Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 29

Second Round – End

It was a complete defeat this time.

「Haahaa, Haruna-san. Thanks for the feast♥」

「Uu, Lilia… 」

Me who can’t do by fall down limp on the bed, Lilia smiled as she was satisfied.


「I’m going to make breakfast. If I’m done, I’ll call you♪」

「Un… Got it… 」

It’s becoming a pimp life, well, not a whole day just passed yet.

Lilia went out of the room, I became alone, I will straightened the wrinkle of my clothes while I have time.

Although I took effort to do it, since I was attacked on the second time this day, my clothes are already crumpled.

「Haa, sly… 」

Lilia quietly finds shelter, it’s not that she doesn’t like it but she doesn’t say anything.

If anything, Lilia is just sly.

「If I don’t work hard… 」

Deciding a new goal, Haruna refresh her attitude with the effort to attack Lilia right in front from now on.

「But, what should I do?… 」

Losing what to do, I became bored.

Suddenly, I noticed the adult toys used yesterday…I mean this morning.

「……… Should I keep it?… 」

As long as I have this, I have a hunch that I can fight Lilia to some degree.

「Un. Let’s do that. 」

I took it up and put it my item box.

「Should I put that in too?」

Getting up from the bed slowly, she took out the toys from the bed and put it in the item box.

「This is good… What should I do next?」

I put everything on the item box carefully, then I stood up.

「There’s nothing to do, should I help Lilia?」

When I thought that I’ll be helping Lilia, the door opened.

「Ah, Haruna-san. The meal is ready soon♪」

Lilia held the frying pan and heated it over fire.

「Thank you. Well then, should we eat?」

I decided to eat meal without helping her.


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