You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 24 part1

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 24 Part 1

During the skirmish with the Huawei team in the afternoon, Tong Yao,
just as Lu Sicheng had instructed, released all her frustration on their Mid.
Tong Yao, playing as Brand this game, zoned[1] the enemy for 3 minutes.
In the end, she used the level advantage to kill the enemy’s Mid, snatching
first blood!

The enemy’s Mid typed on the public chat: [qaq Little sister is so fierce,
I’m so scared.]

Her own team’s Support typed on the public chat: [Don’t be scared. It’s
not too late to kneel down now.]

Ming god slapped Little Fatty’s head with a notebook, “You still have time
to type? If you’re so bored, why don’t you go post on Weibo as well?”

The 38th minute.

After ZGDX had solidified their advantage, their restless teammates started
to look for ways to mess around. AD, Support, and Jungler wanted to steal
Baron, but were discovered by the enemy before they finished it off. They
were beaten up by the entire enemy team-- --Lu Sicheng was the first to die,
taking the enemy’s AD with him before he died. Little Fatty was the next to
go…...Old K muttered while retreating, “I said don’t steal Baron, Little Fatty
insisted on doing it. It’s all your fault if we lose!”

Little Fatty, facing the gray screen and waiting to revive, patted his tummy, “
Be optimistic.”

The four remaining players of the Huawei team were all low on health by now.
They began to finish Baron from where ZGDX had left off, with only a third of
health left to go. They thought they were going to have the chance for a
comeback after getting the Baron buff[2] -- --But just at that moment, they saw
red flashes in front of their eyes. Flaming columns shot up from the ground
and flashing fireballs descended from the sky. The remaining members of the
Huawei team, who had just taken down Baron, suddenly saw grey screens!

The upper right hand corner of the computer screen showed the image of
Brand. On the side, the images of the champions being killed jumped out one
by one. On the center of the screen, a series text flashed one after the other-- --

Double Kill!

Triple Kill!

Quadra Kill!

Accompanied by the images of all five Huawei players turning grey. Their last
chance to turn the game around had shattered……

“Awesome! Awesome!”

“This Brand is something else!”

“They’re too young to be afraid, waltzing into Baron’s arena like that……”

At the base, Little Fatty clapped, Old K didn’t quite get what had happened,
and Ming god stood behind Tong Yao’s chair, stunned. He thought that Tong
Yao had quite a large Champion pool which she could handle all with skill……

Then Tong Yao stole the enemy’s blue buff while hearing Lu Sicheng speak
next to her ear, “Too rash.”

“I knew I could kill them.” Tong Yao said, “They used up most of their abilities
while killing you guys and were relaxing after they took down the Baron. They
were just like meat on the chopping board……”

“It was too risky.”

“Because I’m young.” Tong Yao glanced at Lu Sicheng.

Xiao Rui cut in from behind, “Don’t be like this, Cheng Ge. It’s a good thing to
be confident. Being too cautious is something to be worried about. I think Tong
Yao is doing good, fight without much fuss!”

Lu Sicheng changed his sitting position and stopped talking after saying, “You
all are pampering her.”......The rest were encouraged by Tong Yao’s actions,
after they revived, pushed Huawei’s Nexus, speedily killing the enemy, and won
the match-- --

They won again!

Tong Yao released the mouse and rotated her wrist. Her bad mood from those
rumors this morning had disappeared…… the Huawei team was a middling team.
They had qualified for the second round after the season competition during the
Spring tournament. It wasn’t too easy to win against them.

She had helped take two wins in a short period time with brilliant maneuvering.
This should stop the talk about her parachuting into the professional world-- --Tong
Yao knew that a lot of people had some quibbles when the news of her playing
professionally first came out. Some people even said that ZGDX was doing it just
as a publicity stunt……

Since the gossip came out today, some people further confirmed their opinion-- --

[Professional gaming isn’t for girls.]

[Shouldn’t she just join the female team to be a showpiece?]

[This is a man’s game, girls should stay away. Some fangirls have already messed
up this circle. Now a girl’s playing professionally, won’t it corrupt the foundation of
this circle?]

[Don’t affect ZGDX’s effort at reaching S6.]

There were all sorts of insulting comments.

There were people trying to reason with them or fighting with them…...But Tong
Yao knew that it was very difficult to change their point of view. The only way to
change their prejudice was to perform so well, that it’d be a slap to their collectives

[1]: Zoning is when you push the enemy so far away from minions that they do not earn experience.
If you do it long enough, then the enemy will be lower leveled than you.

[2]: Baron is sort of like a boss monster that appears on the map at the 20 minute mark. Whichever
team deals the finishing blow to Baron will get the Hand of Baron buff that is team wide (that is still
alive) and basically increases the damage of champions and nearby friendly minions.

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