You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 59 part1

You’re Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 59 Part 1

ZGDX thus held a 1v1 match with the late night meal as the award that night. The participants were Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng, with Little Fatty, Lu Yue, Ming god, Old K, Old Cat,  the coaches, and the entire staff as audience.

Before the match started, all the onlookers began rooting for Tong Yao without anyone asking them to-- --

“If you win, we can have crayfish. If you lose, we can only have spicy hot pot.” Little Fatty patted Tong Yao’s shoulder.

Tong Yao: “......Well, even if it’s crayfish, I can still afford-- --”

Little Fatty: “If we can’t eat 10 pounds of crayfish each at one seating, then why bother with crayfish.”

Tong Yao figured the price for 10 pounds of crayfish and nodded: “I’ll try my best to win.”

Lu Sicheng had already set up private game for the 1v1 match and sent the password to Tong Yao-- --Both of them were streaming. The bullet comments on Tong Yao’s side looked like the following: “I seem to be present at a contest for Cheng Ge’s next girlfriend” “The room is his arena” “I really would like to try it, what if.” The comments of Lu Sicheng’s side seemed to be mostly jokes-- --

[Cheng Ge, look back, there’s no one behind you.]

[No one loves you.]

[We don’t love you either.]

[You probably paid for those who compliment you on Tieba. You don’t have fans, no friends.]

[Sympathy to the captain, so unpopular.]

[ZGDX is divided. All the teammates have isolated the captain!]

[No matter what, you’ll always have my support, Cheng Ge!......I can’t get to eat the late night meal anyway kkkkkkkkk]

Lu Sicheng took a glance at the comments and coldly said: “Shut up. I’m turning off the stream.”

Then he turned to look at Tong Yao: “Do you know the rules for a one on one?”

[Attention! Cheng Ge is going to announce the rules for the contest for his girlfriend!]

[Whether our Smiling can win the captain over?]

[I’ll go fight with you!]

[Hahahahahahahaha, you all are so annoying!]

[I don’t know, I don’t know. Tell us, Cheng Ge, please!]

Lu Sicheng turned his head and shut off his stream. Ten seconds later, the number of viewers at Tong Yao’s stream shut up suddenly. Many comments were people who had instantly switched over to Tong Yao’s side. They all said: Little sister, kill that tsundere who just turned off the stream like that! We’re rooting for you!

Tong Yao rubbed her hands which were a bit cold from nervousness: “I know, I know. Three kills or one turret.”

The so called “three kills and one turret” was the rule for playing 1v1 of League of Legends-- --

The first was no runes or masteries.

The second was that no Summoner spells such as heal, clarity, and revive.

The third is that they can only fight on mid lane, using the bushes along the way from mid to the river as the boundary. Anyone going beyond the boundary will forfeit the match.

The fourth is that a players wins after killing the opponent three times or destroying the first turret of the opponent.

Both sides were free to choose any champion they wanted. But under most circumstances, since both sides wanted to duke it out with just their level of skill, they would choose the same champion and have a mirror match-- --Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng were good at different positions, theoretically it would be hard to find a balance between them. However, they happened to be mid and ADC and there were quite a few champions that were good for either of these positions in League of Legends.

Champions such as Ezreal, Varus, Quinn, Jayce, etc……


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