You've Got The Wrong House, Villain


You've Got The Wrong House, Villain Chapter 17


“Hello, Ms. Yuri!” (Annmarie)

I met Annmarie on my way to work. I gave her a friendly greeting.

“Good morning, Annmarie.” (Yuri)

“I think it’s a really nice day today! I wish we could go on a picnic on a day like this, right?” (Annmarie)

She had a bright, clear smile that made the whole neighborhood brighter. When I saw it, I felt a kind of unexpected emotional fatigue.

“That’s right. There’s a place nearby where people often go to watch the flower petals in the spring, I’ll let you know later, so you can go with Hestia.” (Yuri)

“Really? Thank you.” (Annmarie)

Annmarie has been living here for almost half a year now but she's never spent spring in Parrot Street before. So as I passed by, Annmarie smiled broadly and rejoiced. (T/N: i decided to change the name from ferret street to parrot street bc the promo webtoon had like a 'parr' for the name plate.)

“When the flowers bloom, you should go on a picnic with us.” (Annmarie)

“Me too?” (Yuri)

“Yes! A picnic is more fun with more people.” (Annmarie)

I think so. I went on a picnic with other people a few years ago.

At least it never happened in this life.

“Okay, when I have the chance.” (Yuri)

I didn’t confirm it and only put it for later, but she still smiled at me.

“Yes. Be sure to come if you have the chance, Ms. Yuri.” (Annmarie)

When I saw her like that, I thought she really was a healing heroine.

Well, I mean, four people, including the villain, in the novel, were attracted to her, who had a poor past. Just looking at her like this, makes my heart warm. I thought it was a good thing to keep Lakis away from her and walked towards the coffee house.


Then I remembered something and rummaged in my pocket.

“I bought this because it reminded me of you." (Yuri)

What was taken out of there was a red ribbon that could be used with a hairband. I went out to do a request the other night, and on my way to the store, I bought something that would look pretty on Annmarie. My dog Coco, which I had raised in my previous life, also had a collar with a red ribbon. Oh, but of course, that doesn’t mean I think of Annmarie as a substitute for my old pet dog.

Just looking at Annmarie reminds me of Coco, so when I walked passed it, I naturally thought of her, and when I went back to my senses, I was handing money to the merchant without realizing it……it was just like that. Well, I didn’t tell her about Coco, because she might have felt bad if she knew.

“Thank you, Yuri! It's so pretty.” (Annmarie)

Annemarie's face was dyed red as if she was happy to receive the gift.

Since I first met her, I often had the urge to give her something. At first, Annmarie said that she and her sister were too busy to keep up with it, and that she didn’t know what present to pay me back with.


‘Annmarie’s joy is enough payback for me. Seeing my friend’s smiling face is what I want the most.'

After I said this when I gave her presents, with her pure heart, she was really pleased. Of course, I didn’t really feel that way with Annmarie because my emotions were removed. When I figured out what she was thinking, I made up those words to make her feel at ease.

But when Annmarie smiles, my heart seems to warm up as well, so it might not have been a complete lie. She was still fair and pretty even when working at a treatment center, and her small hands were shyly touching my gift.

“I think it would look great on you…” (Annmarie)

“You'll look better in it than me. ” (Yuri)

At my words, Annmarie had a moved look. Uh, I didn't exactly mean to impress her. Anyway, I really meant it. I didn't feel any excitement when looking in the mirror, no matter how pretty I was. On the other hand, if I look at Annmarie, who reminds me of Coco, I feel like I'm falling down the heart of a dandelion sprout, even if it's just a little.

(PG12) Leaving behind everything else, I wonder if I'm just happy when I see a beautiful person. In that sense, Annmarie was the present. So she and I walked together on the sunny side of the road. The sound of her voice chattering softly next to me was like that of a sparrow singing.

* * *

The day at the coffee house was the same. A customer comes, I take their orders, and when they’re gone, I clean up the store.

“Hello, Ms. Yuri. It’s a clear, sunny, beautiful afternoon!” (???)

And sometimes I have to meet with an unwanted audience. With a familiar voice piercing my ears, I looked at the guest in front of me with slightly cold eyes.

Why'd you have to come again. As soon as I saw the man smiling, that thought passed my head. The man smiled even more broadly, not even minding my cold gaze.

“You look like the goddess of the sun, Ms. Yuri! So today I offer you a sunflower that resembles your beauty!” (???)

A man with slightly messy brown hair was talking nonsense and sticking out a flower that was held behind his back. Although his face was not easily visible due to his front bangs, it's estimated that from his sharp nose, always smiling lips, and ever so sharp chin line, he would be compliant. But his shabby clothes, his bushy hair, and his stupid smile made him look insignificant.

Especially today, because he was holding sunflowers with half-trimmed stems. This man was a regular at the coffee house.

His name is Snow.

He started showing up around here for about three months now.

“I don’t accept private gifts.” (Yuri)

I glanced at the sunflowers in front of me and said coldly. Then Snow opened his mouth and started talking again.

“What? This sunflower, I'm keeping it. I was just showing you so you'd be happy!” (Snow)

"…" (Yuri)

“Did you want to have it? I guess my sunflowers are just so beautiful that you fell in love with them at first glance. But umm, no. This is my property from today.” (Snow)

Of course I was cold, and he cherished me with a sincere look, as if to make me laugh.

“A cup of coffee, right? Strong.” (Yuri)

Yeah, I’m not doing anything. I ignored the man and turned around.

“Ack, that’s right! So Ms. Yuri, you were interested in me. You remembered that. ……” (Snow)

It's because you order the same thing every time.

“But still… my sunflower…” (Snow)

“Not interested. Don't give it to me.” (Yuri)

I cut off the voice from behind my back. It wasn't even funny to mention the sunflower because it quickly turned sour. Snow didn’t even live in Parrot Street, but he was a regular at this coffee house that was located far away. Most men were insects who wouldn’t even look at my cold eyes.

At first I had done a background check on him. He was 23 years old. Unemployed. And he was an ordinary man living in Swansea, a neighboring town.

“Your coffee's here." (Yuri)

“Thank you.” (Snow)

He talks about unpredictable nonsense every time he comes, but it doesn't really bother me.

After I served his drink, I drank my own coffee, savoring the taste of coffee slowly is enough to make my mouth feel light and dry. Although he was a freak, he was different from other men. So I was just dealing with him in moderation and letting him in and out of the coffee house.

In fact, there was a reason why I had such a generous heart, because his eyes were purple when I first saw them through his fluffy hair. Purple was the eye color of my favorite character in <The Chain of Flowers>. Of course, my favorite character was an attractive person who couldn’t compare to such a frivolous man. My favorite character, who was one of the sub-characters in the novel, was of course incomparable because he was a man nicknamed the Protector of The Eastern Region, which is where I live now.

‘Let’s see.’

I was reminded of my favorite character, and after a while, I decided to go over the contents of the novel. Lakis Avalon, the male villain, also appeared here. The world in the novel was self-governing, and divided into four sections. Among them, the main focus of the novel was in the east, where I live.

The setting stage in the novel was restricted to the eastern district and the western part of Carnot, barely mentioning the southern and northern parts.

T/N: happy memorial day!

it turns out yuri’s fav is xenos…

& yuri’s relationship with annmarie is as cute as ever

also what do you think abt snow? i rlly want him to be xenos undercover but there’s a 0.0001% chance of that happening;-;


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