Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 5

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 5

 NSFW. Read at your own discretion...


e stared at her without blinking. A small thrill ran down her spine. Matilda tries to look at Leandroth but his face is now cast in shadow (Whry?! You just said there was a moon and many many candles?!)

‘You think too low of yourself.’ He said. She tilted her head (Does she have shorted neck tendons or something. She is always fucking tilting her damn head). He sounded angry.

‘You’re the one who made me like this. You excite me than leave me without reason. If it is because I am ugly or disgusting, forgive me.’ She cried

‘Come again?’

She didn’t know what to say anymore, so she remained silent.

‘If you are wondering, today is a day off.’ (We weren’t, but okay)


‘Now, from this moment on, I want you to relax and let yourself feel and accept everything you hear.’ He told her in a gentle tone, as he stroked her hair. He dropped little kisses on her lips, along her cheekbones and on her cheeks, at her temples, on her eyerows, on her eyelids. Those were ticklish and the kisses made her giggle.

‘Close your eyes,’ he said, his voice was warm, and it induced a warm feeling in her belly. He put his hand over her eyes, so she couldn’t see anything. His hand was big. In the darkness, she could feel him kissing her lips. Her lips were nipped and sucked, his tongue invaded the lips that had parted in surprise. Her breathing speed up as he kisses her. His breathing was equally rough and heavy, as the hand covering her eyes was removed.

‘Was that disgusting?’ His voice was warm and rough, she shook her head.

‘So do you like it?’

She couldn’t reply. He chuckled at her, as he gently stroked her cheeks.

‘You don’t dislike it but you aren’t sure if you like it. You would only have to endure for today, but I will try to make it as pleasurable as possible for you.’

Leandroth kissed Matilda deeply, making her blink. (Zuben: You blink a lot, Matilda in addition to the head cocking to one side or t’other)

Matilda’s body is stroked as she is kissed. She did not mind being caressed by his big hands, it felt pleasurable to have both hands fondling her breasts. She was aware of her rising breathing and a strange sensation down below. Yet her body was melting in a gentle heat. Leandroth held her left breast, and took the nipple into his mouth; he suckled gently, and bit her nipples. Under Leandroth’s intent attention, the pleasure built within her.

One rose bud nipple was sucked and rolled around the tongue, while the other was rolled and pinched,

‘Kki~ya~’ she cried. The itchy ache in her lower abdomen was growing deeper. Surpried by her own cry Matilda tried to keep it from happening again, by covering her mouth with her hand, but she does not succeed very well.

The other breast was being laved with attention now. It was sucked and bitten and rolled. He used his tongue to flick her nipple, sending delicious sensations down her skin to her lower abdomen.

Her nipples were teased and toyed with. Rolled and pinched, his finger circled around the nipple loosely. Her nipples were painfully erect and gleaming like pearls. They had swollen even larger than usual because of her excitement. The sound of him sucking on her breast caused her to feel embarrassed, and a rosy flush covered her skin up to her ears.

It was hot. He was toying with her, it seemed, for he pressed her nipples flat with his finger and let go; they bounced back. The nipples turned even deeper red from his playing. She moaned, she was being teased and deliciously tortured, her breathing hitched at the pleasure mounted. She pulled her legs together tightly, as the feeling sharpened.

‘Not good!’

Matilda blindly reached up and came up against his chest, she ran her hand down the hard muscled planes, the sensation in her core was still there and she wriggled, trying to calm it.

‘Did you come?’ Leandroth asked smiling, Matilda was breathless. She did not want him to look at her. It was so embarrassing; she’d turned into this lewd person, from only her breasts being caressed. She was such a lewd woman, she wanted to cry.

‘Mattie, don’t be afraid it is not a shameful thing.’ He said gently, as he stroked her hair and face. Matilda looked up at him with teary eyes.

‘It’s a lot harder for women to orgasm than men. You came because your body is feeling comfortable. There is nothing to be ashamed of or scared of.’ He kissed the corner of her lips.

‘Is it supposed to be that way?’

Softly, his hand drew down her body under the covers into the juncture of her thighs. The place no man had ever touched before.

