Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 12

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 12

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‘For someone who is going to be the Empress of a country, to be surrounded by only maids…?'



sually, there was a class hierarchy. There were some classed that were allowed to speak to royalty, and royalty could speak amongst themselves. Matilda was unsure of the social structure of Barenshiaga, so she held back on having conversations with the maids because of that. Leandroth undid the fastening in front of Matilda’s dress, his fingers brushing against her skin leaving tingling sensations.

‘Well, don’t you think?’ he asked huskily

‘Ah~ ah~ that…’

The dress was a form fitting one; a thick wine coloured material that fitted tightly from under her bust to her knee and softly draped down to the floor. Leandroth pulled down her chemise and drew her breast out and took it into his heated mouth.
She gasped at the sensation. Her body arched back. He suckled on the breast, whilst he teased the other through the dress with one hand and fondled her buttocks with the other. Matilda cried out without thinking. She covered her mouth with her hand, how could she be so loud. It was lunch break at the office; anyone could come in at any moment! Yet, her breasts were exposed and fondled in such a place and she was moaning loudly in response. It was too much; she was confused by her reactions. Leandroth pulled away,

‘Mattie, I'm sorry. I got carried away.’ He said huskily. He gave a final lick to the exposed rose coloured bud, dropped a quick kiss to the other breast and gave her a deep kiss. Her body responded and her exposed breast jiggled invitingly.

‘Ah, I want to take you to bed right now.’

‘Oh you idiot!’ she said without spite.

‘Yes, I am stupid; I am unable to resist your charm. I am a little fool for you,’ Leandroth said jokingly as he put her expertly back together again. Matilda was a little disappointed. It had been almost like a daydream that that she had her body exposed in the office. Without the longing ache in her nipples and lower abdomen, she would have hardly believed it happened.

‘But you are too defenceless; I just want to jump you all the time. So bear that in mind when you embrace me defencelessly again, I might not be able to stop.’ He growled as he fondled Matilda’s breast over her dress.

'They feel so soft and comfortable. No more, seriously this is unsightly of me.’ Leandroth said as he reluctantly let her go and turned away.
Watching him, Matilda said.

‘I just wanted to hold you,’ in an apologetic small voice. Leandroth stared at her, his eyes wide. Has she said something strange?


‘Yes,’ she replied. His eyes shone like stars. She really thought it funny that he did not have ears and a tail. It would be so fitting.

‘I love you.’

Matilda’s face blushed bright red at such a straightforward confession.

‘Thank you very much.’ she said, ‘That…’


She covered her mouth with her hands then put them back down holding them in front of her as she turned away shyly and said softly, so softly if he hadn’t had all his attention on her he would not have heard,

‘I like you very much too.’

She closed her eyes, relieved that she had managed to convey her growing feelings. She heard a chair scrape the floor loudly, she opened her eyes to find herself in Leandroth’s arms,


In his warm arms, she breathed a sigh of relief. But his hug was really tight, she felt slightly claustrophobic, had he been anxious about it?

She was a Princess who came to be married in a foreign country without her personal maids or a lady in waiting. Amid expectations and uneasiness, having a husband who was naturally easy to talk to would naturally allow feelings to grow. But she did wonder if he had interest in other women…Or had he been trying to make her jealous?

‘So was it my female general – one of the ladies you saw in the garden?’


‘Or one of the court ladies?’

She thought of what she had come up with, Leandroth was still.

‘I'm sorry.’ He rested his cheek on her head.

‘I will introduce you soon. I wanted to choose people who are friendly and easy to get along with for your court.’

Matilda put her arms up between them and pushed him away. He looked down at her curiously. She raised her hands and pinched Leandroth’s cheeks,

‘This is a punishment for not telling me earlier!’

As she spoke, she pulled the pinches up and down, left and right, left and right, then drew a circle and pulled down to release it last. She even sang a childish ditty as she did it.

Because his face was hard to pinch, she had to use a lot of strength but she didn’t mind.

She may not have laughed like this since she was a child.

‘I will forgive you with that. We are closer now, comrades even; so there will be no more secrets.’

Leandroth, who had been massaging his assaulted cheeks, hugged Matilda again.

‘That’s wonderful. I will quickly finish my work. Wait for me.’ He said excitedly, kissing her forehead.

In her head, a voice said she was in trouble, but her heart wasn't listening. Matilda put her arms around his strong body and said really quietly

I'm waiting.’

When they returned to the office, they called the chief of staff first. She was someone that Leandroth thought was on his side,

‘Pardon me, your Highness.’

