Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Chapter 30

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol II Chapter 30


hen she woke up, it was dawn and Leandroth was still sleeping beside her.

She watched his deep steady breathing, and studying his face. He looked younger sleeping so peacefully. In the light of the morning, his golden hair glittered, it was very dazzling.

Beautiful, she thought.

She felt warm in his arms. But she would surely wake him if she moved. So she tried not to move and watched his innocent sleeping face.

He gave a small sigh as he turned on his back and continued sleeping with his arms spread wide.

Matilda giggled at his pose. He was like a child.

She was happy; Matilda thought as she sat up and pulled the covers over him.

‘Leann, wake up.’ She called softly; he sighed but did not stir. She wondered how she should kiss his wide open mouth.

She leaned over and sucked on his lower lip.

‘Good morning,’ she called, but he just moaned and changed positions again. It was rather cute; this time, she licked his upper lip,

‘Wake up Leann.’ She said as she wondered if she should stop troubling him and let him sleep.

‘Hmm, that’s a nice view to wake up to.’ He muttered sleepily, but his bright gaze was at her breasts. She giggled and snuggled into the crook of his arm to hide,

‘Hey, I was enjoying the view.’ He said. It was rather funny and he made her giggle.

Her took her by the arms and pulled her up so his head was at her chest, ‘Leann, ah!’ she cried as his mouth clamped on her breast. There was laughter in his eyes as he began to caress the other breast. His other arm wrapped around her body, kneaded her butt his fingers sinking satisfactorily into the soft springy skin.

‘So aggressive early in the morning, ah-are you ahn…angry?

‘No way!’ he replied brightly. She was relieved. He pulled her on top of him; she could feel his heated thickness underneath her.

‘Mattie, put it inside.’ He asked between sucking on her nipples.

‘I will try,’

She was already wet, and her petals were already ready to accept him. Slowly, she sank down his length. They both sighed in pleasure.

Though it was embarrassing to be naked in the morning, she wanted him more. Her whole body was burning with desire. She began to rock her hips,

‘Nn…ah,’ she moaned. His expression showed that he was enjoying himself,

‘I’m so happy I’m dizzy.’ He said with breathless laughter.

She sat up and braced her arms on his abdomen, and began to rock her hips a little harder.

‘Oh I feel good. Does it feel good for you, Mattie?’

‘It feels good but…I want more…stimulation,’ she replied

‘Stimulation?’ he replied with a sly smile.

He sat up and cuddled her to him, and then he started to thrust into her deeper and faster, and she got the stimulation she wanted.

(Zuben: it’s the final chapter and she decided to stop her nonsense.)

After their lunch, they had a break in Leandroth’s private drawing room.

A man came to visit. It was Leandroth’s younger brother, Bartholomew Vincez Barenshiaga. A general called the Sleeping Black Eagle. The pride of the Empire.

He was taller and broader than Leandroth. Though Matilda was taller than most women, and Leandroth was taller than her by almost a head, Bartholomew towered head and shoulders over her. If a woman of average height stood by him, she would look child-like.

He bowed over her hand and kissed the back, ‘Nice to meet you, Princess,’ he said.

‘Nice to meet you too, General.’

‘This guy’s nickname is “Sleeping Black Eagle” because cause he looks half asleep all the time.’


But if the Sleeping Eagle should wake up, it usually meant war. That was what she heard. Right now, he really looked like he was half asleep.

They took their seats.

‘How is Grandfather?’ Leandroth asked.

‘He’s ensconced at my house, practicing his swordsmanship happily.’

‘Is his ankle sprain better?’ Matilda asked

‘I’m more worried about him incurring back pain than his ankle sprain.’

The two men’s chatter was amicable, eating sweets and drinking tea. They looked like two big dogs relaxing in the sun. Like two big overly friendly dogs.

There were two handsome men before her, but rather than be nervous, she was quite relaxed.

‘Dear Sister-in-law, my brother looks happy and relaxed. Thank you.’ For a moment, there was a serious light in Bartholomew’s eyes.

‘I will take care of him. Leave it to me,’ she replied with a smile. She was glad Leandroth’s family was worried about his welfare.

‘I am going to be heading northeast with a company soon, please wait patiently for news.’

Matilda nodded, while wondering, northeast?

‘There is a possibility a few Lords will resist, I will clean up well. There is a high chance this is a conspiracy, especially since your wedding day is near. I am sure the King of Montbatre instigated this.’

