Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 16

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 16

Now really actually NSFW...


eandroth fell back into the bed with her hugging him.

Without preamble, his hand was pulling away the skirt of her night dress, and he got inside her panties. One hand fondled her buttocks, while the other caressed her womanhood. She let out a small moan.

‘Your butt is also soft and smooth. It feels so nice.’

‘Ah…a…ann!’ she cried. Pleasurable sensations were coursing through her and focusing on her lower abdomen. Her exposed breasts were pushed against Leandroth’s chest hard, as she wriggled her hardened nipples rubbed against the fabric of his night robe. The feeling was almost unbearably frustrating. She moaned louder. Her breathing intensified, as a sharp pleasurable feeling shot through her core.

‘Ahnnn.’ She cried. It felt like she had a little orgasm. Her core got hotter as she wriggled.

‘It’s getting harder,’ she said. She heard him groan from above as she said that, but his groan did something to her that made her feel even hotter.

‘Ha ha, and I had calmed down a little.’ As he said those words, he sat up and took off his robe, he untied the remaining bow left on Matilda’s night gown.

‘I feel like I am unwrapping a special gift.’ He said with a happy smile. Her aching cavern reacted sharply to that smile, and she wriggled.

‘Oh Mattie, did you feel good.’

She turned her face away. ‘Yes…’

‘Hmm, good.’ He drawled.

He asked her to sit up so he could take off her night dress; she smiled and said, ‘I feel like a child,’

He returned her smile with his own and said, ‘I’m not lusting after a child.’ That smile was rather suspicious. He threw her night gown off the side of the bed.

‘Raise your hips,’ he said, she complied and he pulled off her undies. Leandroth’s night robe joined her night dress over the side of the bed.

He settled his nakedness over her. His desire heating the flesh near her lower abdomen. He sighed in pleasure.

‘It may be a little wild, sorry.’

She remembered the earlier example of him being hungry and she smiled.

‘I know there are many things I do not understand…’ she said as she held her arms out to him, ‘I don’t mind, there is no need to hold back.’

He came down on her before she was finished, as she asked, Leandroth did not hold back. His kiss was rough. It was as though she was being licked by a large dog. Her body was fiddled with, caressed and fondled. She couldn’t resist moaning out loud. The head of his manhood, slid down her petals and he pushed into her. She held on the pillow with both hands to bear the discomfort.

She may be getting more used to it, but it still hurt when he entered her.

He was kneeling between her legs, using his large thighs to keep her legs open. She could look down and see him snug between her legs.  It felt thick in her. But she realised she wasn’t ashamed of having her body laid bare to Leandroth. A wave of sensation came over her; centring on her secret place making her skin tingle,

‘Oh oh!’ she cried, her voice trembling. It seemed like she was racing to the end again.

‘Mattie, don’t tighten so much.’

‘I can’t help it,’ she said through her increasing high pitched moans. Such control, there was no wait it can be done.

‘It's really cute that you come with me just entering you,’

Leandroth lay over her and gently caressed her cheek, and held her tightly. She was pleased that he was happy, the hands holding the pillow let go and wrapped around his back as he began move in slow long strokes.

‘It feels so good, my head is going strange.’

‘Me too…’ he moaned through gritted teeth. He began thrusting harder and faster. Matilda’s breaths came in pants.

‘It feels so good inside you Mattie. Because I got two hugs I can do it.’ Leandroth said in a heated whisper in her ear. He licks her earlobe and stuck his tongue into an ear canal, a thrill raced down her spine to the target.

Leandroth seemed to collect himself as he said, ‘Now Mattie, if I do something you; you must tell whether you like it, and where, or if you don’t tell me to change it.’

She nodded through the drugging pleasure. Leandroth fucked her moving his thrusts in a circle,

‘Does this feel good?’ he asked.

She could feel his manhood move around inside her shooting darts of pleasure out. The wet sounds of her honey drenched cavern filled her ears,

‘Yes…’ she cried.

‘How about this?’ he asked as he changed to long, slow deep thrusts.

‘Ahn, it feels good.’

My body is so hot, I think I’ll melt.’

‘That is good, melt for me Matilda,’ he said his voice thick with lust.

‘Ah ah nnn’ her voice was becoming louder, and she tried to hold it back but he said,

‘Mattie, I want to hear your cute moans. Don’t hold back.’

His thrusting became deeper and faster.

‘Haa ... ah, oh, oh, ahhh’

He latched on to her breast and sucked on her nipples, her panting comes faster.

‘I’m coming Mattie…come with me…come for me.’

His thrusting was deep and relentless, as he pinched her nipples and sucked on them, Matilda could not hold back the tide as she came. At the same time, Leandroth groaned deeply as something hot was poured deep in her womb. After, Leandroth tried to come out of her but she wrapped her arms around him; stopping him.

‘Oh, you’ve still not had enough?’ he teased while laughing.

‘Disagreeable.’ She huffed, her face flushed pink.

‘I’m a sweetie, and I am happy that I am more pampered, but I will add one more time, so be prepared for it.’

He kissed her hungrily, and then trailed little pecks following the outline of her face. It tickled as he kissed her cheeks, she began to giggle. They kissed through laughter. Soon they became lost in their kiss, and it went deeper.

His tongue played with hers as their hunger for each other deepened. She could feel him hardening again inside her. She moaned. He purred. Suddenly she was turned over and she was sitting astride him.


This time he was going in from below, this angle was different, it felt different but intense. Even if she was trying to hold back, it was too intense to pleasurable to endure.

‘Ah…’ She looked down at Leandroth lying beneath her. He was thrusting from beneath her non-stop.

She moaned. She didn’t know what to do with her hands because she could not reach Leandroth from on top of him.  Her breasts were jiggling up and down as he thrust into her from underneath.

He got bigger and bigger inside her. It was getting uncomfortable.

‘Mattie, can you hold on to your feet.’ He said through gritted teeth. His breathing was rough and heavy. She complied. His large hands slid up her waist and held her breasts. He held them tightly and she screamed.

She got wetter, and the sounds of him thrusting into her wet cavern. Her breasts were squeezed hard and waves of pleasure spread through her, intensifying. Her head went white and she lost it.  She screamed as he tugged hard on her rose bud nipples, they turned redder.

He relentlessly fondled her breasts, while he thrust this thick, hard and hot manhood inside her.

‘Mattie, you’re so cute.’ He said breathlessly, yet he was laughing. It seemed like she was going to come again, she gave a loud moan, Leandroth’s hand went where they were joined and he pinched the knot where the pleasure seemed to be centred at. She screamed out. Immediately after, she could feel something hot being shot up into her; it seemed that Leandroth had come too.

She collapsed onto him. It was rather embarrassing that her secret place was still contracting around him.

Leandroth stroked her head and slipped out of her.

‘Ah…~’ she moaned. Somehow she felt a bit lonely. But if she asked him to stay inside, that will happen again, and she did not think she could take anymore.


She snuggled against Leandroth and he hugged her tight. In his strong arms, she relaxed.

She was tired, but felt nice, and was happily enveloped in his warmth. She lost the battle and fell asleep.

The next chapter is Leandroth POV. Alas, I have not been this irritated by the author and my translations and editing for a while. It is so all over the place; I am questioning my knowledge of the English Language, which, if I can say so myself, is good. (Any errors you see are typos I did not notice. I am awesome, not perfect!). 

So it's not gonna come for a while. I might even skip it and go to volume 2. We'll see. 

Its break time for me now, I've got a good book. Have fun what ever you do this weekend, y'all x.


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