Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 14

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 14

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NSFW ish - As usual don't read if stuff like this makes you uncomfortable. TBH read it and get used to it! But the universe is full of clean romances. I'm even editing one right now!


fter their dinner and bath, Leandroth came to Matilda’s room. For dinner as well, if she didn’t discuss with the Chef it would not be good. But such heavy meals at night…her stomach was going to get bigger.

Leandroth hugged her and swayed side to side like he had a wagging tail. The maids bid a quick exit.


The sound of her name whispered in her ear made tingles run down her spine. She did not dislike it. It was rather comfortable.

‘Today is the third time. Do you think it will still hurt?’ he asked. Matilda’s fair cheeks were dyed red at the direct question.

‘Oh, you idiot.’ She said.

‘Haha! You’re so shy.’ She was shy and embarrassed. Surely, the only way to get used to it was to do it over and over again. (Zuben: Surely!)

Leandroth held Matilda close and tightly as he stroked her back. She had her cheek against his broad chest and closed her eyes. He had such a beautiful body, she thought, he was lithe yet powerful but not overly muscular.

‘I wanted to be born to a man like you.’ She said sighing. It was an honest feeling she’d had. Leanrdroth gave a long sigh over her head.

‘I dislike it. Men are too uncouth. Women are nice to hold…but if you want to be a man, then I will be a woman! I will still take advantage of my power and get you as my wife.’

Somehow, it was as though he was complaining.

‘A wayward wife?’

She had heard of it. A woman who ignored her husbands’ will.

‘I will use the power of my station and country, to get you.’(Zuben: I have no clue what they are on about here. None of the translations even made partial sense, like they usually do)

His body shook around her, she understood he was laughing, she laughed too.

‘Beloved,’ he said quietly while stroking her hair.

She closed her eyes, she liked being stroked and hugged by Leandroth. She could stay in this position forever. While her eyes were closed, it occurred to her that Leandroth would make a beautiful woman: His golden brown hair that was soft and smooth, his golden eyes and easy smile.

‘If you were a woman, you would be crowned the Most Beautiful Princess.’

She would like to see it, but she didn’t say that out loud.

‘If you want to see that, please have a child.’

Her brain shut down for a moment.


‘You can give birth to a girl who looks just like me.’ He said, smiling gently as he placed his hands on her breasts through her nightgown, like he was verifying its softness. Her hands held on to his waist.

Her breast swelled and tightened as he played with it, changing it shape and moulding it in his hand.

‘Mattie,’ he called. She looked up to him and his lips covered hers. She wanted a deeper kiss, so she stood on tip toes. He stopped his ministrations for a moment, then it got stronger, it almost hurt.

‘Nnn.’ She frowned slightly at the discomfort. Leandroth silently lifted Matilda and sat at the edge of the bed, and placed her on his thigh. She wondered if she was not heavy.

She believed she was, but his soldier trained body does not seem to notice.

His hands moved dexterously while kissing her, unravelling the ties of her night gown. Her night gown had ties at regular intervals from the neck to the lower abdomen with frills trimming the neck and seams. It was of high-quality silk, it had a comfortable and smooth feel against her skin.

Leandroth untied all the knots except the one in the middle of her chest. What was he trying to do here? She wondered. This afternoon as well, he only undid some buttons and left her clothes on. She tilted her head in thought.

Through the gap, soft white skin could be seen glowing in the candlelight. He slid his hand through the top of her gown, softly caressing her has he took out her breasts, exposing them. He held them up in his hands, and the soft roundness filled his hands. There were two small bud the colour of roses pointing upwards, as though they wanted to be tasted. That simple desire scared her and she turned away. She wondered if he’d prefer them bigger.

‘That…a little more…big ones are better, aren’t they?’

She had heard men say they liked big breasts. Back home, she did not hear such off colour conversations usually, but at parties and balls, she usually met some more liberal aristocrats with more knowledge of things like that and rumours. Her chest seemed to be seen as: “Large ones that pretend to be small.”

