You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 45 part3

You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 45 Part 3

After a long moment of silence, Jian Yang began to think that Tong Yao
was going to turn him down.  Then he heard Tong Yao mumbling: “What’s
wrong with people nowadays?” Jian Yang heard a chair being moved,
probably Tong Yao getting up, then she yelled towards a different direction:
“Lu Yue, come help me finish this match. Something just came up, I have
to go out for a bit.”

Jian Yang’s eyes brightened up, his heartbeat quickened.

He hung up the phone, returned the cell phone back to the guard, and
politely said: “Thank you.” He then gave the guard 20 RMB for the call,
which made the guard rather happy: “Your girlfriend’s coming out to get
you? Then you can go right in.  It’s already dark, don’t let her walk too far.”

Jian Yang thanked him again and walked towards the ZGDX base.


Back at the ZGDX base, Lu Sicheng asked: “Who comes to our base
after drinking?”

Tong Yao put on her jacket: “Jian Yang.”

Tong Yao had turned off her stream but Lu Sicheng’s was still on. There
were a bunch of new bullet comments: “66666666” “So that’s why Yang
God suddenly turned off his stream” “Cheng Ge, I figure it’s because you
said shivering on bed, it’s all your fault.”------

After that comment, ‘Little Zhongzimao’ promptly signed off.

Lu Sicheng glanced over the comments. There were people telling him
to go out and eavesdrop, some told him to break the two up. The most
sinister ones were telling him wait a while and go out when the two were
at their most intimate moment, with the excuse that he was going to buy
cigarettes. It would be even better if he asked to borrow some money from
Tong Yao for the cigarettes to let her brain cool down so she wouldn’t be
swept away by CK’s jungler.

Lu Yue: “...... ‘Otherwise, your team will be doomed if CK’s jungler and
ZGDX’s mid worked together during the competition.’ Wow, what a
suggestive comment.”

Lu Sicheng: “Shut up.”

The base’s front door opened and then closed. Lu Sicheng raised his eyes
to take a look but quickly looked back. He seemed quite calm, as if nothing
had happened or whatever did happen had nothing to do with him.

Tong Yao walked out of the base.  As she was passing by the house next
door, she discovered her best friend leaning against the fence. Jinyang wore
a fitting black long skirt, her long hair fluttered in the night breeze. Looking
from afar, the lower half of her body blended into the darkness and making
it look like only her head was hanging on the fence. Tong Yao turned to look
at her and almost fell to the ground in fright------

Tong Yao: “Damn! What are you doing!”

Jinyang giggled: “I’m just here to remind you. We agreed that a good horse
will never return to graze on an old pasture. And you’ll never fall in love with
an esports player.”

Tong Yao: “......Didn’t you say that if you got back with Ai Jia, you’d eat shit.
How many tons of shit have you eaten now?”

Jinyang: “......”

Tong Yao: “Alright, alright, I know. I won’t get back with him. I don’t have any
feelings for him now, how can I get back with him! He got drunk and came
over here, I have to figure a way to send him back…...Otherwise, what would
people say if CK’s jungler dies on his way to our base?”

Jinyang seemed satisfied with her promise and grew more serious: “Do you
want me to go with you?”

Tong Yao: “......Do you think I’m going for a fight and that more people
increase my odds of winning?”

Jinyang: “If you’re going for a fight, I suggest you take Lu Yue. He’s so
handsome when he fights.”

Tong Yao stretched to her tiptoes and pat the head on the fence: “Get lost.”

Jinyang stepped back. At the same time, Tong Yao heard someone calling
her, “Yaoyao.” She stopped and turned to look back. She saw, under the
streetlamp, a man standing there, still wearing his CK uniform for the summer
season with a random jacket hastily thrown over it. She hesitated for a while
and turned her head back to find the girl who said she would go with her had
disappeared without a trace.

The cell phone in her pocket vibrated.


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