You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 51 part1

You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 51 Part 1

Xiao Rui looked up at the two bickering behind him: “Aren’t you tired of teasing
her all the time?”

Lu Sicheng patted the head of the person standing on the seat: “If one gets tired
so easily, there would be stray cats and dogs all over the streets.”

Tong Yao thought that his analogy didn’t seem quite right somehow: “Who are you
calling a cat or dog!”

Before Lu Sicheng could answer, he seemed to notice something and swiftly turned
his head. Lu Yue, sitting at the last row, chewing gum with legs crossed, was aiming
his cell phone at their  direction…...As Lu Sicheng turned to look at him, Ming god,
sitting right next to Lu Yue, patted his leg. Lu Yue answered with an “en,” but didn’t
put his phone down-----

Lu Sicheng asked with a stone face: “What are you doing?”

Lu Yue replied without any hesitation: “Helping you to get out of the closet.”

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ?”

What did he mean by getting out of the closet?

Ming god looked the other way and chuckled. Lu Yue’s expression seemed to say
“no need to thank me.” Lu Sicheng walked over with a darkened face and yanked
the phone out his brother’s hand. He took a look at the phone to find that he was
already too late. Lu Yue had already sent what he had recorded to a certain
WeChat account……

Lu Sicheng checked the video. It had captured precisely the few seconds when
Tong Yao jumped up onto the seat trying to grab the phone in Lu Sicheng’s hand
and then swung into Lu Sicheng’s body when the van took a sharp turn…...Then
there was Lu Yue’s description on the video------

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Like hell I have “lust in both eyes.”

Lu Sicheng angrily smashed the phone back into Lu Yue’s stomach, whose grunt
quickly turned into giggles as he lifted Ming god’s arm to shield his own face. Ming
god tried to make peace between the two brothers with a smile: “Knock it off, both
of you.”

Lu Sicheng pointed at Lu Yue’s nose: “You just wait and see.” He stepped back onto
his own seat and started to send messages out------

Tong Yao leaned on the back of her seat watching and thought that she had never
seen Lu Sicheng typing this fast before…… She glanced at Lu Yue and asked: “You
shot video? Who did you send it to? You didn’t send it online, did you?”

“What’s the point of posting it online?” Lu Yue rolled his eyes: “I’m not that tacky.”

When Lu Sicheng heard Lu Yue’s reply, his rapidly typing fingers stopped and he
looked at his brother in silent accusation…...He paused for a second then coldly said:
“You’re more tacky than you can imagine.”

Lu Yue laughed happily in reply.


When the van arrived at the Korean restaurant, everyone exited the vehicle. Lu Sicheng
was still sending messages. Lu Yue was right behind him, “There’s no use sending
messages. Ms. Wang is in a meeting right now. When she’s done, she’ll look at my
messages first for sure because she will worry about whether her youngest son has
been locked up again due to a brawl and waiting for her to bail him out……”

Lu Sicheng thought about it and agreed that it was probably true. He gave Lu Yue a
hard look silence him, then gave up on sending any more messages.

The group sat down in a private room in the restaurant. Lu Sicheng put his phone
down and went to the restroom. The others started to order as they looked over the
menu-----Tong Yao was no longer surprised to find a 300 RMB order of BBQ meat
plate after the earlier experience with that hot pot place. She picked the 68 RMB
potato pancake and put the menu away to look around the place------

Lu Sicheng’s cellphone happened to vibrate just then.

Tong Yao turned to look for Lu Sicheng, he hadn’t returned yet. She stretched her
neck to take a look and saw the caller id on the screen.  She seemed to understand
now, why Lu Sicheng was so nervous in explaining anything back when he realized
that he had been videotaped……

Tong Yao had mixed feelings about this discovery.

Then she elbowed Lu Yue, who was sitting next to her: “See what you’ve done.
Your sister-in-law is calling now.”


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