You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Other name: 我的女人你惹不起

Genre: Action, Comedy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Xuanhuan

Date released: 2018
Views: 35190

Author: San Qian Fu Shi; 三千浮世

Status: Ongoing

Translator: xiainovel

He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia. There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, reincarnator, the strong returning, the strong coming down from the mountain, person coming back from the immortal world, reincarnation of the devil king, immortal emperor possessing someone’s body, and so on, all of them do not know what will happen next

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