Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 24

Towel Scrubbing

After boiling the water, it was moved to a different container, in addition, we add water to make the temperature possible for human touch.

「Isn’t it hot? Well, we’ll use towel so it’s fine. 」

「Well then, I’ll be wiping you. 」

Lilia took out the towel from the item box, dipping the one sheet on the hot water.

「Well then, please take it off. 」

「Un, then, please. 」

Should I take off the bed cover? My upper body is revealed.

「I will do it from the back. 」

「Un. 」

Lilia’s force enters my back, she’s removing the dirt.

「Yes. Well then, please raise your hand. 」

Just as she said, I raised both my hands and my arm was wiped from the back.

Yup, pure bliss.

「Then I’ll be doing the front. 」

「Eh? Front?」

Thinking that it’s only my front, I was in panic.

「Yes, put your hands up♪」

「Nn. Banzai. 」

No, please.

After wiping my front, I feel clean.

「Then, I’ll be doing your feet then. 」

「Eh? The feet too?」

「You feel gross with the sweat, right? Allow me to wipe it♪」

Uwaaa, she’s doing it forcefully.

「Then, please raise your right leg. 」

「Un. 」

I obediently raised my right leg, she wiped it with a new towel, it became clean.

That moment, my lower body looks almost complete, but Lilia seems to be mind something.

Hey, it’s me that should be minding it.

When she finished my right leg, the left leg was done.

「Than you. 」

「Yes. Dry towel. 」

I received a towel and wiped my body.

「Well then, it’s Lilia’s turn this time. 」

「Eeh? Me too?」

Eh!? It’s unfair if I don’t do it!!

「Yes. Strip, Strip. 」

「Nn. Please do. 」

Blushing Lilia is cute.

「Well then, I’ll be doing the back. 」

I soaked the towel in hot water to heat it up.

After squeezing it, I gently scrubbed her back.

Using both of my hands, I scrub from shoulder to her arm.

I scrub her chest this time. Yup. The size makes me angry.

「Okay. Well then, raise your feet. 」

「Y-Yes!! I’ll do my best!!」

What? Well, I pay it no mind and scrubbed her feet.

That moment, I saw Lilia’s woman part.

Her face is red. Well, It’s the same as me.

Goshi Goshi Goshi Goshi [TN: Scrub]

「Okay, It’s done. 」

「Thank you very much… 」

Lilia mutters it while blushing for some reason.

Well, it’s fine.


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