Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 15

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 15

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 am not kind…’ she protested.

‘You are kind. I have noticed it in the little things. Thinking about it, if I was your father, I would not make you Queen either.’


‘Your immediate younger brother was ten when he was made Crown Prince,’

‘Yes…’ she replied. They were now in a serious conversation, yet his eyes only seemed to be on her breasts, never wavering. It was kind of embarrassing.

‘He should have been crowned at the age of seven, but they waited a long while, till after the offer of marriage was accepted. Do you know why?’

‘No,’ she replied. He began to gently caress her breasts

‘I think your father was looking for a suitor in Icecoreta.’


‘I guess your father was looking for a suitor for you in your country, who would love you and cherish you all your life.’

‘Your Majesty?’

Leandroth looked up at Matilda, but again, his gaze returned to her chest.

‘Mattie why do you call me “Your Majesty”?’


‘It’s like you’re calling my father. Though, he would be pleased…and I am in line for the throne.’

‘Your father is…’

‘He searched until the last minute but could not find a man that suited you in your home country, so he reluctantly agreed to my suit for you.’

‘…My Father.’ (Zuben: you and me both. He sounds like Matilda on a one of her depressed benders, flitting from one section to the next, they kinda relate, I guess.)

She could hear happiness in her voice as it pitched up.

‘I am going to take the opportunity to be as high as your father in your heart, so please in the mean time,’ he said as he pinched her nipples; hard.

‘Oh!’ she cried, from that strange pain-pleasure sensation.

‘Look at me only.’

The light of his gaze made him look like a hungry wild wolf. She sucked in her breath, was the dog a carnivore?

‘I won’t just protect you; I will let you fight back like today. The knowledge, the cultivation and social skills that I have acquired in my life will be at your disposal.’


‘You said you will live for me, and you will depend on me.’

He kissed her lips softly as he assiduously rubbed both breasts. He kissed the skin on her chest and breasts; the pecks reminded her of a beast playing with his prey. The feel of his mouth on her skin was hot.

A frisson of fear ran through her.

‘You’re so soft and beautiful, I don’t want you to fight, but it cannot be helped…’

‘I learned sword fighting. I taught my brothers. So don’t look down on me, I want to fight alongside you. I want to protect you. And when I am old and no longer beautiful, I want to be a companion to be needed by you!’ She said through pants as he fondled and caressed her.

He kissed her fiercely, so much so it was hard to breathe and chest got painful. She was losing her mind. She was feeling dizzy,

‘You are a pretty older sister, and will be a cute auntie and will become a cute grandma.’ he said against her lips.


‘Cute; everything about you, not just your looks. You’re everything I want in a woman, so you’ll always be lovely to me.’ Leandroth took the left nipple into his mouth. She moaned.

‘You smell so sweet,’ he whispered against her skin. He rolled her nipple in his mouth and bit her.

‘Nnn.’ She cried through gritted teeth, she didn’t want to make embarrassing sounds but it was so hard not to.

‘Don’t hold back your voice,’ he said while he flicked at the tip of the nipple. It was kind of ticklish. The part contained in his mouth is warm.

The sound of him suckling her filled her head, she felt his fingers fondle her right breast, and pinched and rolled the nipple. She felt heat pooling her lower abdomen.


She wriggled her waist, as the heat grew between her legs. She inadvertently was rubbing it against Leandroth’s desire. She felt like it was getting harder and wondered if it was in her head. But she kept her movement; the resulting sensation felt so good.

The heat was growing, and she began to be aware of an emptiness she wanted to fill. She felt like something was missing. This was only the third time…

‘Ah ah ah.’ She cried as her pitch grew higher as her breaths grew shorter.

‘What’s wrong?’ Leandroth asked.

‘I got excited too soon,’ she said, ‘I think I’m going to come.’

Leandroth buried his face in between her breasts and muttered, ‘Have mercy on me.’

‘Mercy…?’ she asked through short breaths.

She was still ignorant about her body and men and the sensations during sex. Leandroth looked up with a seemingly miserable expression from between her breasts while he was caressing them.

‘Generally, men are miserable. I want you to have mercy on me because you are too cute.’

‘Is that bad? Or disgusting? Please explain it to me more,’ she said, suddenly tearful. She didn’t understand what he meant. She wished she had not done such a thing. (Zuben: She’s such a sensitive flower. Inside and out!)


