You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 23 part3

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 23 Part 3

Tong Yao took out her cell phone as if she had just remembered. She
quickly logged onto Tieba and indeed, all of her messages, their
conversation, had been screenshotted……

There were all manner of comments underneath-- --

[With a headline like this, come work for the news department

[Always trying to make big news.]

[Yang god is the blue snake, hhhhhhhhh, OP, have you ever seen a
Xu Xian like Lu Sicheng?]

[Shit, Yang god’s so sarcastic, hhhhhhhhh. Never knew he’s the kind of
person to speaks like that, ‘Come on, I’ll get you that win.’ I’m melting!
Last time the person who spoke to me like that had fallen from Diamond
to Gold, so sad.]

[This is the reason why most professional teams don’t have female members.
It’s way too easy for office romance to develop. It’s not that I’m against it, but
how can they play a competition together if they have a fight or break up?]

[Wait, wait, the plot is developing too fast. What’s going on with Yang god?]

[The day of Spring Finals, didn’t some fans see Yang god talking to a girl.
Could that be Smiling? They knew each other in the past?]

[This girl has been here for only a few days and has already gotten together
with Cheng Ge? I didn’t believe it when, a few days ago, someone said he
saw them shopping together, hand in hand. Damn it, I’m so angry. How
cheeky is she? !]

[Will a love affair affect a player’s performance? I want Cheng Ge to win the
championship. Don’t get held back by it.]

Tong Yao: “......”

Her finger quickly slid down the posts and she saw another comment-- --

[All the posters above, you all worry too much. Dating in highschool never
prevents you from getting into college. So what’s all the fuss about…...You
all are just jealous. I feel Lu Sicheng and Tong Yao are a good match. It won’t
be your turn even if it’s not Tong Yao.]

Under this post, there were more than a hundred replies with “+1” “+2” “+3”.

Tong Yao put away her cell phone.

“Jian Yang was my ex-boyfriend. He wasn’t a professional player at the time
and I haven’t started playing League of Legends-- --Later, he became a
professional player and we broke up.” After a short pause, she continued,
“I’m sorry, Cheng Ge. I didn’t expect what happened yesterday would affect you.”

Tong Yao sat down across from Lu Sicheng, took the cat from the man’s arm,
and stroked the cat’s head with slightly furrowed eyebrows. She sat there,
staring blankly at a corner of the living room-- --

Lu Sicheng had never seen her so quiet since she had arrived at the base.

He knit his eyebrows too, but released them soon after. He spoke in a not so
cold tone, “I wasn’t blaming you. What’s that face for?”

Tong Yao looked distracted and tightened her grip on the cat. She said after a
while, “I have never gone shopping with you, hand in hand.”

Her voice sounded a little hoarse, feeling being totally aggrieved-- --

“I haven’t even touched your hand.”

Lu Sicheng: “......”

Tong Yao: “......”

There was a moment of awkward silent. Tong Yao pressed her lips together
tightly and turned her head away as if she was trying to suppress an emotion
that was about to explode.  The man across from her suddenly stood up, before
she knew what was happening, stretched out his hand to grab her wrist, then
picked up her hand and rubbed it in his palm-- --

Tong Yao: “?”

“Now you have touched my hand.” Lu Sicheng spoke without any expression,
“Do you feel better now?”

Tong Yao: “......”

The man’s palm was dry and warm, with small calluses from holding the mouse
all the time. His fingers were clean and long, manicured, and had the smell of
liquid soap……

“Did you smoke just now?” Tong Yao blurted out.

Lu Sicheng, somewhat startled, turned his head to check whether Xiao Rui or
anyone who could deduct his salary was around. Then he pulled his hand back,
“None of your business.”

He spoke again after a while, “You’re strangling your cat.”

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