Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 9

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 9

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The bathroom was brightly lit, the candlelight reflecting off the gilded fittings. In the bath, Matilda had her face covered in embarrassment.


 er skin was glistening from the soap and pink from the heated water, Leandroth embraced her from behind his hands cupping her full breasts

This was quite like the bath three nights ago.

As is now becoming usual, he was holding Matilda’s breasts in both hands. He was shaking them and feeling them from below, as though he was enjoying their weight, while watching over Matilda’s shoulder.

‘Hmm, the weight is different in water.’ He said thoughtfully (Zuben: That’s cos they’re kinda buoyant, love)

‘Is that so…?’

How should she answer? It was totally different being brought in when she was a bit dazed after an affair from being totally aware. Tremendously…

‘Are you feeling shy?’ He asked with a teasing smile. His voice echoed in the pit of her belly, stoking a small fire.

‘…Of course.’ She replied a bit breathless. She bit her lips; it was rather vexatious that her voice was trembling.

‘Ah~ after he worked hard all day, he is healed by his beloved wife’s breasts in a warm bath. This is heaven.’

She was not yet a wife, she thought. There were so many things she would like to say but she was being gently swept away. They haven’t had their wedding ceremony, and she had wanted to give up living recently. A person like him accepts and desires someone like her…

It was a delightful feeling - impossible to resist.  It was rather curious.

She looked at that man with his chin on her right shoulder; he was smiling making her smile too. At such a close proximity, she started feeling a bit hot as she blushed. It was not a heat caused by the water.

She was puzzled by the light teasing.  How could he be “healed” by her and her breasts?

She looked down at her chest. They were being supported from below in his large palms. The nipples were pink in contrast to her pure white skin. Everytime he moved his hands, the water and her flesh rippled.

Matilda gently grasped both Leandroth’s hands and pulled them away from her chest.

‘Mattie?’ he asked confused. She did not reply but she turned around to face him, sat back on her knees and pulled him to her. His golden brown hair was soft between her fingers as his face was pressed against her chest. (Zuben: ho ho ho!)

She did not dislike being hugged by Leandroth. She felt certain contentment from the warmth of his body against hers. So she wanted to give it a try and hug him. Matilda stiffened at the thought.

Because he told her she healed him, she got happy and hugged him back in without thinking. Maybe it only referred to him touching her, rather than she initiating the touching. If so, was she with this hugging diminishing his pleasure?

‘Um…maybe…’ she began to say in small voice but she looked down at Leandroth and he looked content, burying his face in between her breasts. Based on his actions, she realised that she wasn't making him unhappy, she was relieved.

‘Ah~’ she cried in spite of herself. Even thought it wasn't very loud it seemed to echo in the bathroom. It was king of embarrassing.

His left hand gently drew circles around her right breast while the other hand caressed her buttocks. The sensations made her feel languid.

‘Nnnn~’ she cried as he sucked on her left nipple like a feeding baby. He was a big baby, she thought rather cheerfully as she caressed his hair.

It reminded her of holding her little brothers (Zuben: Really? At a time like this?) Of course, she wasn't in the nude or feeding them. This warm and fuzzy feeling brewed nostalgia in her heart along with a painful longing. She hoped her brothers were well. Leandroth's ministrations bring her back to the present.

‘Kkya~…’ she cried out, as he sucked a bit harder on her rosebud nipple. Making such a noise suddenly without warning, made her terribly embarrassed, she did not want to look down.

‘You are really cute, aren't you?’ Leandroth's sultry whisper echoes in the bathroom. She blushed.

Was she cute?

A question mark comes up.

‘Your chest is healing, but your butt is also good.’ He said cheekily as he patted her right buttock. She unintentionally hugged his head tighter to her chest, as he stroked her inner thigh. A fun laughter could be heard from her chest,

‘Mattie is really my recovery drug.’ He said

Although she smiled, he words still confused Matilda. He lifted his head and rose from the bath, water sluicing down his well muscled nakedness,

‘Let's get to bed.’ He said as he lifted her up and carried her out of the bathroom. In the dressing room, she was gently dried off and dressed a night gown. And her pulled her along with him into their bedroom and down into bed. Matilda did not resist.

Resistance ... she wondered if she was willing. She was surprised at that thought.

Even though, they have not married yet, she had never thought about not having sex with him. Even though they had only been together a short while; if he asked for sex she would not refuse him.

Was this a bad thing? It was, wasn't it?


‘Mattie’ he called softly. She looked up at him; he had a charming smile on his face. He pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her. His warm and broad chest. She put her cheek against him and closed her eyes.

His large hand stroked her back and arms, and her eyes close.

It felt so nice. But she was afraid she was getting sleepy.



Leandroth peeked down at her.

‘Leann, aren't you sleepy? You didn't sleep for two days. At least let us take a little nap and then…’ she noticed midsentence what was about to invite. Matilda lapsed into a confused silence. She had been concerned about his well being, but somewhere along, her mind diverted into a strange direction. She made a fist against Leandroth's chest,

Moron! It was as though she wanted to do it with him.

Leandroth laughed brightly and gently patted Matilda’s hair.

‘It’s alright, I already had a nap. If it was in a battlefield, not sleeping for a few nights is normal.’

Matilda was relieved that he didn't cotton on to the implication of her words, but she was still concerned about Leandroth,

‘It doesn't matter, maintaining you physical condition well is also part of work.’

‘Ehhhh?’ He sounded like a spoiled child.

