You've Got The Wrong House, Villain


You've Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 20


—Uhhh, that's the smell of a beast. That woman, what the hell did she do?

Lakis also smelled the scent on the tip of his nose and was a bit suspicious. At first, it smelled like livestock, but it was a little bit different from that. It wasn't a street cat or a common street dog's scent.

It was a sharpness that would have surprised him if she knew about it. After a while, Yuri went into the bathroom, showered, and changed her clothes.

“If you need anything, tell me. Don’t get up again.”

As soon as she stepped outside again, she spotted him trying to pull himself up from the seat. Lakis stopped moving and looked at Yuri.

He soon laid down again and scrawled something on the paper.

[I’d like to change my clothes.]

Lakis' hands paused with hesitation, and moved back again.

[It’s too much to ask for something like this.]

He then slid his eyes down. The eyelashes that were draped down added a shadow, making a feeling of wetness.

When she saw the writing on the paper, Yuri thought that his wounds were too severe for him to move alone.

“No, I’ll help you.”

Yuri said gladly. She was being very kind to him, unlike how she had been before. Because there was a motive. It was because of the quaint sensation that she had felt when she held his hand. She wanted to check it again.

So she thought maybe now is the time to check, when Lakis couldn't move freely. Yuri approached him, thinking about how to naturally hold his hand. Lakis was helped by Yuri and slowly built himself up from his seat.

—Hey, can you already change your clothes alone without a problem?

The parasite barked in his head. Of course, Lakis ignored it's words as if he didn't hear them. He sat up-right and raised his hand to unbutton his clothes. He already had a few buttons taken off because he had felt stuffy, but now he had to unbutton the rest of them to take off his clothes. The next moment, he shuddered.

Because Yuri had come so close to him after she had supported him to sit up, and she had reached out to him without hesitation. In fact, when he had unbuttoned his clothes first, he was only going to ask her to remove the ones on his torso and replace them with other clothes. However, perhaps due to his lack of explanation, Yuri, came closer to him and began unbuttoning his coat.

—Wow, this woman, isn't she pretty good? What’s the big deal for you to get like this?

This time, there was a gratuitous exclamation in Lakis' head.

—But I guess it's too much stimulation for a male virgin….

The parasite was talking with excitement, but only after he had eaten all the abuse from Lakis did he shut his mouth. Lakis stared at the face before him, unable to decide immediately whether to tell her to stop or to leave her alone.

A long, soft-looking black-haired caricature swayed a little before his eyes. Voluminous eyelashes, which were slightly lowered, formed a pale shadow below. White and fine fingers wriggled down his chest and loosened his buttons one by one. For him to see the face of a woman so focused on that…it was getting more and more uncomfortable.

While Lakis was so torn inside, Yuri had no clue about the situation. To put it bluntly, she was only interested in his hands. But in conclusion, Yuri didn’t have to worry about how to hold his hands naturally.


In the end, Lakis couldn't withstand the strange tickle, once again, it felt like he was being stabbed in the back by Yuri.


The moment their hands touched, another stabbing feeling arose. In Lakis' head, a strange moaning “haha aah….” sounded.Though they didn't share the same sensation, Lakis flinched at the soft touch.

He quickly pulled Yuri's hand down and took it away from him. Of course, it was a long while before he had to swallow the laughter that was about to spill out from between his lips. To only a touch of a hand, he wondered if he had played into what the parasite had said earlier. The next moment, Lakis' voice, which was still a little rough, rang out.

"The buttons… I."

It was a sentence omitted in parts, as if to minimize the use of his voice, but it was enough to understand the meaning of it. Lakis then began to loosen the remaining buttons as he said that. Yuri's eyes were nailed to the hands of the man moving in front of her. Clearly, the sensation she'd felt when she had come into contact with Lakis was not an illusion. She'd like to check it out again, though.

Unfortunately, however, Lakis had unbuttoned his coat super quickly. Wouldn't it be too obvious if she touched his hand now?

‘I don’t know. Let’s just do it.’

In the first place, she had never had a habit of longing for something like this, and she moved her arm, aiming for Lakis' hand, which was now holding the shirt he had just took off. Unfortunately, at that time, Lakis moved his body.


There was a foot difference between Lakis' hand and she had missed it, grabbing another part instead.



The two hardened at the same time. The place where Yuri had reached was his thigh. The tight screwed leg muscles felt solid and firm in the palm of her hand.

From his naked upper body, you could definitely tell he trained for long periods of time. But what matters now is this. Won't he misunderstand her? She had climbed onto his body yesterday(?), won't it seem like she's trying to lure him into her house? No, maybe it's not entirely wrong to say that I was trying to go after his body because I had just wanted to touch his hand, but… (T/N: the question mark was in there originally)

Still, it was a misunderstanding. She was never plotting such impossible actions against Lakis. She could say that what she did yesterday was because she was asleep, but now she has no excuse for touching his leg. She was trying to shake it off because there was dust on it? That seemed like a far too obvious excuse.

Most of all, her hand was grabbing onto his thigh too much for it to only be dusting. Maybe she should just be honest, and say that she was actually just aiming for his hand and failed…

'Oh, really? I failed to aim a bit and cut your neck off.' Doesn't it feel like that same thing's going to happen?

“Ah….suddenly my head.”

In the end, what Yuri chose to do was pretend to be sick.

What was fortunate was that while she was thinking so many thoughts in her head, it was only a very short moment in reality. She removed her hand from Lakis' thigh, as naturally as possible, with her hand on her forehead, and all the while pretending to stagger. Lakis caught Yuri, who was tilting sideways. So it seemed like her acting was more plausible than she'd thought.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been getting more tired recently, and I’m suddenly feeling dizzy…”

She also spoke quietly about the fact that she was in a bad condition because of Lakis. Whether it was working or not, the hand that Lakis clutched Yuri with flinched momentarily. Then a small voice leaked out of his mouth.

“…Is it because of me?”

Her performance had caused some bitter grief. She felt at fault for it.

The air around them was a little bit different than before. Their eyes were more deeply intertwined. His blue eyes facing hers were like an endless abyss.

‘What… ? Why do I suddenly feel like a crisis is coming?'

There was a danger warning inside her head that she couldn't understand. Yuri responded to Lakis after a while.

“It’s all right. I’ll just take a break…”

But she couldn't finish her sentence.

Because Lakis' hand went forward and touched her face.


That was the moment. The very same sensation that she had felt before flowed back into her body. As if to check for a fever at first, the hand that had slipped onto her forehead slid down past the side of her eye, and down to her cheek.

It was clear to her that he had long, pretty fingers for a man, as well as a strong palm. Above all, the moment she came into contact with him, her heart began to control her actions. Yuri unconsciously leaned her face over to get closer to Lakis' hand. Again, he had paused for a moment and tried to pull his hand away from Yuri. And again, the same injustice and sorrow overcame her like it did yesterday.

Why? Why is he trying to get away from me again? We’ve only just met, but he doesn't have to reject me this quickly.

Yuri caught his hand before it completely fell away from her. She then buried her face deeper into his large warm palms and rubbed her cheek against it, as if telling him not to go. Lakis stopped breathing. Yuri's face half buried into his hand was smooth and soft.

He felt incredibly weak and vulnerable, as if he couldn't use any of his strength. So he couldn’t move his hands away easily. He had a certain desire and it sparked an urge inside of him. His cold blue eyes and gloomy expression began to form into an awkward one.

T/N: ok so while translating the second part of this:

i was actually so confused and just- really perturbed.. so:

google translate said: What do you get in here like this? (broken english like always)

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