You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 30 part6

You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 30 Part 6

The next day, Tong Yao woke up to the ringing of her cell phone. She crawled
out of the blanket and put the phone onto her ear, eyes still closed. After she
answered the phone, she heard shouting from her best friend, Jinyang, “You’re
still sleeping! My god! Something big has happened to your team, my friend! ! ! !”

“What?” Tong Yao rubbed her eyes. “What, what?”

“Get on Tieba and see it yourself!”

Jinyang hang up without waiting for a reply.

Baffled, she went on a famous esports Tieba and saw the four letters ZGDX
everywhere on the first page filled with comments. She refreshed the page
and saw a post with almost 23 thousand comments-- --

[Subject]   [The real reason ZGDX backed out of the world finals last year.]

The post was a video clip.

Tong Yao yawned, thinking it maybe just some publicity stunt, and absent-mindedly
clicked open the video-- --The video was quite dark, looked like it was shot by a
surveillance camera. The location was a KTV. There was a group of young people
sitting inside, wearing uniforms with letters JK on them……

Tong Yao seemed to recognize the name; it was the name of the B team of an
esports club. That team had already been downgraded from the professional league
to the minor league this year.

In the beginning of the video clip, people were drinking, chatting, and laughing,
seemingly having a good time. A short while later, two men opened the door and
walked in-- --

Tong Yao jumped up from the bed, holding the phone with her eyes open wide-- --

The two men that just walked in were Lu Yue and Ming god. Lu Yue was at the
front holding a liquor bottle in hand. He walked in, without saying a word, and
smashed the head of the man sitting closest to the door with the bottle…...The
other members of JK soon stood up and gathered around. It turned to a mess
inside the room-- --

At first, Lu Yue was fighting against 7 or 8 people; in the end, those people were
beating up Lu Yue.

Broken pieces of glass were scattered around on the floor. Even the coffee table
was broken into two-- --It was like a scene from a Hong Kong gangster movie-- --
Tong Yao shuddered with fear and thought “what if someone trips and fall.” Before
she could finish her thought, a guy with bad luck did fall. It was Ming god who was
trying to break up the fight.

Ming god didn’t join the fight from the beginning. He was trying to hold Lu Yue
back while he tried to hit others and drag Lu Yue away while the others were hitting
Lu Yue. But the guy who had been struck on the head refused to let them leave-- --
While Ming god was trying to break up the fight, someone pushed him without even
looking and he tripped and fell onto all the broken pieces of glasses!

He subconsciously tried to catch himself with his right hand and pushed against
the ground on top of all the broken glass. The glass cut a long gash on his arm……

The video was still running on the cell phone.

In the next second, Ming god was lying in a pool of blood. Lu Yue, who was being
attacked by the others, had a look of shock before jumping up to deliver a flying
kick to the people around him. He grabbed Ming god to pull him up from the ground…...
At this point, both of them were bathed in blood-- --

Tong Yao trembled, the cell phone fell onto the bed……

She raised her head in disbelief, she never knew playing professional esports
could get someone so injured.


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