You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 72 part2

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 72 Part 2

Before Tong Yao went to bed that night, she raised her voice so that Lu Sicheng could hear her even with his earphones on, to announce to all her teammates that Dabing was locked inside the cage of no freedom and would be denied canned food until it recognized its own mistakes-- -- When she passed by the cage, Dabing pressed its face onto the side of the cage and kept meowing. Tong Yao gritted her teeth and heartlessly walked by and thought to herself: If she was partial to the cat, then Dabing wouldn’t be the only one who wouldn’t see the sun rise tomorrow.

Tong Yao went upstairs and showered. Afterwards, she saw Jinyang’s WeChat message-- --

[Ah Mao’s mom: ………………………………Dabing’s in big trouble?]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Your captain’s searching online for piranha fry…...It’s so hilarious that I dropped my cell phone on my face.]

Tong Yao: “......”

… …

Tong Yao had a sleepless night.

First, she had to get used to sleeping by herself, without a cat next to her. Then she had to worry about what would happen when her cat and her captain were left alone together downstairs-- --

She had nightmares the whole night and got up very early the next morning.

She went downstairs and discovered that Dabing’s cage was empty, the cat wasn’t in there. Tong Yao’s heart skipped a beat; she was afraid that she would find the body of a cat flushed halfway down the toilet-- --She anxiously searched around the base and eventually found her cat on the couch in the living room. The cat was perfectly intact and quietly crouched down on a man’s body, bearing its teeth at her, the person who had locked it inside the cage……

The reason why the cat had the courage to be so haughty probably had something to do with the person under its feet-- --Under the cat’s fuzzy bottom, ZGDX’s captain was lying face up on the couch with closed eyes with faint bluish bags. His tummy rose up and down in regular intervals.

He was sound asleep.

He didn’t even realize that a cat weighing over a dozen kilograms was sitting on top of his stomach, using it as a floor mat.

Tong Yao turned to check his computer, which was still logged waiting for a ranked game…...But his id had already been kicked out of the queue probably because he had failed to respond when a match was found earlier.

He probably had played ranked games the whole night. When he finally had enough of them, it was probably already daybreak and he was too tired to go upstairs to sleep.

…...Such an internet addicted man.

Tong Yao lightly walked to Lu Sicheng’s computer to log off the game and turned off his computer for him. She turned to pick up a small blanket from another couch and waved her hand to get Dabing off Lu Sicheng. The cat jumped off his stomach. As Tong Yao bent over to put the blanket over his body-- --

A big hand reached over to cup her head from the back of her head and pushed her head down. Tong Yao was taken by surprise as her entire face was pushed against Lu Sicheng’s tight abdomen. Right at that moment, she heard the man said in a dazed voice: “Be still or get lost if you keep moving around.”

Then he stroked Tong Yao’s hair as if he was stroking the cat.

Tong Yao’s whole body stiffened up. Both of her hands gripped the edge of the couch as her face was buried in the man’s stomach with only a thin blanket and his clothing separating her and him. When she breathed, her nose with filled with his scent.

-- --If someone came over now, I probably can’t……

Before Tong Yao could finish her thought, she heard the sound of a door opening upstairs. Little Fatty, with sleepy eyes, came out wearing a white tank top and his big Ultraman underpants: “Cheng Ge, shit, you haven’t gone to sleep yet, I already woke up-- --”

Little Fatty’s voice abruptly stopped.

Tong Yao didn’t even have a chance to raise her head to explain to Little Fatty since the big hand on the back of her head was still exerting a steady amount of pressure-- --The next second, Little Fatty mumbled: “I’m not up yet, I’m sleep walking.” Then he turned and returned to his room.

A few seconds later, Lu Sicheng’s cell phone rang.

Tong Yao struggled to reach over for his cell phone on the couch and picked it up to take a look-- --

[The rounded fat: I didn’t expect that you’re this kind of captain. I was too naive.]


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