You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 55 part4

You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 55 Part 4

While Lu Sicheng was quickly answering Tong Yao’s question, he would lower his head
from time to time. When looking from afar, without knowing what they were conversing
about, it did seem that they were interacting quite intimately. To Li Hengshuo, it looked
more like Lu Sicheng was making a declaration of his relationship with Tong Yao. Li Hengshuo
sulkily frowned…...A little while later, Lu Sicheng murmured, “that’s good enough,” released
his hold on Tong Yao, and picked up his cell phone to take a look-- --

[Kun: Cheng Ge, why don’t you just pee on her like a little dog would do! Qaq]

[fhdjwhdb2333: You’re a dead man. Is this how you talk to your senior?]

After sending out his reply to Li Hengshuo, Lu Sicheng turned to talk to Little Fatty on his
other side like nothing had happened earlier-- --

Little Fatty: “What are you and Smiling whispering about?”

Lu Sicheng: “She wanted pick Yasuo and I asked her whether she intends to see the sun

Little Fatty: “......”

Tong Yao: “......”

During the first match against Lan, Tong Yao chose Leblanc to the relief of her team who
now feared that she was so full of herself that she would play Yasuo. Fortunately, she was
able to maintain her skill level and worked with Lu Sicheng to carry the game. They won
the first match and her performance cleared her name as being egotistical.

The match lasted 38 minutes.

Tong Yao took off her earphones and stood up from her seat. She glanced over the audience
down the stage out of habit; Li Hengshuo was still sitting on his chair playing on his cell phone,
but the lady next to him who had a big bouquet at her feet had disappeared……

Tong Yao didn’t think too much into it and followed her teammates backstage to the resting
area. Lu Sicheng took out his cell phone to check what Li Hengshuo had wrote…...Tong Yao
stood on her tippy toes to read it, but it was in Korean. From the corner of her eyes, she
noticed that at the end of the passageway stood the lady who was sitting downstage earlier.
She was holding a large bouquet and wearing a big smile as she watched Lu Sicheng walk
towards her.

Tong Yao was startled to see her there, it took three seconds for her to realize who she was.

At the fourth second, she tried to recall what those evil supporting actresses in Korean soap
operas would do under the circumstance?

In the fifth second, before she could stop herself, her body reacted one step ahead of her
brain. She lifted her hand and grabbed the sleeve of the man in front of her who was looking
down on his cell phone at the time.

At the sixth second, Lu Sicheng stopped and turned around to look at Tong Yao in confusion.

At the seventh second, Tong Yao tugged down at his sleeve with some force. The man asked,
“What’s up?” and bent over at the same time. Tong Yao stood on her tippy toes, raising her
hand to lightly wipe under his eye with her fingers and blew a puff of air.

Lu Sicheng: “?”

Tong Yao released his sleeve and stepped back. She calmly smiled and said: “There, got the

She flipped her finger tips.

Lu Sicheng: “......Oh.”

When he turned around, he finally noticed the lady with flowers standing behind him. The
moment he turned around, Tong Yao could clearly see the smile on her face was quite different
than earlier…...In the same moment, the calm smile on Tong Yao’s face was also fading. She
swiftly went into the rest area, sat down on the chair in the corner, and pushed her head against
the wall-- --

[ZGDX, smiling: Help, help, help! ! ! ! ! I suddenly had evil and malicious thoughts against
someone I don’t even know…...and quickly acted on them! ! ! ! Ah! ! ! ! ! ! ]

[Ah Mao’s mom: ?]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Oh, welcome to the adult world.]

[ZGDX, smiling: To hell with the adult world! It was a really stupid reaction, something like a
dog sneakily peeing at a light pole outside its own territory……]

[Ah Mao’s mom: Silly kid, that’s called biological irritability.]

[Ah Mao’s mom: By the way, which light pole did you pee at? The one in front of the
Lu household?]


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