You've Got The Wrong House, Villain


You've Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 1

01. Before she became the neighbor of the heroine

I was 10 years old when I first realized my past life. There are some areas where it is unclear to say that I’m 10 years old, but for convenience, I might as well think so. And to explain it, I have to talk first about an event that was a big turning point in my life. That day, I got caught pickpocketing and was being beaten with fire.

Thwack! Bam!

“Did you think today was your big day? How dare you pickpocket me because there’s no one else to rob?”

That day was really an unlucky day. I thought the man with the smell of money was a merchant or tourist who went astray on the road, but I was completely wrong. It’s not like I was an officer of a new criminal organization that just received this area. It was a mistake that I didn’t know that the face was unfamiliar and was the bottom person. Moreover, it was a mistake to think that a man was so stupid and easy. The moment I reached out to the back of the man’s clothes, I was soon thrust to the floor with my hands behind my back.

“I’m felt something dirty touch me!”

“Hey, I don’t have time, just do it in moderation.”

There was a colleague at the side who tried to stop him with a lukewarm attitude, but it didn’t help much.

“No, I’m sorry… Aah!”

The man pushed me into an alley and hurled a random kick at me. There were many abandoned children here in the slums. And there were also adults who gathered the children together and gave them sleeping bags and snacks, which provided food. For a good-looking kid, they occasionally gave away cheap junk food such as candy made with sugar water. I was living there hiding my gender and pretending to be a boy because I didn’t get accepted in the crowd. It was possible because I was still young and had my hair cut thickly and had my face covered with a big stick(?), and my gender was not yet revealed.


“Ptoo(spitting)…! Bitch irritates me.”

The man spit sideways as he looked down at me with merciless eyes. I was famous among the children in the crowd, but I was so unlucky that day. I got caught pickpocketing and got beaten up several times when I first started. But this was the first time it was so severe.

The guy next to him clicked his tongue as if he were in a hurry, but that was the end. They left me alone in the alley. I thought it was a good thing that it was over. If it had been worse, I might have died. I got up to go back to the group, but I could only move a few steps and passed out. And when I opened my eyes again, I was being sold to a human trafficking ring.


Where I live, slavery was not illegal. Of course, it was forbidden to kidnap and sell random people on the streets, but I was from the slums without parents. So even if I was gone, there was nobody to find me. Even the group I belonged to would not have tried to find me. It was not uncommon for people to go missing one day in the slums. I was like that, and while I was lying on the alley, I was sold as a slave by passerbys.

“This time, 50 people that are healthy.”

“Oh, come on. I’ll pick one for you this time.”

Lucky or bad. I was sold right away on the day I was handed over to the top of the slaves. It was a suspicious person who bought me, wearing black clothes from head to toe. From the sound of his voice, it seemed like he was a man of considerable age. When I heard the slave trader groaning, it seemed that this wasn’t the first time he’d taken many slaves at once. This time, I was taken to a cart with other slaves, and after a full two-day journey, I arrived at the destination.

“What, are you dying? Besides, it’s only blood, right?”

I was sick in the cart and was found only then. The aftereffects of being beaten in the alley seemed to have been unknown, as he did not check on each slave’s status when he bought them.

“Ha, you son of a bitch. I’ve been so good to you last time, and you’re selling me something I can’t even eat?”

The man frowned irritably. The man who took off his hat and revealed his face looked older than I thought. He looked at me disapprovingly and soon clicked his tongue.

“Tsk. I can’t do that.”

It was too much to go back to the top of the slaves now, so I just decided not to return myself but to go inside. But it might have been better to be abandoned or killed that day. Because I arrived at the Institute of Bioscience, which is notorious even in the criminal city of Carnot.


“Is it all this time?”

I was immediately put in the lab. There was a strange smell, and there were depressing cries everywhere.

“It’s similar so far. I don’t think this would work for you anyway?”

The woman there replied sourly to the man’s voice. Then her eyes turned to me hanging from the man’s side.

“But who’s that little kid? Have you been deceived again this time?”

“Who is the messenger?! I picked this young man on purpose.”

It must have hurt his pride to let them know that he was swindled by a slave dealer. The man pretended to be serious as if it was his intention to bring me in.

“Put ‘it’ in his body.”

“Really… Are you serious?”

“I’ve only been trying on an adult body, so I’ll change the method this time.”

The woman seemed reluctant at first, but at the end of the day, at the man’s command, she took me to a bed. My eyes were blurred at that time because I was boiling with a high fever. The sound of two men exchanging talks over me was fading away. So I couldn’t remember what happened to me right after that. But they tied my wrists and ankles to the bed and stabbed me in the neck with a sharp needle. I could feel something penetrating into my neck that I couldn’t identify. After that, I passed out, feeling a terrible pain like my whole body was being smashed. And I dreamed for days of a group of black spiders eating me. Then the pain slowly receded and the reason which had been forgotten, finally came back.

I remembered my previous life’s memories.

Just as water poured out of a broken jar, memories of the past that had been buried suddenly popped up. I am not an orphan of simple blood circulation as it is now, but I remember the sweet days with my family. The daily leisurely life of lying in bed while hugging a dog in my arms and reading a book that I borrowed from my younger brother. After the college exam, I had a chat with my friends until late at night. And then late one night, on my way home, I was pushed by a drunk person and fell to the street. It was a bright and glittering light that swallowed me right up after that. This time, I wandered through countless days in my memory, whether it was a dream or a fantasy.

“It was successful……!”

Then one day, the voice of a man full of joy woke me up.

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