, will it be okay? If you don't move on quickly, the sun will fall.》

「That's right! Let’s hurry Lilia !!」


I increase my speed and move forward.

And move forward.


「I can see it!!」

「It appeared!!」

After walking for two hours, We finally saw the road.

「That's Linda. We arrived relatively early.」

She estimated that it would take half a day, but we arrived in about three hours.

In the meanwhile, because we had spare time while walking, we had silly conversations, after that we kissed while walking.

「Nn, Liliaa… We'll be seen…」

「Nn, *chu*♪ It's okay. Let's show them♪」



By the way, if it were not for this, we might have arrived earlier, but doing a tsukkomi is not allowed.

「Well, there's only a short distance left!! Let’s do our best!!」

「Yeah, nothing happened until now, there's little left♪」

Up to this point, we progressed without any problems, and the instant we felt relieved.

『Daamn !! Somebody help me!!』

We heard someone’s scream!!

「The voice comes from there!! Let's go Lilia!!」


We started running in the direction where we heard the scream.


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