Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka?


Yuusha Ga Onna Da to Dame Desu Ka? Chapter 21

The clothes finally dried

I who was embraced suddenly, what should I do?

Lilia’s already red face turned even redder, it’s too red that it’s about to explode.

It’s like fireworks… N? Fireworks?

「Au, Au, Aaau. 」

Smoke is coming out from her head, huh? Isn’t this bad?


「Wai-!! Lilia?」

*Boshun*!! Her head made a sound and smoked, she fell down sitting on the floor.

「S-sorry, Lilia. It was unpleasant was it?… 」

「No!! It’s not unpleasant!! Rather I’m glad, uhm, yes… 」

It seems she’s okay. But, I wonder if she’s really okay when there’s smoke coming out of hear head…?

「For the time being, if we don’t dry the clothes… 」

「Uhm, I’ll do it with my magic!」

Huh? This pattern happened a while ago did it?

「Lilia, if you failed again, we won’t be able to leave this shed. Are you sure?」

「Uu… That… 」

Our current situation is already embarrassing enough but it’s impossible for us to walk without our clothes.

Lilia was convinced and she apologized.

I set the rope in the room quietly and dried our clothes.
Muu? Leisure time.

I don’t have anything to do while drying clothes.

Lilia draws water again, this time it’s drinking water made from the burning firewood.

I sat down next to Lilia and watched the water boil.

Still, it’s hot.

「Lilia, are you okay with this heat?」

「I’m okay!! This much is still cool!!」

Well, you were sleeping in fire [TN: まぁ、火の中で寝てたしね。]

I can sleep in fire but nude under the sheets, still hot things are hot.

「I got sweaty. Is there a bath?」

「Doesn’t seem so… 」

As expected there’s none?… There’s a toilet but it doesn’t seem to have a bath.

「Getting drenched in sweat is gross… I’ll wipe it later. 」

「Understood. I’ll be helping then. 」

Yes? Help?


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