‘This honey does not make you nympho, I have to get you wetter.’


Her body was weak after her orgasm. Leandroth pulled away the covers and deftly removes her underwear. He parted her thighs, stroking her inner thighs as he looked upon her secret place.

‘I want more; I want to open your mouth. I want to see the extent to which you can be lewd,’ he said hotly as he traced the cold outer lips with his fingers.

‘I want you to feel it more. Come for me more. I don’t want it to hurt.’

It was like a fire in her belly, she breathing became more rapid. She lost her head and her breath, when she felt his tongue on her.

‘Hhi~yaa’ she moaned. He licked her like a golden dog licking milk. Leandroth peeled open her damp petals with his fingers and licked the inner petals, and then inserted his tongue into her core. The liquid sounds of licking filled the room Matilda moaned. She did not like it, so she covered her mouth with both hands, but she could not stop moaning.

‘That looks good, your beautiful breasts gathered between your arms, they look yummy.’ He said laughing from his position between her legs. Her hips pushed against him; his breath made her sensitive. He continued to lick her wet folds and relentlessly thrust into her with his tongue while he caressed her thighs.

It wasn’t just the licking that turned her on, so much. It was him as well. He hid nothing from her. He looked like he was enjoying himself pleasuring her. He reminded her of a large dog that joyfully plays with its owner. It made her feel somehow, but this situation was completely different.

She moaned. Because her mind was elsewhere she hadn’t been paying her attention and her moans were loud again. A nice shivery feeling overtook her. There was a sense that something was coming out of her, her skin tingled and her head began to tingle. He inserted his finger. She cried out. While his finger went in and out of her tight little cavern, he licked the sensitive nubbin on the top of her slit. Matilda lost all control, as her hips began to move on its own,

‘Don’t try to fight it. Enjoy the sensations obediently. It is not lewd. Let yourself enjoy it.’ The sultry sound of his voice made her weak.

It isn’t lewd?

He added another finger into her tight hole as his tongue laved her engorged petals. She was losing her head more and more.

Can I think that it feels good?

Can I enjoy the pleasant sensations?

Her womb contracted and her vagina walls contracted around his fingers.

‘Ahhhh~’ she cried

His finger was stroking the fires of her desire again. Just thinking about it made her her inexplicable need sharpen. He licked her up from her slit, up to her navel, causing another jolt of lust down between her legs. He licked her up to the valley between the pale mounds of her breast and the rose bud nipples atop them. He nibbled on her clavicle, and up her neck; the sensation was almost unbearable. He kissed along her jaw, up her chin and claimed her lips for another deep kiss; she was beginning to get used to them.

‘We will consummate our marriage,’ he said. Her eyes widened at the whispered words.

‘I know we haven’t had the ceremony yet, but to me, we are already married. I cannot wait any longer. I have thought about us being together. And it feels good to be with you like this, and I think you feel good too. The sounds you think are embarrassing are cute. Don’t hold back, I want to hear more of the cute sounds you make.’ He spoke like he was explaining to a child, she wanted to laugh, but she realised that Leandroth was trying hard to lessen her anxiety.

‘Leann…’ she said his name softly, the eyes she looked into were so kind. Matilda reached out her hands and stroked his cheek. He turned to her right hand and kissed the palm of her hand. The kiss sent tingles down her arm to her heart.

‘You are cure, nothing about you is ugly.’ He said firmly but with a gentle sincere voice.

‘Leann,’ she repeated his name like a child who was trying to remember newly learned words.

‘Take your time getting to know me. But be assured I will cherish you, Matilda.’

The words resonate in her heart,

‘That expression is really sweet, but I can’t hold back any more. I'm sorry if it gets rough.’

With that declaration, a little fear and uncertainty steal over her. She felt something thick at her entrance. He rubbed it up and down her along her petals; she felt both arousal and trepidation.

‘!’ She bit her lips in discomfort as he thrust into her. It hurt. It hurt so much she thought she could not bear it. She felt as though she was being ripped apart. She heard a voice calling her from far away, but Matilda was swallowed by pain and a bit of pleasure, and then she blacked out.


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