‘I'm sorry for pulling you from your duties, I am sure you are very busy. Please have a seat.’ Matilda was standing near the windows, she smiled and indicated that the woman

‘I cannot to that.’

‘I would like to speak with you as Leandroth’s nurse maid. Please forget our status; if you don’t sit, I wonder if I can…’ Matilda said gently.

She was undoubtedly troubled,

‘Julia1, sit down. If don’t I will order you to.’

‘Certainly…yes’ Julia the Chief of Staff sat on the sofa and stared at Matilda

‘Leann told me you are totally on his side, so he told me to consult you if I had any troubles.’ Matilda said, keeping a bright smile on her face. Julia looked panic-stricken and glanced around.

‘Leann said it would be okay. He said you started from the bottom, so you will understand.’

Julia raised her face, and her stoical mask returned, and apologised,

‘I'm sorry to have been rude in your presence.’

‘You may want to talk to Leann but you’ll have to talk with me for a while. Forgive me.’

Julia clutched the skirt of her livery

‘I don’t think I will be trusted right away by asking you to believe in me, but for the time being, I want to make a declaration…’

‘Declaration, your Highness?’

‘Your precious Prince, nay, he is now your majesty the Emperor Leandroth. I want to make him happy.’

‘Princess Matilda…’

Julia’s eyes opened wide in surprise (Zuben: too many wide open eyes up in this here place)

‘Therefore, I would like to start with well-being.’

‘Well-being, your Highness?’

Why the question? Why the widened eyes? Has she said anything strange?

‘To be happy in life you need a few things: First of all, good health, non stressful lifestyle, a good diet and moderate exercise. And not to be sedentary in one’s old age!’ She said clenching her fists in a strong fighting pose unconsciously, for emphasis.

‘In Icecoreta, I assisted my father the King, so I know the most important thing is the well being of the ruler. Not sleeping for nearly two days is not joke. Even if he is able to bear it with youth at the moment, one day he will collapse.’

‘So one of the things I would like to propose is proper means. I do want you to be careful not to be dismissed. But if that happens, I want you to draw on the authority of the Emperor.’

Julia stared in surprise, her mouth agapes at him. I wonder what I am saying something strange? (Zuben: How much wider is this woman's mouth going to open?)

Matilda was becoming really anxious about this.

‘Princess Matilda, what did his Majesty say to you?

‘That if he complains about something someone’s head flies…’

Did the flying heads not mean a dismissal? Although Leandro's speech is mostly refined and upper class, there were phrases he’d use that she would not understand. It was due to growing up in the battlefield from an early age, he spent his pre-ruling days with mercenaries and ordinary people, so sometimes his speech turned rough and wild. But it was rather pleasing, especially when he was excited.

‘I'm afraid to say, but when he says that the head will fly…’ Julia paled further and her fingers tightened on her livery skirt.

--- The neck flies. Beheaded.

Matilda frowned as she knew what was not said.

‘Are they trying to make the Emperor look like a tyrant?

‘They are like a child with a sharp knife; it is fun to use it to cut anything’

‘They are foolish. There is a small story called the Equal Inheritance of the Rigeon Garden from my home town, you may have heard of it.’

Matilda shook her head, ‘No,’

‘Four girls were born to a family that owned extensive orchards. The garden was divided into four, one for each child. They decided to also divide the house evenly between them. But such an arrangement is not sustainable forever.’ Julia calmly said. (Zuben: Anyone who understands this Japanese parable needs to explain it to me)

Matilda nodded in agreement.

‘It seems that there are such idiots that are caught up in satisfying themselves in the now, playing with power.’

Matilda frowned, deep in thought so much so her head ached, the pounded her fist into the armrest.

‘Hmm, shall I show myself as the Princess?’

It looked like her current status of the emperor’s lover seemed to have power.

‘Chief of Staff Julia, I would like to dismiss the Chamberlain and the Head Chef. I would like a list of potential enemies and potential replacements. Do you think this is possible?’ Matilda asked, Julia frowned, reassessing the young woman before her’

‘I think I begin to understand why our Majesty chose you.’

‘Huh?’ she said puzzled, it seems this woman was misunderstanding something.

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[1] Julia the Chief of Staff. That name was bestowed by me on the originally nameless and formless Chief of Staff. This writer doesn't seem to see fit to describe her characters or name them. Only Leandroth has had proper realisation. I debated all through the edit whether to give “Julia” form, but I decided I would be imposing my imagination on the readers; it is not my own book. But I sure as hell wasn't going to keep calling her “chief of staff” every time I wanted to indicate her. 


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