You've Got The Wrong House, Villain


You've Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 9


“Come over here and sit down. Would you like some coffee? I was about to have a drink, too.” (Yuri)

“Yes, I'd love too!" (Annmarie)

They stood face to face, and the eyes of those around them were fixed on them. However, Yuri and Annmarie, who were used to it, didn't pay any attention to it and kept to their own time.

"And this is what you asked me to do on my way to work today.” (Annmarie)

The paper bag that Annmarie handed over were medicine from the medical center. I thought I didn't have enough at home, so I met Annmarie on the way to work today and asked her to do it. Annmarie didn't question Yuri’s request.

“Thank you. I was going to visit you on my way home from work today. I’ll pay for it…" (Yuri)

“You don’t have to pay me. I get coffee every time. You give Hestia candy every time you see her.” (Annmarie)

Annmarie smiled and laughed. She ultimately ended up deciding not to exchange money. Instead, Yuri was especially keen to burn Annmarie’s coffee. After a sip of the coffee, the four soft green eyes soon flung up so Yuri could be satisfied.


“Yuri, you can go home for the day.” (Gilbert)

Time flew by and it was time for closing.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.” (Yuri)

Yuri said to him and left the store. But she slowed down as she got closer to home.

For some reason she didn’t want to enter the house. Even if the man had opened his eyes, he would go to the castle; if he had closed his eyes, he would go to the castle. Shouldn’t I just leave him out there?

If she knew that his handling was small, then she might've saved him, but Yuri sincerely regretted it a little. Meanwhile, the distance from home was steadily narrowing.



It was quiet in the house that she finally arrived in. Yuri approached the couch in the living room. The man lying on it shone more vividly in sight. His golden hair, which looked like sweet honey, was scattered on the couch. His downward lashes were longer than she thought. It was also a glittering gold color, like his hair. His face, which had an upright and delicate line, was half-shaded by the light, but it was so beautiful that it would have been like that of Eros, which Psyche in mythology first saw. Moreover, the light was concentrated alone in the dark, the color of his face was overflowing with charm. If it was another woman right now in her shoes, they might have felt their heart pound for a moment. But for Yuri, this man was just a guy who had come to the wrong house, serving as a villain. She rechecked the man’s wounds. There were bandages all over his body, with blood seeped in them.

Yesterday, she saw not only his chest, but also his neck got hurt, so she had to treat it. The man still wasn't awake yet.

He was so badly injured that it was only natural. In fact, Yuri thought he might have died.

It would be a bit of a waste of time to die now because of yesterday’s hard work, but the fate of Lakis Avalon was no big deal to her. If he lived, he lived, if he died, then he died. Either side was inevitable. But he was still breathing. Unlike the novel, there was no heroine who helped him with all her strength. This could be called having a life force of a cockroach. Yuri let out a long sigh and let loose her braids that she wore when working outside. Then she searched through the paper bag that she had received from Annmarie earlier in the day.

Once you are alive, you have to do what you can do again… Somehow, when she kicked his foot into the flower bed last night, it caused more wounds.

Yuri moved his hand, thinking that she did not know why she was taking care of a villain that was not hers. That’s when her fingertips touched the man’s body.


At that moment, the man opened his eyes, breathing heavily.


At the same time, a hard hand snatched her hand. The man’s upper torso, which was packed with tight muscles, was raised up. It was a hasty and wild move, as if waking up from a nightmare.

He was already awake, but she didn’t think he was hiding it. He immediately woke up the moment she touched him. Brilliant golden hair streamed out before his eyes.

Suddenly, his face became tense, and the man’s broken breath and Yuri's shallow breath were mixed in one place. The wound opened and anyone would cry bitterly, but he didn’t seem to feel any of it. No, actually, it seemed like nobody could afford to realize it.

Their eyes met.

His eyes were like a steady stream of heavy snow, like a boiling blue flame, that would swallow up everything that reached it's view. Reflected in his eyes, Yuri raged in it's ferocious, virulent emotions. Lakis Avalon wasn't fully awake yet, it was more like he was still wandering through a nightmare.

“Lie down.”

Soon, a weak voice came out. It was a voice that was strangely calm in a situation like this. Even the unperturbed red eyes were not very different from the voice.

"Lie down again, sleep."

The quiet voice, without an accent, sounded like a lullaby. It didn't really resemble the sound of a song though.

“There’s no one threatening you right now."

Then she lifted his other hand and pushed his shoulder slowly, and his body, which had been like a rock wall, was pushed slowly away. Finally, the simmering emotions began to slowly extinguish within his blurry blue eyes. His grip on Yuri also lifted. Lakis Avalon fell asleep quietly, again.

Her emotionless red eyes captured an image of him. The hand Lakis took hold of was sore as if it had been crushed. Yuri cursed him as an ignorant and powerful man, then put his body on the sofa.


But at that very next moment, what she saw made her stiff.

"Ah, Damn it."

Yuri eventually ushered a swear word. Again, looking at the bandage in front of her eyes, which was filled with blood, she held her forehead.

'You’re hurting me…You damned villain…'

This time I'll just let him die, and again, she really worried about whether to do that or not, and Yuri inscribed the last factor in her mind. A different type of thread came out of her finger.

The night was just as long as it was yesterday.


It was the next morning when the man woke up again. At that time, Yuri was standing by the window watching as the sun rose out of the half-black curtain.

She realized that the sound of breathing from behind her back had changed. She turned back, and looked at the couch, the man was standing up.

“You’re up.”

The glistening sun, which rose outside the window, scattered the glistening sun on her. Maybe that’s why Lakis Avalon, with a glare-like look, was staring at her.

Half-narrow, rigid blue eyes looked at Yuri standing by the window.

For a moment, she felt the flow of air in the room change subtly.

Seeing the man holding his breath as if time had stopped, Yuri turned her head back to the window.

'Is the sunlight too strong for someone who just opened their eyes?'


The white hand that stretched forward pulled the curtain over and blocked the sunlight that had been thrown in from outside the window. Still, the lights that lit up the darkness overnight, were still on, and the house was not completely dark.

“How are you feeling?"

The same calm voice as last night clung to the silence of the room. Yuri walked away from the window and got closer to Lakis. But she stopped at a reasonable distance from him. Although he was injured badly, he was the king of the dark world not long ago. So there was nothing bad about being careful.

“Don’t get up all of a sudden like last night because you might get hurt."

The voice was so quiet that it sounded like advice, but it was actually a warning. If Lakis hurt his body again, she wouldn't treat him.

You want me to do that kind of hard work three times?

Nope, I can't do that.

Fortunately for her, Lakis didn’t bother her by waking up yesterday. But at that moment, confusion passed through the eyes of the man who was in front of her.

t/n: we’re almost reaching the double digit number of chapters!! i tried staying in one perspective this chapter, using ‘she’ to describe the actions of characters & stuff so i hope that makes things easier to understand! ty for your support!!!<3


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