Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 6

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 6


‘Mattie! Mattie!’

She woke to an anxious voice calling her name.


he raised her head and looked at Leandroth; he looked troubled. Why was he wearing such a troubled expression? As she wondered, she began to feel a severe pain in her lower abdomen. She felt the sensation that her body was trapped. 

‘Bear with me a little longer, my love…’

‘I can’t…’ She cried. It was too hard to even speak, tears threatened to fall pooling around her eye.

‘You can, because you’re my good baby,’ It didn’t bother her that he was speaking to her like a child. She felt like she was back to her childhood. It hurt. It felt like she needed to be forgiven for some wrong. She looked up about to cry, like she was in trouble, but he smiled at her,

‘I love you Mattile. Bear with me just a little longer…thank you.’ He said softly as he began to move slowly in her. She did not know what so say at his words. He licked her lips, and took her open lips in a kiss. Her breathing hitched as he invaded her body and mouth. The long kiss ended, and Leandroth pulled away, there was a trail of silver connecting them. She looked at it vaguely, she breathed in and exhaled, at the same time Leandroth who had been deep within her, came out. She shuddered at the slippery sensation.

Her breathing was erratic and her thoughts a jumble from the long kiss. He wasn’t inside her anymore. It had been painful, and it still really hurt. I did feel good at the start, and she did not hate being touched by him at all. After that, she was happy.

Without thinking, she held out her arms, Leandroth looked at her oddly. He accepted her hug and she stroked his hair and back, Leandroth smiled and gave her an easy gentle yet naughty kiss. Her lower abdomen still hurt a bit. But it was satisfied and she did not want to think about it too much.

‘Are you alright, Mattie?’ he asked softly, whispering into her hear. She blushed hotly. She wasn’t okay, that was what she wanted to say. But he’d warned her before hand, and had taken responsibility. She didn’t think it would be very nice to say she was not alright

‘Maybe, but what about you?’

‘Me?’ he asked puzzled.

‘Yes you. I can only speak for myself, but…are you okay?’

He slipped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. Even though it hurt, she was patient with him.

‘Ah…yeah, that, huh?’

Leandroth looked serious and thoughtful, but he started to laugh. Matilda felt strangely giggly as well.

‘Because it’s not “okay”, but may I have a little more cooperation?’


 ‘It may not hurt but probably…’ He gave a shy smile, somehow that smile make her heat soften.

‘Let’s continue,’ she said. She was surprised that she accepted, considering how painful it was earlier. But this person was true to his words. He cared about her and how she felt and she did not want to ruin that. She wanted to reciprocate his feelings.

He gave a bright smile, ‘Mattie, thank you,’ he said sweetly. He was saying thank you to her again. She was a little surprised by it. In the middle of thinking, she was grabbed by the thighs.  She felt a hot thickness slip between her legs. She did not know what he was doing but she figured Leandroth wasn’t going to do anything bad to her, and that gave her a sense of security. As he brushed his desire along her tender fleshy petals, she let out a cry. She subconsciously covered her mouth with the back of her right hand. He started to move, sliding in and out between her thighs and gliding along her secret place. She could not suppress her voice as the glided against her sensitive flesh. The sound slapping flesh and wetness filled the room. Leandroth’s breathing intensified. As her body shook her breast also jiggled, Matilda thought the jiggling was quite obscene.

‘Amazing eye candy,’ Leandroth said laughing as he his thrusting intensified.

‘You’re so beautiful, Matilda,’ he said hoarsely, she felt a hot liquid sensation between her thighs, she realised that he had come.

As Matilda caught her breath back, she vaguely looked up at the ceiling; they had done it before the wedding. A wry smile played on her face.

Leandroth wiped her body as clean as he could. He came up to her and caressed her cheek.

‘Mattie, can you move?’

She nodded, but her expression was anxious. He lifted her and propped her up against the luxurious bed rest. Leandroth rang the bell-pull four times. She heard a muffled voice saying,

‘Certainly,’ outside the door. She blushed. It was only natural that there was someone nearby. She hoped it was only one person. A maid or a steward. But that person would have heard all her moaning!

‘Mattie, can you put up your hair?’ He held her newly braided hair in his hand; she tilted her head in askance,

‘I have requested a bath to be drawn up for us. Let’s wash up together. However, you don’t want your hair to be wet over night. I will instruct the staff to wash your hair in the morning. Is that okay?’

He was so considerate; she couldn’t help but admire him.

‘But it is late in the night?’

She felt sorry she had to bother the servants for a bath, but she did want to have a rinse.

‘Oh well, it probably is already know around the palace that we consummated before marriage.’ Leandroth said laughingly, he did not seem bothered. Matilda was mortified.

‘Moron!’ she could not help by cry sharply

‘Haha, I like that look. I might develop a new fetish for you talking to me that way.’

‘Hmm? What kind of fetish?’ she asked as she put hair braided hair up in a bun, so she would not be conscious of her own blushing. But Leandroth’s sharp eyes narrowed hotly as he saw her pink cheeks,

‘You really are very beautiful,’

She self consciously wrapped her arms around her breasts and heart. Somehow she felt strange, but could not explain it. Seeing her reaction, Leandroth just laughed happily.

There were four knocks on the doors.

‘On it looks like everything is ready, Mattie, I will carry you.’ He put on his robe, and wrapped a sheet around her, and lifted her smoothly from the bed.

‘Ah -  yes.’

She subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck, and then she heard him mutter, ‘I’m so happy,’

‘Am I heavy?’ she asked.

