Your Majesty's Wife's Advice


Your Majesty's Wife's Advice Chapter 2

There was no sound in the room.

Everyone was stunned. Su Jinxiu didn't respond at all. She was blinded and her cheeks were swollen.

Qi Anning saw that fight did not make any change to the current situation, and then kicked her in the stomach, kicking the man who was just struggling to stand up.

"Princess!" The person next to me just woke up like a dream, hurriedly pulled her to the left and right, "what do you do, princess, this is Miss Su."

"Quick, help your girl away." Chun Ying says to Xiao Man, Su Jinxiu's maid, and then looks at Tang Li again. "Call the doctor."

They grew up with peace and mutual understanding. Although Tangli was always happy, she was smart. "The princess must be a nightmare. I'll find someone to show her to Xiuer."

"You don't stop me, I have to kill her today..." half of the sleeve rolled, I was pulled back. She sat back to the bedside in peace and anger, and somehow tears fell down. Ella extendió su mano para secarse, but the more it fell, the more fierce it was.

Chunying wondered how she had beaten others and wronged herself first. She could see that the master was crying pitifully, and her heart was also suffering. "Good princess, don't cry. The doctor didn't say that. As long as you take good care of your illness, it will be OK. The maid knew that you were unhappy, but beating people would not cure it, right? Your majesty has asked someone to post a reward order, and will find the best doctor."

"By the way, the Empress Dowager has sent a lot of preserves. If you think the medicine is bitter, you can have a plum in your mouth, and there is more." take up the plate next to her and hand it to her, coaxing and persuading. "The Empress Dowager has made sweet osmanthus cake, sweet and soft and glutinous. Aren't you fond of it?"

Looking at the familiar food, Anning covers her heart and gasps for breath. Chunying is afraid that she has asthma again, and she is so scared that she kneels on the ground.

"I'm fine. Get up." Choking back his tears, he heard the noise outside.

"Don't go in, young master. Let's see when our princess is better... Young master Pei, you can't break in hard. If you get beaten later, the maids can't stop you..." Tang Li just sent Su Jinxiu to the side hall, and then she met another one. Her master now sees that she likes to fight all the time. If you see the one she doesn't like, don't kill?

Before the voice fell, someone came in. The young man in the green shirt was as warm as jade. His white face was full of worries. "Anny..."

Qi Anning raised his head and stared at him. His tears seemed to burst like a dyke. He cried with a loud voice. She thought that she must have died. Before heaven punished her, lard was blindfolded. She remembered all the mistakes she had made in her life like a lantern.

"What can I say, Mr. Pei, you shouldn't come in to make trouble."

"Peace be good, peace be not afraid."

His fingers are almost embedded in the meat through his clothes. The young man frowns painfully, but still leaves her motionless.

As he told people to call for a doctor, he said softly, "peace and obedience, peace and don't be afraid."

She hasn't dreamt of Pei you for a long time. In order to send her to the Northern Kingdom, he died on the way to Xunyu. Although Qi Anning was sad at that time, she soon forgot that she had been used to being loved by people around her for so many years, as if it was right to die for her and live for her.

She didn't know until later that not everyone could be so devoted to her and protect her even if she gave her life. Unfortunately, she understood too late. Pei you had been dead for five years, and she had been in Lenggong for two years.

Qi Anning, who was married to Xunyu at the age of 16, was demoted three years later and was only 24 when he died.

He cried for a long time in his arms, and was still reluctant to let go until he was very tired at last. Pei you loved her and coaxed her in a low voice, "sleep peacefully, and I will watch you here."

Gradually closing her eyes, she slept very unsteadily, and even his doctor took his hand when he came in to diagnose the pulse.

It was evening when I opened my eyes again. Pei you was not there. She was in a panic. She lifted the curtain and saw the haggard woman by the side of the bed. Her vision blurred again.

Lu's eyes were already red with tears. When she woke up, she sobbed out her name, "Ning Ning, Ning Ning..."

So, it's not a dream. She's really back.

"What are you looking for? Pei you is outside. Niang asks him to go out to have a rest when you are asleep. Can Niang ask someone to call him in now? "

Originally, Lu was very angry when she hit people, but after hearing Chunying and Tangli say that she didn't close her eyes after she fell ill, people also became a little strange, and the woman was only worried.

The face of the little girl in the bed was very bad. It was a little worse than that day when she was suffering from asthma. It made people feel very sad. How could she care about the daughter of the other family.

Holding her mother's hand, Ah Niang tried to squeeze out a smiling face, lips moved, and then called, "Ah Niang."

"Ah Niang, Ah Niang, what's wrong with you, tell Ah Niang... "

She shook her head gently, and the last tear slid down the corner of her eye. But she did not want to cry any more. She cried all her tears in the northern kingdom last life, knowing that it was useless.

"I want to eat small wonton made by Aniang, ok?"

"Yes, of course. A Niang is going to make it for you now. You can rest. Take the medicine first."

He got up and walked outside. Anning heard that the old mother beside the woman also cried, "Your Highness can rest assured now that the princess is lucky and will be OK."

"As for Miss Su, the old slave will apologize in person, reward some top-quality medicine, and give some supplements. The princess is a little girl, and she is ill. How strong can she be? I asked the doctor just now. It's all skin injuries, but she didn't move her muscles... "

Those voices gradually disappeared, and the people lying back in bed cried and laughed. She knew that mammy Ji loved her the most and did not like Su Jinxiu.

How good, she returned to the south country where some people loved. No one will give her any more grievances.

No, it's not right. Qi Anning just lies down and sits up. Since he lives a lifetime, he can't do the same as before. She can't be so domineering or so ostentatious. She has to pretend to be a little stupid and counsellor. She can't fight against those bad people

Just play with the shade.

Anyway, she learned a lot of skills in the northern palace. It's more than enough to poke on Su Jinxiu. In her life, she must tell the woman that she doesn't even know where to open the door of the eastern palace. Don't try to climb her brother's bed again.

Moreover, she must hide from Xun Yu and never provoke him again. She will not let him be her outgassing bag, or even her own riding slave.

She also married in the past to know that the man is very vengeful, will take these humiliations in a note in the heart, and then slowly torture her.

At the thought of her husband, Qi Anning felt cold and cold.


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