Montbatre was the country to the east of Barenshiaga.

(Zuben: In the final chapter, the Eastern Country gets a name!)

‘It’s probably because brother didn’t marry his daughter.’ Bartholomew concluded.

‘It’s because he was aiming for Barenshiaga, and tried to use his daughter to assassinate me. She has a nickname, the Octopus Princess, because she likes feels people up and is very amorous.’

That wasn’t a nickname that was an insult, Matilda thought.

‘They are looking for a husband for her,’ Leandroth said pointedly.

‘I decline,’

‘You’re renown all over, you’re a desirable husband.’

‘I have no interest in a wife at the moment.’

‘So you’ve been refusing invitations,’

‘Because of the wedding, there will be many Princesses in the palace and now you’ve arranged the perfect escape.’ Leandroth said as he sipped his tea.

Bartholomew looked sheepish, like he’d been caught.

After that, they talked a little more and Bartholomew took his leave.

‘You two are close,’ Matilda said with a little giggle. Leandroth ate a crepe filled with candied apples and honey.

‘It’s because our personalities are different, so we want different things and like different things. Little brother gave me the idea for your birthday presents.’


‘You said you like cute things and like to make cute things. So rather than giving you a present that was already finished, he suggested I give you something you can work on. He also likes cute things. The woman he chooses would be forever clothed in cuteness.’

(Zuben: we can only hope for his sake, she is the cute type)

The tea brewed but she hardly paid attention. It looked as though, she had been more obvious than she thought about her love of cute things. She was slightly depressed.

But on the bright side, she now had more cute loving companions.

‘If he was a girl, she would be wearing cute clothes and toting around parasols. He likes pale pink, but it is not a colour he can wear as a man. So he wears black.’

‘He could implement lovely back chiffon into his clothing. Black seems to be in fashion right now’

‘In fashion? Well I don’t know much about that. It would be nice if people wore more colours. You can add lots of glitter and sequins to your clothes.’

Glitter and sequins? That did not create a favourable impression.

‘How about if you have glitter and sequins on your clothes?’ she asked him.

He grimaced.

A few days before their wedding Bartholomew headed northeast to quell the unrest.

‘Will there be war?’ she asked Leandroth as they saw his younger brother off.

‘Maybe. Maybe not.’ he replied non-committal.

She hoped it didn’t escalate that far.

That being said, it was rather underhanded to incite unrest because the Emperor of a neighbouring country was getting married.

Despite the events, the days passed smoothly. It was becoming routine for the Emperor and his future Empress to sleep together in the Empress’ room without question.

But there was a bit of a grumble due to security and patrols, so they decided to move to the Emperor’s rooms. The rooms were originally decorated in the former Emperor’s foreboding style much to the future Empress’ dismay. Matilda decided to renovate the Emperor’s rooms to her own preference, and they gave most of the original furniture away. And if the former emperor came to visit, he won’t be looking in the rooms anyway.

Matilda wanted to be as frugal as possible which gave the Grand Chamberlain and the Chief of Staff a headache.

As for Matilda’s dance lessons, she invited the female knights and maids to dance with knights and soldiers. They were very pleased with their progress, but Matilda did not develop an elegance. She began to get frustrated,

‘Because the Emperor and Empress’ first dance is a tradition, I don’t want to fail,’ she cried to Julia, the Chief of Staff, who sighed in exasperation.

In the future, when they told stories of the wedding of Leandroth and Matilda, the children would hear that Leandroth did not like to dance.


What is peace?

It was a question that was hard to answer.

But the two of them pondered upon it in their bed together. And they discussed politics at their dinner table. Discussion enriched their meals, and everything was most exciting when they were talking.

They introduced the potato to Barenshiaga from Icecoreta. It quickly became a staple food, due to the crop being easy to grow.

Between them they discussed many crops like buckwheat, and plain wheat, and various vegetables. Their desire for food was strong.

They imported ice from Icecoretta to minimise seafood spoiling at the port (Zuben: I am surprised no one had thought of that earlier but you never know)

Occasionally, their direction may be wrong and a project may fail. But they realised that there was no peace without a full belly.

Agricultural scientists, who were interested in improving seeds, would come to the palace and study the rare blooms that were the vegetables that grew in the palace gardens. They had occurred incidentally.

This would become a topic of discussion when historians discussed the Women who changed the Barenshiaga Empire…

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