Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 28

Because we have clothes on, it’s safe.

While the other is agonizing on the bed, the other is hugging the clothes infatuated, after some time passing, since Lilia is the one brining the clothes, she decided to change.

Lilia who had already changed her clothes, since she’s wearing clothes..

「Please♪ Haruna-san!!」

「Than you. Lilia. 」

Finally calming down, Lilia looked at her directly in front.

Then, since she’s looking directly in front a problem is born.

「Uhm, Lilia? I want to change clothes… 」

「Yes!! Please!!」

Lilia came to watch directly in front!!

「Lilia, I want to change clothes. That, see? 」

Can you face back? I intend to say that but.

「Got it, I’ll put it on!!」

「Eh!? No, that’s not what I meeaaaan♪」

Jumping up quickly, rolling the sheets, she made me wear clothes.

Normally, taking off someone’s clothes by force is a crime but this time is forcibly putting it on so it’s not a crime.

「Myaa, Liliaaaaa!!? Where are you touchiiiing… 」

「Okay♪ Please raise your right leg」

My thigh is gently touched by Lilia, prompting me to raise my right leg.

「Okay♪ Well then, I’ll dress you up」

「Uu, embarrassing… 」

My right leg is raided and the panties went in my feet.

「Next is your left leg♪ Put it up, Put it up♪」

「Fuaan!! Don’t touch there… 」

Massaging the inner part of my left thigh, my waist has loosened.

「Ah, Are you okay? I’m going to put it on then♪」

「Uu…… 」

Lilia slowly surrounds my waist and supports by back.

「Okay. Slowly raise your legs, that’s right. 」

「Un, Lilia, faster. 」

When I raised my left leg, since I was unable to stand up in surprise earlier, power can’t enter so I feel slightly tremblning.

「Okay. It’s put on the left leg too♪ well then, please stand up♪」

「Uu, I can’t exert effort… 」

「It can’t be helped then. I’ll support you♪」

Turning her right hand to my waist, the panty was pulled by her left hand up.

Looking to the left, Lilia’s face is seen, the distance is around 15cm.

Her right hand is on my waist, the panty is being held by the left hand, it looks completely out but since it’s putting on not taking off, it’s safe.

「It’s safe because I’m dressing, It’s safe because I’m dressing…… 」

I watched Lilia’s face, when she stared back, I looked the other way and kept muttering.

「Okay. Please raise your ass this time♪♪♪♪ 」


The panty hid my woman part but it can’t be worn if I keep sitting down

「I-It’s fine. I…Nn. 」

The moment I say that I’m going to do it, the right hand went to touch the stomach and we kissed.

「It’s fine♪ Leave this to me!」

「Nn, Got it. 」

She took the lead again[TN: Step up your game Haruna-san, we you can’t make a Yuri Harem if you’re not the one taking initiative. ] Thinking at that moment, the right hand on the stomach is lifted and the ass became bare.

Just like that, the ass was wiped.

「Liliaaa, embarrassing… 」

「Haruna-san, you’re too cute♥」

‘Haahaa’, Lilia brought her face close then we kissed again.

「Haa, I want this to go on forever… 」

「Noo, do it faster. 」

To my petition, somehow my panties was put on.

「Okay, please raise your hands next♪」[TN: Banzai]

「Au, banzai… 」

I raised my hands, I got dressed just like that.

My vision got dark momentarily then Lilia pulled it with her arm and my head got out.

「Puhaa, Thank you, Lilia. 」

「Ufufu. Next would be the trousers then♪」

Lilia politely straighten my clothes, then she took out the trousers next.

「Okay, raise your right foot once again♪」

「Un. I’ll raise it. 」

Since resisting is useless, I obediently raised my right foot just like what Lilia ordered.

It’s better than a while ago but it’s still embarrassing. Then the left… 「Well then, please raise your ass♪」

「Uu, embarrassing. Do it faster… 」

My ass is raised and Lilia put the pants on.

「Okay. It ended♪」

「Un. Thank you. 」

Changing clothes were finally done with this.

Or so I thought.

「Uhm, Haruna-san……… 」

「N? What’s wrong?」

After finally wearing proper clothes, the moment I returned to normal condition, Lillia politely,

「I’m sorry!! It’s already impossible♥」[TN: Uhh, yes, she’s wet]

「Eh, wai. Liliaaaa!Nn♪Nniaaaan♪」

I was pushed down by Lilia and was attacked again.


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