Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Volume 1 Chapter 10

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol I Chapter 10

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She woke to find herself naked in his arms. This was something she could never have fathomed before coming here. She felt a little dizzy.


t is before the marriage. It is before the marriage. It is before the marriage.

Those words went round and round in her head.

Although Matilda was in a minor state of shock, she raised her head to look at Leandroth sleeping. A ghost of a smile was on his sleeping face, he looked like a little boy. She gave a wry smile; his sleeping face was not that of an adult but one of a mischievous child.

Someone who said she was right for him.

--- His favourite thing.

Matilda closed her eyes. The sensation of someone else’s breathing, their warmth; it made her feel comforted to be close like this. But would she be able to bear it if she lost this warmth someday?

Even if she was now being told she was cute or beautiful, those will fade someday

When she became a wrinkled old lay, would he still say such things?

Her thought were a jumble. Why was this not a normal political marriage?

She paused, what was a “normal political marriage”?

From the beginning, the couple, neither like nor dislike each other. A union between Houses was based on making progeny to carry on the family lines. If this was that kind of relationship, she would not be so troubled.

He told her he desired her.

While that sentiment made her happy, she logically felt that such feelings will not last forever. Deep in thought, she moved,

‘Hmmm…Mattie?  Is it already morning?’ Leandroth awoke and asked with a sleep roughened voice. As expected of a person who was raised on a battlefield. He raised his head and looked out the window; he saw the sky was still dark.

‘No, it’s still night, please go back to sleep.’ She said softly.

‘Yes. Goodnight, Mattie.’ He replied sleepily, he yawned pulled her closer and went back to sleep.

‘Goodnight,’ she said softly. His breathing had fallen deep and regular.

She could not dismiss the possibility that he would be bored of her before their marriage ceremony.

It was so warm in his arms, she thought.

--- Truly, she was not cute.

She was not a cute person.

Matilda swallowed a sigh and closed her eyes. She didn't think she would be able to sleep. But it was more constructive than keeping her eyes wide open. So she closed them tightly. The warmth wrapped around her was real.

She tried to hold back tears that burned at the back of her throat, tightening her fists.


She may like this person.

She was dazed by the realisation. Matilda closed her eyes tightly.

‘Good morning, Mattie,’

He hadn't left.

She was shaken lightly, opened her eyes as she stretched and looked up at him. He was in his robe, smiling happily at her.

‘Morning,’ she replied sleepily. He gave her a bright smile. He seemed to smile a lot when he looked at her. He looked happy, like a big dog wagging his tail from being patted. She subconsciously reached up to stroke his cheek. He closed his eyes and rubbed his cheek into her palm, almost purring.

A large friendly cat? But she still felt he was more dog-like.

And that huge dog licked her palm and laughed. She laughed too, it was ticklish.

She was lightly kissed on her forehead, nose, cheeks and lips, ‘You can go back to sleep.’ He said softly.

‘Thank you.’

‘I didn't want to wake you up, but I was lonely getting out of bed without you awake.’ He said smiling at her.

Her heart was being misled, but Matilda smiled in spite of herself.

‘I also feel lonely when I wake up and I am alone, so please wake me up.’ She said as she rose out of bed. She held a bedsheet up to her chest to shield her naked body. Leandroth watched her intently as she came up to him.

Affection filled his gaze, when she kissed him on his cheek,

‘Please work hard, please do your best, if there is anything I can help you with, send for me right away.’ She said softly because she felt self conscious.

His smile looked a bit soppy. It was kind of funny.

‘Mattie,’ he called as he pulled her into a hug. She stood in his arms stiffly.

‘Leann?’ Was something wrong, she wondered? Leandroth buried his face in the crook of her neck, replied,

‘I'm recharging.’


Leandroth slowly pulled away from her and smiled, ‘See you later,’ he said

‘Go ahead.’ She said returning his smile. Leandroth kissed her.

‘Let’s have lunch together.’ He said as he kissed her fingers. It was kind of ticklish. Matilda smiled and shrugged.

‘Is this lunch or not?’

Matilda asked as her gaze ran over the food laden table. It was more like a picnic; fruits, fruit infused water, fruit juice, cakes and bread. Things you can eat with one hand.


‘Maybe perhaps…’ She shut her lips, perhaps Leandroth ordered this. But…she tilted her head.

They sat near each other at a round table in her room. They were not dining formally. She reached for the fruit infused water and said

‘There is so much, it is all a bit wasteful. Let’s improve tomorrow.’

She sent a prayer to the spirits of the forest. She wondered if Leandroth had a god he believed in. She picked up a muffin.

‘Let's eat for now and talk about any concerns you have later.’ He said and they quietly ate their fruit and sweets. Leandroth showed Matilda fruits he liked, but to be honest, with the overwhelming sweets she missed the flavour of savoury food.

She said so to Leandroth, who laughed out loud.

‘So do I,’

‘Well, why do you  tell this to the Head of the kitchen staff?’ she asked.

He sighed and said, ‘Depending on how I say it, someone's neck would fly!’ (Zuben: What a weird bunch of people)

Matilda frowned, that was horrible.

‘It’s hot. It’s cold. I don’t like the taste. I feel pain…Whenever I say something contrary, someone’s head will be parted from their body. I didn't notice until it was too late and I am at a loss at how to get things back in order.’

Leandroth’s expression became bitter and distant. Matilda’s hear hurt looking at the dark expression on his face.

‘Did you hear anything in your country about me being a puppet king?’ he asked strangely casually. Matilda was about to use a fork to pick an piece of cut apple, but the fruit slipped from her prongs.

Zuben: Quick edit based on the continuing conversation in the next chapter.


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