‘Yes, well, please sleep properly.’

‘If you want me to go to sleep sooner, you need to cooperate with me,’ he said nuzzling her head,


‘Yes, a little bit of exercise can get me tired and I can sleep well.’ He said cheekily wriggling his eyebrows and smiling brightly. Matilda laughed and embraced him tighter. Her smile hung when she remembered,

‘The bouquet you gave me, why was it withered?’

Matilda raised her face to look at him, and he stroked her back.



‘In those three days, I wrote seventeen notes to you.’

She became more alert at his words

‘Is this marriage opposed?’

‘It is – Well, I kept it hidden on purpose. There was no choice, because more than I thought were there many officers and servants who support the ministers than I?’

His tone was light, Matilda was unable read Leandroth's true intentions.

‘Let’s fight together, my wife.’ He said, giving her one of his heart stopping smiles.


‘Yes, because I do not feel like fighting alone. I will tell you more tomorrow, for now…’

Question marks fluttered over her head, but they were burned away by Leandroth’s heated gaze, and she couldn’t think any more. He took her lips in a kiss making her sigh with pleasure, as he kissed her like a hungry man.

Her breasts were caught in his hands from the top of her nightdress, and he carefully caressed them. The soft flesh filled his palm. She moaned at his touch. Her rose coloured nipples could be seen through the cloth of her night gown. Leandroth took a wanting nipple in his mouth through the cloth and sucked gently. As he flicked one nipple with his tongue, the other was rubbed and teased with his fingers. The hardened flesh pushed against his finger. His caressing cause tingling sensations to flow from her chest down to her secret place, she wriggled and tightly rubbed her legs together unconsciously. As the pleasurable sensations grew from his ministrations to her breasts, she parted her legs and wrapped them around Leandroth's waist. Her night wear was only lightly fastened, so the legs were quickly exposed. Leandroth was naked, only the thin silk of her night dress was between them.

He unravelled the ties of her night dress, peeling it off her left shoulder to expose her breast and he took the nipple in his mouth. The sound of him sucking on her reached her ears and the aching between her legs intensified. He fervently pulled the night dress down of her other shoulder, the cloth harshly grazed her nipple causing her to moan from the different stimuli,

‘Ah~…’ It felt so good. She ran her fingers through Leandroth's hair as he suckled her breast. His golden brown hair was so soft, and the sensations were nice and comfortable, she wanted to be caressed for a while.

‘Mattie…’he called his voice thick with desire. She watched as he trailed kisses up her chest. With his body pushing her against her, rubbing himself on her, he kissed her deeply as his hands roamed Matilda’s soft body. Their tongues entwined as the kisses deepened and they lost themselves in each other. He pulled away from the kiss and a thread of saliva glowing silver in the moonlight hung between them,

‘Do you dislike it?’ he asked huskily. Her heart rate went up and her breaths were short. Leandroth peered at her his expression a little anxious. She shook her head side to side in reply and Leandroth grinned.

‘If you do not like anything I do, tell me properly. Okay?’ he said, caressing her cheeks. He spoke like he was talking to a child. Somehow it was funny and she giggled,

‘Yes, I will.’ She replied through her giggles. Leandroth's smile went on for miles, as he buried his face in her neck and began to kiss, suck and bit his way down her body. There was comfortable pleasure and sometimes intense ‘pain’ but, even that pain was rather pleasurable.

He pulled off her night dress, and his hand caressed her inner thighs. His fingers grazed her centre, gently. Matilda felt like she was about to fly from the pleasure. She wriggled subconsciously; there was a dull ache between her legs.

Leandroth smiled  knowingly. Matilda blushed and wanted to make an excuse, but he smiled and kissed her. It was wonderful to stop thinking about random things for a bit. His fingers entered her as he kissed her causing her back to arch and she cried out against his kiss. Wet sounds filled the room as his fingers were thrust inside her. Matilda blushed and moaned as she threw her head side to side. Leandroth shifted down so he was between her legs.

The moonlight and candles near the bed illuminated the two figures in the bed. She felt his tongue on the most uncomfortable place between her legs while his fingers played inside her. It was odd. His fingers inside her didn't hurt as much as it did three days ago.

Was she getting used to it?

As the intensity of his fingers increased, he continued to like the pearl on to p of her swollen flower petals, she felt a sensation run across her body and centre on her core. Leandroth's fingers hit a certain part of her and everything went white,

‘It’s – it’s coming!’ she cried.

Her body was trembling and tightening around his fingers after her release. She wanted to close her legs but she was spread out around him, he would not let her.

‘I'm at my limits, Matilda…’

She felt out of breath as Leandroth came over her, he held both of her legs up and his not thing was pressed into her wet heat.

‘Ah ~!’ she cried as he entered her. The pain was a lot less than the last time, but it still felt like she was being torn apart.

‘So tight, it feels so good,’ he said. Although, Leandroth was anxious about Matilda who was still struggling with pain, he slowly thrust in until he was fully sheathed in her. He leaned over her, their bodies closely joined and he kissed her. Her body was filled with Leandroth, her mouth was filled with Leandroth.

As he began to thrust, it started to feel even better. She put her arms around him. Seeing Matilda flushed with pleasure rather than pain, with her arms around him. Leandroth was happy from the bottom of his heart. He started to thrust harder and Matilda lost herself again.


Leandroth does not have a 'magic dick' is all I can say. Or he needs to work harder. 


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