You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 68 part3

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 68 Part 3

Tong Yao sat in the rest area, listening with her left ear to Ming god and Lu Yue’s discussion about which of Red Arrow’s mid’s champions to ban. Her right ear was listening to the commentator’s conversation. From time to time, she would interject her own opinion about Red Arrow’s mid-- --

“Their mid’s a jack of all trades. Even though Red Arrow isn’t doing so well, he’s one of the top five mids in the professional league. He can use any champion. It’ll be rough for Lu Yue. You two better ponder how to ban his favorite champions: Leblanc and Twisted Fate; he probably won’t take Annie……”

Then she saw on the big screen some fangirls were holding signs flashing with her id when the camera panned over the area where ZGDX fans were sitting……

Tong Yao abruptly stopped talking in the middle of her sentence.

She paused for a while then suddenly stood up, surprising Ming god and Lu Yue. Lu Yue asked: “What are you doing?” Tong Yao said: “Going to the bathroom.” Then she hastily left the room-- --She went to the bathroom to wash her face, then sneaked to the front near the stage pretending to be one of the staff. She stretched out her head to look at the audience. There truly were a few people carrying signs with her name on it.

-- --But it was impossible they didn’t know that Tong Yao had been suspended for this match.

She felt her stomach acid surging up, the overwhelming feeling yesterday came back again.

She returned to the rest area despondently, but she forced herself to act calm as if nothing had happened…...By now, her teammates had started to move from the rest area to go on stage for the match. Tong Yao stayed with the staff in the room for a little while longer. When the match was about to begin, she went into the adjacent room to watch the game-- --She was the only one in the room. She sat in a wide, soft swirling chair looking up at the screen. The ban & pick phase was focused on each team’s mid, just as they had expected-- --

Red Arrow immediately banned Ekko and Azir.

Commentator A: [Ekko and Azir! These are the champions which Lu’s good at. Looks like yesterday Red Arrow, after learning Smiling has been banned from this match, had done their research!]

Commentator B: [ZGDX has banned Viktor and Leblanc. Haha, today they are truly going head to head in the mid lane. The champions they’ve banned have rarely appeared in previous matches-- --To tell the truth, I’m looking forward to this one. Lu is known for his maneuvering and steadiness. But his champion pool has always been criticized…...I’m really curious what champion he’ll use without Azir and Ekko!]

Commentator A: [Yes, this is an important match for ZGDX. If they win this one, they will keep their no loss record in their group…...To tell the truth, I thought there wouldn’t be any problems for them to keep their winning record, but since the incident happened yesterday……]

Commentator B: [Right, right. During the past few weeks, ZGDX has been in very good condition. Even their captain, Lu Sicheng, who rarely makes any promises, would praise their mid and say she has made the team even more confident for winning this season.]

Commentator A: [Hahahahaha, now it looks more like a flag……]

Tong Yao frowned and muted the sound.

As the ban and pick phase was winding down, Lu Sicheng chose Ashe as his champion. Tong Yao almost choked on her own saliva as if she was witnessing her own death…...Probably to counter Red Arrow’s mid, Lu Yue chose Twisted Fate-- --Tong Yao could hear the commotion outside and the high-pitched voices of the commentators. None of them had ever seen Lu using Twisted Fate before.

Not even Tong Yao had seen him play this champion. She started to worry whether Lu Yue was out of his mind. After the game began, Lu Yue played smoothly with Twisted Fate in every aspect. He was even accurate at calculating his attack damage at each level-- --

It didn’t look like he was forced to pick Twisted Fate in order to counter the opposite’s mid. It seemed as if he had always played this champion!

At level 4, he killed Red Arrow’s mid and got his first blood.

At level 6, he used his ultimate to help Lu Sicheng get a double kill, giving the team an upper hand.

At the twentieth minute into the match, he had ganked effectively 4 times, assisted 6 times, and his cs number was on par with Red Arrow’s mid……

Tong Yao logged on to Tieba and found everyone marveling at what they were seeing on the front page-- --

[Damn, when did Lu become so strong! Where’s that useless guy who couldn’t play if Azir got banned?]

[He’s hiding the fact he can play Twisted Fate? !]

[They have someone like that as their mid substitute? Isn’t ZGDX a little bit too extravagant?]

[................................Why do I feel like Smiling is going to go away? Lu’s performance here is as good as Tong Yao.]

[I decided to watch two more rounds with full attention.]

[Lu Sicheng boasted how great their new mid before, now it looks like even their substitute is very good too. It’s certainly made the match even more interesting-- --]


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