You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 59 part2

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 59 Part 2

Tong Yao checked the champion list: “Mirror image, right? Then Ezreal?”

Lu Sicheng: “En.”  Both sides locked in the champion and began the match-- --

Since there were no runes or masteries in a 1v1, the various stats of their champion were very different in the beginning from a normal match. For professional players, who liked to calculate the amount of damage they needed to kill early one, were at great risk of getting themselves killed because of the habits they’d built up playing normally. Sometimes, they would even have difficulty farming minions. There was only one way to avoid falling back into their old habits: play a lot of practice matches, practicing minion farming..

Only then could a player have a good sense of the base damage of various champions.

At the beginning of the match, Tong Yao was a little nervous-- --She had never played against Lu Sicheng face to face ever since she joined ZGDX, or since she started playing League of Legends…...In her headphones, all she could hear were the continuous clicking sounds of the mouse. Watching her opponent move around with ease and last hit with precision, Tong Yao could feel her own heart beat.

She knew the skill he was showing must be the result of practicing many, many times in practice mode-- --

If she had gotten over her fear of Ah Tai because she had realized that most people in the world were ordinary people like her, it was also very clear to her right now that Lu Sicheng didn’t belong to that category.

When he first started playing professionally, he was one of the few Chinese players who had been recruited as a trainee by a Korean club. Now he was one of the top players in the world; whenever people talked about Chinese professional players, they would always think of the name “Lu Sicheng.”

He had become famous very early in his career.

And he had maintained his position at the top.

Even other top players would admit he was a good player and admire his skill not only because he was extremely talented, but also because he worked extremely hard.

Tong Yao suffered a hit from the start.

She was forced to retreat back to her turret and missed a few minions. Tong Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She only farmed cautiously from behind her minion line. Once in a while, she would lose some health. When she noticed that she was going to reach level two, she quickly retreated-- --

Just as she had expected, Lu Sicheng, who had one more minion kill than her, attacked her with Ezreal’s W ability once he reached level two before Tong Yao leveled up. He was extremely fast. Even though Tong Yao had moved back and tried to avoid the attack, it wasn’t enough to prevent being hit. Tong Yao quickly drank a potion and killed another minion. The moment when she reached level two, she found Lu Sicheng, who was still at full health, retreating-- --

It was impossible for her to chase after him. Tong Yao’s only chance to hit him was when he chased after her then kill him with a backhand……

But the man obviously wasn’t going to give her a chance.

Afterwards, both of them farmed peacefully. Tong Yao was aware that if she let Lu Sicheng continue to grow, then she would always be behind him just from missing a single minion kill. So she tried any way she could to weave around the minions in lane from time to time and harass Lu Sicheng-- --

Too bad Lu Sicheng didn’t buy it.

When both sides reached level three and a half, Tong Yao was deep in the lane and took a hit from Lu Sicheng. He had just finished farming a wave of minions and quickly close in to Tong Yao with his E ability and dealt some damage. As her health plummeted; she fought back with her ability while running back to her own minions!

When her health was less than 200, she saw him rush under her turret’s range. Tong Yao thought her chance had finally come when he suffered a hit from the turret. But her one second hesitation took her life-- --Lu Sicheng ignited Tong Yao, then jumped out of the range of the turret. Though Tong Yao was able to back into the turret to avoid further attacks, she still burned to death from ignite!

When the screen turned dark and the words “first blood” was heard, Tong Yao threw down her mouse, quite frustrated.


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