That’s not what she wanted him to say

‘Matilda, if you do not like it, let’s stop. Alright?’ he said.

Not have sex? ‘Um…’ she bit on her bottom lip looking dejected. She tried to take his hands off her chest, but he was too strong for her. She tried to push him away by pushing at his shoulders, but he was undaunted.



She kept trying to push him away by the shoulders but he did not budge. Before she could do anything about it, his arms were around her pulling her closer to him, bringing her face to face.

‘Mattie, what’s wrong?’

‘I don’t understand anything.’ She cried.

‘Mattie, I was complimenting you. You’re so cute and passionate and sensitive, I can’t keep my head, I am miserable because I don’t want to lose control, but I don’t think it can be helped.’

‘Even if you say it is not a bad thing, even if you say it’s a compliment. I don’t understand. I don’t like losing my head.’

She pushed hard at him, but he would not move at all.

‘No. It’s not you. Listen to me carefully.’ He said sternly. She stopped struggling.

‘Well, it is bad in a sense that you are cute. A regular idiot like me, at a time like this, it is impossible to keep reason because you are so cute I just want to eat you up. But I want approval from you that you like what I am doing to you and what you are doing to me.’

His words cause her to blush right up to her ears.

‘You can’t keep you head, because you are with someone you love. Do not you want to keep it?’ She asked, she thought that she might understand it contextually

‘Yes and no. I don’t want to keep it because you make it impossible for me to do so.’


‘The first time we did it you fell unconscious, I think that it was painful the next day, I thought to be considerate and let you get used to it a bit more. I thought I should refrain from embracing you to eagerly like a child or dog, so you don’t feel like I am forcing myself on you. Do understand so far?’

‘…A little.’ To be honest, she did not understand at all.

‘If you don’t understand, please tell me properly.’ He said, softly patting her bum.

‘Well I do not understand.’

‘Alright, for most men, they take pride in making a woman reach before they do. I do not like being unable to take the initiative and coming faster than you when we are having sex. So maintaining some reason is important.’


‘I’ll will put it a different way,’

Tears fall down to the cerebrum.

‘Occasionally, there are times when it seems that the reason can’t be held all through and there are times when I would go out of control because, my partner is attractive and responsive. I declare that it is impossible because I can’t maintain reason.’

He sounded like a teacher,

‘Why do you bother telling?’

‘Because if a man who was going slowly and moving gently suddenly started groaning fiercely and crying or shouting without warning, would you not be afraid?’ despite the jovial tone, she was a little afraid

‘I will be scared.’ She said with a small voice.

‘Even at this time it is difficult to suppress the impulse, because it makes me feel like a predator. Think of it this way, when you’re hungry, it is impossible to endure eating the just soup with a small spoon when there is a feast laid out in front of you.’

‘Yes, that is pretty painful.’ She said

‘So for you who are so cute to me, to say you’re coming. It makes me hungrier. It’s like you’re telling me the rice would be delicious, but I should only eat it bit by bit.’

‘It would be a waste. Won’t it?’

‘Yes, it is. Now if a man just goes wild without thought for his partner, for him it feels good; but his partner would get frustrated and angry. In that case, it is a burden to the partner because it only causes you pain.’

‘I see.’

‘So if I made a special feast but I did not give a prayer to God,; without thinking about you and began to eat on my own. But the other person is saying, "My stomach is empty, I want to eat,” and you reply “this food is delicious!” won’t they rush at it?’ (Zuben: I lost the plot.)

‘You may think there is no use for prayers, that there is no one listening.’

‘This is this and that is that.’ He said as his let go of her.

His gaze was heated and hungry again as he looked at her.

‘Because you are too tempting, I think it will be impossible again, but I want you to endure it. Well, I am sorry to say that I have not thought having patience before.’

‘Oh’ she didn’t say more because she didn’t want to cause another misunderstanding. She shyly looked up at him, but he covered her face with his hand because his face was bright red.

‘This afternoon, the dress that you wore was fascinating and made you look so tempting. I could see the lovely shape of your body, and your breasts were on display, defenceless. So seductive and erotic, I was trying to keep it out of my mind. It makes me blush just thinking about how I was all over you,’

He looked like a child, so excited.

She was rather surprised. With these breasts?

She scooped her breasts up with her hand. Really?

‘And that…that is just evil and cute.’

‘Is that a compliment?’

‘Yes!’ They pulled each other down into bed.


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