Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 26


The two girls went Kyaakyaa ufufu ahahahahaha? Just then, two men were talking from a far away place.

「Now then, you want to say something?」

「I’m zwowwy.」

Correction, it was one sided torture rather than talking.

One man is looking down on the man while sitting on a chair and the other man sitting on the chair has his face worn-out.
「Haa, why are you generously naive?[「はあ、何でお前は詰めが甘いんだよ。]
It’s finally a earth’s Japanese?」

「Well, you messed up? Sorry bout that.」

The man stood up from the chair, takes a handkerchief and wiped his face.

Then, the messy and tattered zombie face turned to a disappointing pervert face.

「Oh well.
Ease up a bit and choose, but you can choose. [TN: Holy shit, I really don’t understand any of the raws: ちょーと手を抜いてテキトーに選んだっちゃ選んだんだけどね。]
Getting tired of the life on Earth, youngsters with adventurous spirit….Hey if that’s the case….」

「Half of earth’s population are women.
If you ease up this happens.」

Sorry bout that.
Well, what happened on the manga you aimed at?
Did it end?」

「Yellow Mouse and Jump.
Remember it deeply so you won’t forget.」

The man sit’s on the table while saying so.

「Well, Well, sit down on a chair.
You want cola? Tea?」

「Tea please.
Rather, please give me Tea.」

The man with the ragged r18 face took out two plastic bottles out of the air and throw one on the man sitting down.

「And then~
How was this world?」

「Well, it’s not bad.
But, I could not make Japanese food after all. 」

While the r18 man grins, a miso soup and a salmon is sliced in the air.
A clean rice was taken out.

「Well, eat.
Now, eat. 」

「Your ability is really irritating.」

A man called Dolan put his hands on the food to eat.

「In my world, well, it’s really terrible. 」

「You again?
What is it this time?」

「N? Space War.
A man swinging the beam became fraught with emotion.
The maou is already tired so he retired, he pretend to be defeated by the vote of the great circle. 」

「That so?」

Dolan absentmindedly called the man while sipping the miso soup.

By the way, the r18 man is.

「Then? Why did yo conclude with me this time? You always go solo right?」

「You see, it seems that there’s two people reincarnated in this world, meaning, you and me.
By the way, there’s another one that seems to be an earthling too」

The r18 man explained interestingly while laughing.

Two people.
There’s one in the past?」

Well, we just have to wait and see. 」

「Well, that’s true.
By the way, Kuroinu.[1. Black Dog]」

「What’s wrong Being formal. 」

The man called Dolan faced towards the man called Kuroinu.

「Why are you eating a meal gracefully in a place like this?」

He asked.

It’s not surprising, the two of them are one of the bugs that wer born in this world, they’re called heretic and they’re surrounded by so-called monsters.

Their appearance is human however their knowledge is zero, it’s like they’re surrounded by something like zombies that only follow their desires.

「Why? You…
If you’re hungry you can’t fight」

「Gross, die」

The two were eating their meal dejectedly.

The monsters called heretic are enclosed inside an unseen wall, They’re packed inside the invisible wall.

To the two eating rice, the man called Kuroinu took out something from the air.

It’s gun bind this time.
Submachine gun, Shotgun, Assault Riffle, Sniper Rifle, which one you will take?」

「Shotgun is fine.
Give it to me.」

Here’s the bullet. 」

Saying that, the man took out a box of bulled from thin air.

「It’s really convenient.
That 【World’s weakest omnipotent God】」

「No, it’s quite troublesome.
I can’t do something by myself in case of emergency, that’s the point of your ability.

「I’m envious enough just being able to eat Japanese food three times. 」

Being able to eat everyday is already enough for the man called Kuroinu.

「Now then, let’s go partner.
Our fight has has just started!!」

「I see, you want to die. 」

A gem is loaded in the gun, the transparent wall disappeared the next moment and the monsters rushed in.

「I’ll leave my back to you. 」

「When the time comes I’ll abandon you.」

The two stood back to back and they began to aim their gun against the 500 monsters lightly.


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