You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 23 part4

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 23 Part 4

“Oh.” Tong Yao released Dabing…...Dabing gave a good kick to Tong
Yao’s stomach with its hind legs as it jumped from her arms. Lu Sicheng
patted Tong Yao’s head. “It’s no big deal. Look at you, such a vulnerable person.”

“I heard that, for the past few years, you’re never the topic of any gossip.
I really sorry that I brought you into the headlines about all this.” Tong Yao
dispiritedly said, “I’m really sorry.”

Lu Sicheng straightened up, looking from high up at the dejected Tong Yao.
“Being a girl professional gamer, surrounded by only men, people will naturally
pay more attention to these kind of things. This is normal, I thought you would
have figured it out a while ago……”

“I sort of thought it might come to this.” Tong Yao, with furrowed brows,
rubbed her hair. “But I didn’t expect it would get this serious.”

“After a while, they will get over it and notice only your performance and skill--
--By that time, they will forget that you’re a girl…...The earliest, maybe by the
Summer Competition.”


Lu Sicheng picked the cat up from another sofa and stuffed it back into the
arms of the worried girl. “We have a skirmish with the Huawei Team this
afternoon. If you’re unhappy, release your anger on their mid.”

Afterwards, he turned around to unpack his luggage-- --

He turned on his computer.

He fed his goldfish.

He tidied up his desk which Little Fatty had messed up.

The man walked pass Tong Yao three or four times while she was busy doing
something on her cell phone……

He finally stopped at the fifth pass, raised his eyebrows, and said to the person
nested inside the sofa typing at lightning speed, “What are you doing? You aren’t
arguing with people on Tieba with an alternate id?”

“......” Tong Yao put down her cell phone. “Do I look like I’m that boring?”

“Yes, you do.”

While he was talking, Lu Sicheng tried to grab Tong Yao’s cell phone at the same
time. She hurriedly put the cell phone under her rear, looking at him with a
challenging expression as if to say “come get it if you dare.” Lu Sicheng gave up
and said, “Aren’t you childish?”

Tong Yao paused, still seated on top of her cell phone, “I’m writing a post for Weibo.
I want to make a clarification about this.”

“Clarify what?”

“Me and Jian Yang and you. There isn’t any esports The Legend of the White Snake.”

“It’s not necessary.”

“It is. I can’t tarnish your reputation.”


Lu Sicheng quieted down, looking at the girl who looked at him straight in the eye,
seriously insisting that she couldn’t tarnish his reputation. After a long while, he
sighed and flicked his finger on her forehead, “Go look at Tieba.”

Tong Yao was confused and took the cell phone from under her. She logged on
Tieba again and discovered that the comments under the post had gone from 3000
to 5000-- --in less than an hour’s time-- --Tong Yao looked down then discovered
that there was a stickied comment: the person involved is at #3758.

Tong Yao blinked, then checked the 3758th comment. She saw someone with the
id of “I’m your dad” left the message-- --

[Nonsense. There’s no such thing. Don’t make up stories.]

It was followed by a bunch of replies, calling him Cheng Ge, apologizing to him,
saying that Cheng Ge’s right, and asking the Tieba moderator to remove the post.

Tong Yao: “? ? ? ?”

Lu Sicheng: “This kind of things should be done by men.”

Tong Yao: “.....................................Cheng Ge.”

Lu Sicheng: “What? …...Why are you looking at me like this? So disgusting.”

Tong Yao: “Though I don’t know who will have the honor to be Madam Lu, I’m
starting to envy her now.”

You would protect her very well……

No weapons would harm her.

No storms would harm her.

Just as she finished, a big hand landed on her head again, this time with more
force, to mess up her hair…...The man spoke above her head in disgust, “What
Madam Lu. Are you mentally retarded?”

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