You've Got The Wrong House, Villain


You've Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 8

08 (note: i might have made a translation error in the last chap & yuri didn’t rlly leave lakis in the flowerbed hehe)

I looked at Annmarie and drew a smile of apology.

“Unfortunately, I ate out already.” (Yuri)

"Ah…Really?" (Annmarie)

She looked sad, but then she suddenly smiled and looked at me.

“I’m glad you didn’t eat too late, though.” (Annmarie)

“Thank you for inviting me. When I get a chance, I’ll have a meal with you next time." (Yuri)

At that moment, I heard a 'crack' sound coming from Annmarie's house. Annmarie looked back in surprise.

I told her aloud.

“Something must have been broken. You should go back inside.” (Yuri)

"I think so. Have a good evening then." (Annmarie)

“Goodbye." (Yuri)

A moment later, the door closed before my eyes. The warm glow that was leaking from the inside was also completely extinguished. I leaned over the flower bed with a smile on my face. The man was still laying there and there was no sign of movement.

"Ha…" (Yuri)

A small sigh leaked from my mouth.

I’ll just let him die…

I agonized in front of a very tempting option. Most of all, this guy was an enemy to Annmarie. But after a brief conflict, I soon remembered my last day at the institute and made up my mind. Because of this guy, I was able to get out of the lab. It's also true that the streets have become a little cleaner since this man became the king of the dark world.

In addition, I was supposed to do a good thing after finishing a request. Unfortunately, after finishing the request early this morning, I was busy all day long and couldn’t do a good deed like I usually did when I finished a request. Of course, it wasn’t something that I had to do, but it felt strange to skip it.

Umm, I guess it can’t be helped then.

I’ll collect you, male villain.

I dragged him into the house. Of course, it wasn't easy to carry a grown man alone. But it was easy for me. As I put threads on the man’s body that were not visible to the naked eye and took him into the house, there was virtually no weight I had to carry. So I entered the house, drew the curtains and pulled the thread out a little more and laid the man on the sofa. Then I touched the back of the sofa and turned on the light.

Lakis Avalon, breathing, came into view. Well, he's handsome even when lying down like that. After a serious thought, I undressed the man to look at the wound. The unrealistic sculptural body was revealed, but it wasn't very surprising. There was a big scar across the chest, and some wounds. I don’t mean to disrespect the Annmarie in the novel, but this wound wasn’t something a normal person could fix. But I knew how she actually treated Lakis in the novel.

She had the power of the ruin fragments just like me. But that didn't mean that she was tested in the lab as me.

When the first fragments appeared in the desert located in the central part of the continent, they had already been partially damaged.

I remember that it wasn’t someone who broke it on purpose, it was just natural.

The problem, however, was that the fragmented remains were blown into the air. People inhaled the air without knowing anything, and the power of the remains were nestled inside them. Some people died from the side effects. But at the time, they didn’t know that the cause was the remains.

In most cases, inhalation of only a small amount would not have a significant effect on the human body. However, there were some people who showed the power of the debris, one of them being the heroine, Annmarie. For her, she obtained the power of healing, and was using it to treat patients unintentionally. Word spread out and there were many more patients at the clinic Annmarie worked at than before. That was why Lakis became interested in the Annmarie from the novel.

But I didn’t have the ability to heal…

I moved the thread around to prepare the necessary supplies, including medicines, disinfectants, clean water, and towels. This may not be enough, but I couldn’t bring in Annmarie. Of course, considering the man who was injured, I thought I was being cruel. But there’s a saying that the crayfish sides with the crab. (T/N: it's a saying that's similar to 'birds of a feather flock together.')

Thinking about the future of the Annmarie in the novel, I was reluctant to let this man be treated in her hands.

What's wrong with the heroine.

How do you even bloom again with bloody love and war.

Obsessed with Annmarie, the villain even set up a plot to remove everyone in her life and keep her captive in his kingdom. In other words, he tried to kill Annmarie’s sister, Hestia.

While reading the novel I just thought he was a vicious guy, but what if these things happened right in front of me… Well, that's a different story.

Perhaps because of my close relationship with the sisters next door, I couldn't let them fall into ruin now. That’s the situation with this guy.

I don’t know why the timing of Lakis fainting in front of the house was advanced, but given that, it must not always follow the story in the novel, right?

Lakis was fatally wounded by the betrayal, and was ousted from the throne and pursued. So he didn’t go to a treatment center after getting injured, but crawled into this alley instead.

So now I was just going to do what I could. I think it's okay for me to treat him, since he can’t fall in love with me because I’m not a main character. I saw the man lying on the sofa and pulled the threads out of my fingertips. Actually, I’ve never done anything like this before, but I kind of practiced, so…

"Huu…" (Yuri)

Then let’s start.


"Sigh…" (Yuri)

The low sigh that leaked through her moist red lips pricked up the ears of those in the coffeehouse. In the middle of the day, when the sun was bright after a while, there were relatively few customers. Yuri gazed into the distance while cleaning up the empty table. Soon her long black eyelashes slid gently downwards, creating a shadow on her white cheeks. Under her eyelashes, a dark shade appeared to contain an unexpected depth of water in the lean eye(?).

'Was there something wrong?' (The thoughts of the people at the coffee house?)

Yuri was a bit strange today.

There seemed to be a serious anxiety that could not be said, and the guests of the coffee house continued to worry. But contrary to other people’s ideas, Yuri was simply suffering from mental fatigue.

She had a reason to be upset. Naturally, it was because of the man who had fallen in front of her house. Of course, she was weak from staying up all night. What she did last night required serious concentration. It was because the condition of Lakis was more severe than she thought. The massive work continued into the dawn, it didn't just require sealing the wound on the outside, but because he also had damaged organs, the blood vessels and nerves had to be re-connected with threads. She would have given up if it weren’t for the power of the fragment.

The last time she saw him before she left the house, he was still breathing fairly evenly. If it weren’t for Yuri, he would've died before dawn. In that sense, Lakis Avalon was indeed a lucky man.

"Yuri, you look tired today. I guess it’s because you worked late yesterday. What if I said I was sorry?" (Gilbert)

Gilbert, the owner of the coffee house who saw Yuri’s face, apologized, feeling embarrassed.

“It’s okay. It’s not about that. It’s just personal reasons.” (Yuri)

“Really?" (Gilbert)

“Mr. Gilbert doesn’t look too well. We don’t have many customers at the moment, so you should stop by the clinic.” (Yuri)

Gilbert, who left the shop early yesterday because he was sick, looked in bad shape again today.

In the end, he left the clinic across the street, saying, “I’ll take a short trip to the clinic after all.”


After a while, I saw someone familiar running towards me.

It was Annmarie, Yuri’s neighbor, who was approaching with a bright glow. As she ran across, her transparent silver hair flew into her eyes.

I thought it looked like a magnet and it was an interesting sight every time I saw it.

"Hello, Annmarie."

“I came here because Mr. Gilbert said he wanted to be alone. It’s just a break.”

Just as Yuri from the coffee house was famous on the Ferret Street, Annmarie from the treatment center was also famous. If Yuri was like a starry night, then Annmarie was like a sky in the morning.

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