He laughed and replied, ‘Not heavy at all.’

Under the guise of washing, Matilda’s body was stroked and caressed. She was held against Leandroth in the bath as they washed. Leandroth seemed to find her reactions amusing.

The first sensation upon waking was pain and discomfort. It was somewhat miserable. Matilda thought to herself, yet, despite the pain she was quite comfortable and warm. It was the first time in her like to sleep in her bare skin, with someone else’s arm as a pillow. Was his arm numb? She wondered a little worried. Although she had been trying to be restrained, he merely laughed at her and pushed her down into bed.

Because, she had had a soak, she wanted to wear a new nightdress. But she was forced to give up by Leandroth. She found that she could not refuse him, it was rather annoying. It was somewhat embarrassing and hard to get to sleep in the nude, just because they had sex for the first time.

Her thoughts went round and round in her head until she became sleepy again. It seemed like she’d only napped a short while when she felt kisses on her nose and lips, she opened her eyes dreamily

‘Good morning,’ he said

‘Good Morning,’ she replied.

Leandroth’s face broke into a happy smile. It was dazzling.

Why was he so happy? She looked at him dubiously; his big hand stroked her at her waist.

‘Do you still hurt?’

He was even asking that with a joyous smile, it was irritating. Matilda let out a wry laugh at that thought, ‘Still hurting.’

Her answer caused him to deflate; he looked like a sad golden retriever with his ears and tail hanging down. But she did not feel like making him feel better. He was rather cute like this.

‘Alright, we’ll give you a few days to recover, I will be patient,’ he said a bit mournfully. She looked up at him lazily.

‘But I will not apologise, the first time is usually painful, I could do nothing to avoid that. And I am happy from the bottom of my heart that I am your first lover, so I am not going to say sorry!’

He was a little sharp. Was he sulking? Despite, that Matilda did not know how to respond to his declaration. Matilda began to laugh. She could not believe how childish he was. He was like two different people.

Last night as well, he spoke childishly. It was somehow funny.

‘How are you?’ she asked as she giggled. He looked at her, and his manhood became firm.

‘Did it go not go well for you?’

She was curious. Back home in Icecoreta, when she asked about bedroom matters, the head maid and her tutor and her nanny just smile and say, “Ask his Majesty Leandroth.” She tried to study books but found she was too embarrassed to ask for them or read them.

Seemingly flustered, Leandroth sighed and drew Matilda’s body to his.



‘It may have been painful for you but for me; it was as though I was in heaven. It felt excruciatingly good. I would very much like to do it again…’

A part of Matilda doubted whether this was true. Suddenly, he let go of her and got out bed. He quickly put on his night clothes.

‘Get some more sleep,’ he said. Matilda watched him hurrying out of the room.

Maybe it really was not good for him, after all. She felt empty somehow. She gave a rueful laugh. She looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes. (Matilda, he ran away because if he didn’t, he would have eaten your tofu.)

She did not think she was beautiful or cute, when she thought of herself objectively. She was a pale mediocre looking woman.

When she arrived in Barenshiaga, all of the maidens seemed really polished and beautiful. It looked like, if she was a citizen of Barenshiaga she would be a disappointment. She was sure there were people disappointed that an ordinary woman like her was going to become Empress.

Emperors usually married beautiful women as Empress. And then the couple would look like a pair of divinity in a heavenly painting.

He had a too soft face for a man, but Leandroth was definitely a beautiful boy. If one dared assign rankings, he would be quite high in position. Standing next to a man like that, she was cast in a below average shadow.

All of the women in this country were beautiful. The maid she had been assigned was truly lovely. She was so obediently beautiful. Cute! Downright adorable. She seemed to float when she walked. When they were introduced, it had been hard for Matilda not to declare her admiration.

Yes, such a beautiful person served her with sincerity. She wondered why. As expected, the training of the Emperor’s household was perfect. Matilda opened her eyes in realisation.

 Yes that was what it was.

Because, Leandroth was surrounded by beauty every day, Matilda’s mediocre appearance was a novelty. She would not be interesting if he saw her face without emotional ups and downs.

Colourful expressions, smiling, pleasantly bubbly. Such loveliness wasn’t something she could do.

She wasn’t someone who was fun to watch. She nodded, it was right that he left so qucikly.

‘What an idiot.’

She had no confidence in herself, so she did not believe in the sweet words Leandroth said last night and this morning.

There were so many rosy kiss marks on her chest that she felt uncomfortable.

This is a reality. But, sometimes one cannot accept reality. Oh, it really doesn’t matter. Matilda pulled the covers over her head and closed her eyes tightly.

Maybe last night was a dream…


There is a small voice in her heart that believed in last night. The smile she woke up to was not a dream.

She was an idiot. She wanted it to be a dream.

Even so, the small voice in her heart said, she was glad about last night.

It felt nice to be loved…to be touched.

Even if she did not have faith in that feeling, there was a part of her that did.

Matilda closed her mind against the contrary feelings.

She appreciated the chance to sleep a little longer.

Three days later, there was nothing from him other than a small withered bouquet.


Gosh! (Wipes sweat) This was hard work. Aside from the serious distraction these last chapters provoked. They were hard to edit. Based on google sensei's translation, this author can't decide if she's in past or present tense. First or third person. Who is saying what? I bashed my head on my laptop many times. And trying to make the language more flowery and sultry, I don't mind doing it but my mental thesaurus was not working at all. And the 'distractions'. Anyway, I hope I have edited it to be as distracting for you as it was for me. Enjoy.

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