You're Beautiful When You Smile


You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 21 part2

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You’re Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 21 Part 2

A “Famous Quotes Montage” was an indispensable element from
professional competitions. The organizer would record the players’
conversations during a match, then edit them into a short video clip to
put online so the audience could find out what the professional players
were chatting about during a match-- --

Usually, the conversation went along the lines of, “Ahhhhh” or “beat
him up, beat the ad up” or jokingly taunting each other……

Tong Yao: “I love watching famous quotes.”

Old K: “Believe me, wait till you’re the center of those clips, then
you won’t like it anymore.”

Tong Yao: “......”

Ming god clapped his hands to get everyone to quiet down, “Enough,
enough, be more serious. So much nonsense, are you all letting it to
go to your head? Nothing good will come out of it. I heard from the team
next door that they had discovered a lot of their shortcomings after the
skirmish last time and they have tried to correct them-- --

Little Fatty: “We only played about 10 minutes, how can they discover
problems already?”

Lu Sicheng: “It only shows that they have lots problems.”

Ming god: “Cheng ge, you do talk like you’ve already let it to go to
your head-- --How couldn’t they? Ten minutes can cover most of the
early laning phase……”

The skirmish began amid Ming god’s nagging as they entered the
ban and champion select screen. Surprisingly, the first champion the
opponent banned was Tong Yao’s Card Master.  While everyone sighed,
Tong Yao happily discovered that it was very likely she could get what
she wanted, Leblanc.

In the end, she did.

Once the game began, everyone was calmly harvesting minions.
Once in a while, there was some small clashes, but both sides would
pull back and keep some distance away from each other. When
everyone was reaching level 4, bot was becoming apprehensive-- --

“Li Junhe is going to rush the turret and die.” Lu Sicheng said in a
low voice.

“The enemy’s Mid disappeared, you guys at bot be careful.”

While she was talking, Tong Yao clicked to notify them, the
disappeared Mid was really hiding in the bush like a ghost behind
Lu Sicheng and Little Fatty, plus the enemy’s Jungler-- --

“Damn, four at bot! When did they set up ward behind us? ! The
enemy’s Mid used Teleport (*A summoner’s ability, to move to any
ally on the map.) to come down!”

Little Fatty shrieked when four YQCB players swarmed him. Lu
Sicheng used his escape ability to get away. Little Fatty was left
behind and dying under his own outer turret. The game announcer
spoke, Pope got his first blood.

-- --The scale was starting to tilt towards the YQCB at bot.

Tong Yao didn’t take Teleport and so couldn’t match Ai Jia’s mobility.
She knew that she couldn’t get there in time to help, so she chose
to stay at mid and continue harvesting minions. Then she would
bring their own minions to the enemy’s turret to let the turret kill
all the minions-- --Then when Ai Jia came back, he would find that
there weren’t any minions to harvest anymore. His experience and
economy would freeze, that’s the price a Mid had to pay when he
chose to move to other lanes.

When the game was into its 7th minute, Ai Jia went down to bot again.

This time, YQCB’s Mid plus Bot ADC and Support worked
together to kill Lu Sicheng and push bot’s first outer turret while
they were at it.

ZGDX was losing their advantage after losing two people and a
turret in the early stages of the match. What’s worse was that Pope,
with two kills in hand, was strong enough to be a small boss!

Ming god was right, YQCB really had learned their lesson and quickly
corrected them: It was dangerous for Pope to bring the Support
together as he tower dived? Doesn’t matter, then we’ll bring the Mid
and Jungler along too! It won’t be dangerous if four people attack together?

“Damn, who said they are a relegation team? What kind of illegal
drug are they on to play so aggressively! Ahh, Cheng Ge, stabilize
bot.” Tong Yao muttered, “Wait for me, I’ll-- --what?”

Tong Yao found out, quite surprisingly, while she was talking that Ai
Jia hadn’t come back to base to renew his items after going to bot
and getting an assist. He noticed that there were many minions at mid,
so he turned around to try and harvest those minion to make up for
his lagging economy and level!

At this point, most of Ai Jia’s abilities were on cool down and he
didn’t have much of his mana left!

Without any hesitation, Tong Yao instantly gave up on killing the
minions in front of her and threw a combo of abilities onto Ai Jia
who thought no one had noticed him. Ai Jia was chained by Leblanc’s
Ethereal Chains and could not get away. After losing most of his health,
he tried to slash her a couple of times before he died!


“That’s what happened when you’re greedy!”

“Smiling, nice, ahhh!”

Amidst her teammates’ praises, Lu Sicheng, who was waiting to be
revived, glanced at the minimap at the lower right corner and
reminded her, “Their Jungler is coming.”

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