Your Majesty is so Handsome


Your Majesty is so Handsome Chapter 13

A The Lady is a Stalker Fanfiction

The Lady is A Stalker Fanfic by starryrose

Chapter 1

(Note: I tried to make it as close to the original by tweaking some things but some I just left from the original. I tried to rewrite most of it to keep it in my own style but the first few chapters I credit the original novel for the parts that stayed the same.)

The last thing I remembered was closing my eyes before falling asleep. But now, I find myself sitting in front of a mirror looking at a foreign reflection of beautiful young girl with striking violet eyes and silver hair. And unfortunately, I knew exactly whose appearance this is.

Celei de Pirineus.

The obsessive stalker and childhood friend of the main lead: the third Prince. Her name was not well known around the Empire, and so were her evil deeds.

She was one of the many fans of the third son of the emperor, a beautiful prince who was worshipped as a savior and a gift of God. Celebi's case was unique from other girls as she was the Prince's childhood friend and a horribly jealous person. If the Prince ever gave a glance to one of the palace's maidens, she would go crazy from jealousy. She would follow the Prince everywhere and would watch his every move.

Despite her many efforts, the Prince would always ignore her and only gave her cold glances.

In that time and age it was rare for women to take initiative and therefore she would be at the center of gossip behind her back. Particularly when she snuck into the Prince's room one night, and was kicked out in her undergarments; a popular tale amongst the people.

This story sounds unbelievable, and I personally wouldn't care if it wasn't for one thing…

It seems that I am now that very same Celebi.

"What the hell…" I muttered in disbelief.

I kept looking at my reflection over and over again. After living and working as a functioning member of society for nine years, I've lost my original appearance to a beautiful young girl with silver hair with soft curls and violet eyes sitting on a fantasy-style chair and wearing a nightgown. Under her eyes were tears that would draw anyone in. Eyes that were described exactly like a certain novel I'd just read. She looked quite young, maybe in her teens or even younger.

It was Celebi de Pirineus's own face that I saw in the cover of a novel I was reading before I fell asleep. I could've been any silvered haired and violet eyed girl, but I knew there was no mistake. Not only did she have a unique image, but she was the only person who would have a life-size cut out of her crush.

Crestfallen, I gazed out the window knowing I'm no longer in my own world. I've abandoned everything; my home, family, identity, name… And I felt utter despair knowing I'm Celebi. Why did I become her? After all, she dies so tragically.

Although it's hard to believe, if I'm inside a world from the novel, then it will be a short life. The hero of this cliche fantasy is the Prince, but the heroine isn't Celebi but a Queen of elves that the Prince meets when he is 18.

And unfortunately, Celebi is the malicious villain from the novel. Without knowing her true identity, Celebi tries to sabotage the Elf Queen and in turn, she was subjected to a lot of humiliation as a punishment.

But that never stopped her from giving up on the Prince, and she continued to act out of hand until eventually the Prince had enough and cut her throat. The novel ended with an alliance between the elven state and humanity to create a utopia where everyone lived in harmony. Looking back at the plot from Celebi's perspective, she barely survives to the end.

No way.

I refuse to die that miserably.

As I made that silent pledge with determination, I stood up and walked to Celebi's desk. I took some parchment paper and looked for a pen. 

The first thing I should do is jot down some important events before I forget them. Once I finished, I folded the paper up and hid it behind a bookshelf. I also ripped the Prince's face off the walls and crushed the life-size cut-out in disgust.

I started to do a few jumping jacks and pinched my cheeks. Then sat on my bed and waited to put my plan into motion. The door soon opened as a slightly elderly lady in a medieval outfit came in with some other maids trailing behind.

Her eyes bulged in disbelief once she saw me. She kept staring until I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Ahem. Hello, good morning"

"Oh mistress-!"

Although it was a normal greeting, the maids covered their mouths in surprise. In the novel, Celebi would frequently oversleep and would always be in a hurry getting ready. She also never greeted her servants with respect because she would only think about the Prince.

"Oh! Miss do you have a fever?" One of the maids came forward and touched my face which was still warm from jumping around. 

"Mhm. Can you please bring me my breakfast?" I asked. I can't tell a lie to save my life so I just dodged her question.

No one responded at first and they all looked confused. One eventually left. If only Celebi wasn't so focused on her "love", she would've treated her maids better.

I heard a commotion from outside the door. "Why are you out here? Did you wake her up properly?"

"She was already awake! She even asked us for breakfast and greeted us."

"What? That's ridiculous." The second maid responded. As I listened in, the conversation eventually drifted further away.

Well, from the novel I could guess Celebi wasn't a saint but now I could get a rough idea about how bad she is.

I addressed the rest of the maids. "I don't feel like myself this morning, so please clear my schedule for today."

The maids snapped from their confused haze and felt my forehead. Their faces showed concern. One of them asked, "You won't go to work?"

"…work?" I was a little refreshed and confused at that familiar world in this setting. Did this world have a concept of noble ladies going to work? 

The maid flinched at my question. Do you think I would get angry? She looked like a mouse I caught for dinner.

Suddenly I remembered something. I'd forgotten that Celebi is actually a soldier. In this fantasy world, there is a special army that the munchkin Prince founded when he was 12 called Distin. He was the commander-in-chief of the army. A commander-in-chief while he was barely 12 years old. He was also the strongest person of this world. What did I do when I was 12?

Anyway, despite not having any physical capabilities Celebi enlisted in the army to increase her time with the Prince. Ordinarily, this would've been impossible, but she made it possible. It was also written in the book that she never properly trained her body or mind because she didn't want to lose her ladylike body and wanted to appear fragile in front of the Prince. She never relented on clinging to him and was treated as a nuisance so she was naturally hated. I also knew that she always went to the army wearing dresses instead of uniforms… 

"Er, I would like to stay alone. There's no need for you ladies to stay." 

The maids bowed their heads and exited the room. I let out a long exhale and plopped back on the soft pillows. 

My first step was to distance Celebi from everyone else for a while. The novel didn't specify much from her way of living, so I needed to gather some information. 

After a while, one of the maids returned to serve me my meal. Believing that I was sick, she fed me soup and medicine although I protested. The maid looked quite young, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. From all of the maids, she looked like one of the most capable. As she brushed my hair, I asked, "How old am I this year?" 

She looked a bit surprised I was talking to her but responded anyways. "You are sixteen, miss."

Hm.. I see. 

That meant that the prince was currently 14, which also meant that I still had four years left before things go south. 

"…What is mother and father doing?"

"The duke and duchess..?" She was even more shocked at this question. 

Did I say something wrong?

"…The duke is currently working and the duchess is organizing an event."

After she left, I stayed in the room by myself.

I moped for a while after the realization struck that I'm really stuck in this unbelievable situation. Then I snapped out of it and worked on making a makeshift journal to write about everything I learned in it and I also checked the books on the bookshelf. They were written in a different language and fortunately, I could understand it, but I still wrote all my notes in Korean in case it falls into the wrong hands. I also walked over to the balcony in the room and dumped all of Celebi's posters out. I looked for some matches and lit them on fire, letting all of the cardboard crumple and burn. 

I remained in my bedridden state for three days. Most of what I discovered was that yes, thankfully there was electricity and that Celebi has done various inappropriate schemes that the maids accidentally let slip.

As I lay in bed for the last night, I mentally said goodbye to my days of lazing around. Tomorrow, I will start my first day in the Prince's brigade. I tried to stay away for as long as I could, but I will have to eventually and inevitably meet the Main Lead of the novel.


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