Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 33

Voice in the Sky

We left the cabin and walked straight to the road….Well at least I wanted to

[ There is no road ]

[ That’s inevitable; after all this place is rarely visited by anyone.]

We walk through the field

There is neither road nor landmark, so we should use the sun to head towards the town.


<<Explorer skill acquired. Skill points acquired: 4>>

Suddenly I heard a voice

[Eh!? Who are you?]

[Is something wrong?]

Could it be, Lilia is unable to hear it?

<<I am a navigation system. Lilia is unable to hear me.>>

[I see, is that so.]

<<If possible, could you do as I say? It would be convenient for you if you do.>>

[I understand. What do you want me to do?

<<First; open the window. Then select skill.>>

I open the window and select skill just as I’m told.

…..I touch the button where it is written “Blocked(´・ω・`)”

<<Thank you. Next try using the skill which you recently acquired.>>

There was nothing there a little while ago

The place that was written “Blocked(´・ω・`)” was changed into…..<<Explorer>>

<< New skill acquired: Map.>>

[ This time it’s a map?]

<< Yes. Please return to the main window.>>

There was no back button until she mentioned it just a moment ago.


The said item was available

When I touch it obediently,


It’s blank.

<< That’s obvious.>>

[It is normal….]

<<The effect of the map is to show the places you’ve went through; you see, that part in the map where you are at right now is cleared up.>>

[What? You mean that dot?]

The center of the map turned into a green point.

<< It’s a map.>>

[So small!!]

The point at the center seems to be the map.

<< Please do not misunderstand!! It’s like that because only places you’ve explored are revealed on the map.>>

[So in short?]

<< To complete the map just simply walk.♪>>

[Isn’t this just a plan to gain muscle?]

<<It’s the basis of the game. Please persevere.>>

In other words, only the places you’ve gone through are covered by the map, only those places are affected by the map skill.

In short, right now it’s useless

Quite insignificant……

<<What’s with that face? You seem so dissatisfied with it?>>

[Frustrated, but not particularly dissatisfied.]

<<Is that so; I’ll be on my way then, do your best.>>

[ Just because it’s someone else’s problem it’s vanity isn’t light?

<<It’s not my problem.>>

Uuu so cruel…

<<Oh dear, do your best, I’ll be cheering for you.{smirk}>>

[It’s improper how you are using parentheses inside another one. Hehe.]

<<Please leave me be.>>

I’m beginning to enjoy this

[Um..Haruna chan?]

[ Oh I’m sorry, Lilia.]

That reminds me Lilia can’t hear it.

<<Lilia seems to be doing fine.>>

[Oh? Are you an acquaintance?]

<<We used to be classmate from the same school.>>

[Heeee…..So you were a classmate.]

[Haruna. Please get a grip!! Come back!!]

Lilia has been worried about me

[I’m sorry Lilia. Now…… Hm? What was your name again?]

<< I believe I haven’t told you. My name is Helena. Nice to meet you.>>

[Yes. Nice to meet you. I am Haruna.]

<<I know. Afterall I was watching.>>


<<Yes. Ever since you woke up and was lovey-dovey with Lilia and……..>>

[Eh!!! Really!?]

<<Yes . You were….uuhhmm how do I put it…..>>

[Don’t say it!! Don’t say it!!]

Having been watched…. It is so embarrassing……

<< Well, although I will be peeping in the future, please don’t mind me.>>

[So you say it is okay. I must say…
I am ashamed, I declared so as I sat on the ground.


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