Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 8

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 8

Seven witnesses were present in the reception room of the Emperor’s office. Although the number of conspirators are more, the officials who directly interact with Leandroth are these seven.


atilda sat poised but relaxed on a sofa in the room.

‘First of all, I thank you all for your hard work,’

At Matilda’s words, the oldest gentleman pursed his lips into a thin displeased line, but Matilda continued like she did not notice his displeasure,

‘His Majesty is resting for now; hence, I am currently acting on his behalf.’

‘So tell me, who made decided to approve this document?’ she said imperiously indicating the document on the table between them. The man who had pursed his lips scoffed.

Matilda’s eyes narrowed and asked,

‘Did you wish to say something sir?’

The silence in the room deepened.

The attendant maids standing to a side of the room watched Matilda and the guards with wide nervous eyes.

Although Matilda was sitting and looking up, her expression was imperious and arrogant, looking down

‘Even though I am from another country, I am still a princess. Do you not know you are being rude?’

‘I thought it is well known that our Ice-coreta is a fortress country for north of Balenciaga in this country. But it seems that Lord Ambassador does not know,’


‘It is up to you to look down your nose at me as a Princess of a small country, but why is it that you do not know that the Emperor has decided to honour a small country’s princess like me?’

‘That is…’

She pressed on without letting him speak, ‘I have not given you permission to speak.’

If his mouth got thinner it would be non-existent. This person seemed like someone who could not be coerced. Why was she wasting her words? It was strange that she was so inpatient.

‘Consul General, in my country I bear the title of Princess Prime Minister, I worked alongside my father the King of Icecoreta. If you don’t know this, your aides are pretty useless.

All the men lined up before her acquired pale faces.

Matilda smiled and cocked her head to one side,

‘So tell me, is there any one of you who hasn't slept for two days?’

If you ask, everyone is down.

‘When the Emperor is asleep, do you go to sleep too? What if another country attacks? What if the citizens riot? What if there is a disaster? Or there is a revolution?’

‘Your Majesty, who is not sleeping for two days, is anyone of you higher than him? Or do you think you are higher than him?’

Everyone remained silent.

‘All your salaries come from the national treasury, which are the taxes of the citizens. The people of your country work hard to pay those taxes. Paying those who waste the Emperor’s time like you is foolishness. If you do not want to work, I suggest you resign from your posts.’

Without permission, one of the Directors said coldly, ‘You do not have the authority to make such announcements,’

Matilda stared at the Director with cold eyes and said with a voice dripping with scorn, ‘I did not give you permission to speak,’ she tilted her head, ‘Rudeness to the royal family, would you like to beat me? Well, as for me, I have been to war, I am very familiar with blood and such like, would you like to try me?’

Laughingly, the Directors turned pale indeed.

‘I am giving you a quarter of an hour. Under the supervision of the Royal Guards, we have divided all the documents in the office by state, classified into states with large profits. There are seven of you, decided who is going to take charge of what and in the quarter of an hour come in to see his majesty on your decisions.

‘Quarter of an hour?!’

‘Yes. Use your time effectively. A decision needs to be made on the things that need to be dealt with right away. I will leave it to your judgement as to which issue to give priority. One of the attendants has knotted strings; I shall call you in that order. If anyone has an objection to their position in the order, please consult each other.’


‘I will not repeat myself. Because this is an odd occasion, I am allowing you use of the reception. Note the serial number for each state in the documents. They would be collected later by the management. Keep it neat. That is all.’

Matilda rose from her seat and turned to the maid holding the hourglass, ‘This hourglass depicts the quarter of an hour, once the first Director is called, the rest of you come too. Whoever is late, will have their time cut at the amount of time in which they were late.’

Princess Matilda turned to the office door, it was opened without request. She turned back at the open door and said,

‘This way is only for today. Please think of a better way not to waste your Majesty's time anymore.’ Her voice was firm on the word “anymore”

Matilda walked through the open door and it closed behind her. It was unlikely that she would have heard the cursing that followed her departure.


Last two chapters were short. Just the 'fun' ones that are looong.

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