It seemed so amazing at the balls or soirees that she went to, where there was plenty of cleavage on display; she began to think of them as a lady’s weapons.

Would it not be hard to keep it supple? She couldn’t neglect her exercises or they will begin to sag soon.

‘...’ Leandroth looked at Matilda, and tilted his head, and then his gaze returned to her chest.

‘Even if you seem to glare silently, unfortunately it will not get bigger, but, I do not think the form is bad, however…’

She wondered what he was saying. Matilda looked down and lifted her breast with her hand. She’s never had the chance to compare her breasts with someone else, so what is so bad a shape that he had to stare so much?

She did not like her own breasts. Like two weirdly shaped apples. She became sad; her breasts. (Zuben: She gets sad really easily, doesn’t she?)

Because she had always avoided being a woman, even though she thought of the breasts as a symbol of womanhood, she still felt disgust when she looked at them.

‘I am fascinated.’ He finally said. (Zuben: Matilda, let Leandroth land before you jump into despair.)

‘Eh?’ by such ugly things.

‘To the point I forget what I am about to say. They are really beautiful.’

He holds the hand holding her breast up and pushed the breast even higher so the nipple was directly in his heated gaze.

‘I can’t take my eyes off them, they are so beautiful…sometimes I have no words to describe and I can only say; “beautiful”’

He laughed softly as he lifted the other breast from below. ‘They are heavier than when in hot water. Do you not get stiff shoulders?’ While he was laughing, his left thumb brushed against her right nipple. (Zuben: I don’t get why this author has to be so specific on what side does what, it is a bit distracting, or is that just me?)

She moaned. And he began to fondle her breast firmly. Her bud puckered up as her breasts became fuller; almost like she wanted him to lick it.

‘Leann.’ She called softly.

His movements stopped and he looked up at her.

‘Stand up a bit.’ He said quietly. When she stood, he put his legs together and pulled her in so that she sat astride his legs.

‘…’ This was embarrassing, she thought.

Under her nightgown is only her knickers. It was embarrassing to straddle him like that with her undies exposed near his manhood. She could feel her cheeks and ears burning red.

She exposed her breast, and took his hands and held it up against them (Zuben: Matilda, this is unlike you…)

‘I dislike my breast, but if you tell me you like them, I get happy and I might come to like them too.’

His hand trembled a bit. Her tone was childlike, it was somewhat strange,

‘If I get stiff shoulders, I can endure it.’

He had a half smile, that lifted one side of his face,

‘Is your hand painful?’

‘Hmm?’ Leandroth absentmindedly tilted his head.

‘Because…because you were trying to touch it. So I wondered if you wanted to change your position.’  Matilda said as she looked away, trying to avoid his eyes. She really could not get used to is, yet, she could not wait?

‘You are so cute, everything about you is cute.’ He said as he kissed the top of her head.


‘Beautiful, soft and warm,’ he said with a happy smile, she looked at him, he looked like he was in a trace.

‘Your breasts symbolises you somehow; they are beautiful, soft, cute, warm and tight. However, I don’t like talking about other men in bed it causes tension. Even your relatives are irritating. But I understand why your father did not want you to be Queen.’ (Zuben: Erm…what? What? Where did this conversation come from? I assure you mina-sama; I have no clue why this sentence is here. Not a one.)

‘Huh?’ (Zuben: you and me both, sister)

Somehow, ‘What?’ is the only thing she could say.

‘You are too kind,’ he said with a bit of a wry smile.

‘Being a king is a heavy responsibility. Your father probably did not want his beloved daughter to carry such a weight.’

Zuben: I get it. Leandroth had an emotion wave (emotion version of a brain wave), because Mattie wanted to please him despite her shyness.

I just had a thought as I finished this, do my comments detract or distract? I suddenly had this vision of my comments appearing like a ghost in the middle of scenes…



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