Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Chapter 23

Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon Vol II Chapter 23

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Zuben does the NSFW dance...so brace yourselves.


he returned to Leandroth’s offices. One of the maids came delivered a cute yellow flower with a message that that the Marquis had eaten a bit and was now sleeping. She laughed; it was like a message to a lover.

She washed her face that was streaked with tears and combed out her hair. The gold dust was still there but that could not be helped.

Leandroth was mean, it seemed like he specifically requested her to dress like this, perhaps to wake up and shake the marquis back to life.

Foolish people appropriating the power of the Prime Minister…was this about Earl Pikers?

To be honest, she could not remember his face that well. Leandroth had said he was a handsome man, but was that really true? She didn’t think her memory was that bad. However, to forget so easily made her uneasy.

(Zuben: Brace yourselves people, it’s a list)

Her maids; the blonde haired – blue eyed Agatha who was the eldest, Berta with red hair and black eyes, Clara who had light brown hair and eyes, Elba who had black and eyes, Gemma with dark grey hair, silver haired and purple eyed Lara, silver blonde Ioan, Nuria with wavy auburn hair, Chia who had chestnut brown hair, honey blonde Emma, flaxen-haired Gala and the youngest Paola with orange hair like a lion’s mane.

As for her ladies in waiting: Augustina wife of Earl Burgos, Countess Bertrand with orangey blonde hair; Benaza, Lady Camino, with rich brown hair; Calderina with hair red as fire, the daughter of the Earl of Crotette; Celestia with silver hair like morning dew, the daughter of the Earl of Randall; Miranda with sky blue eyes and blonde hair, the Dame Saiseido; pale blonde Christina, the daughter of the Lord Vischetique; Regina who had straight black hair, daughter of the Earl of Urbano; Rosa Maria with hair like cream (Zuben: what?). Christina and Regina were heirs to their titles.

She heard that Eulver the count of Eubelo was going to hand his title to his second son, once he come of age, his eldest son died in war. (Zuben: What does this have to do with anything?!)

If she could remember all that it wasn't too bad.

There was a knock on the door, and Leandroth entered followed by Lara with a trolley laden with dinner.

‘Are you ready for dinner?’

‘Thank you. I will eat in a bit.’

Once Lara left the room, Leandroth pulled her in a hug.


She returned the hug tightly and took a deep breath inhaling his scent.

If she dies, surely Leandroth would be devastated.

She felt a bit different from when she apologised for taking the poison. What could she do for him?

‘Leann, sit.’ She said as she pulled him to a settee. Tonight, there had been a meeting about the reorganisation of the Imperial Knights. The Imperial Knights were under the Ministry of Justice so the officials would need to participate. Therefore, they took their time starting. (Zuben: What does this have to do with anything?)

Leandroth looked puzzled as she sat him down and knelt between his legs and kissed him,

‘Nnn.’ Leandroth was surprised as she wound her hands around his neck; he opened his mouth accepting her. She licked his tongue. Their kisses deepened, he held her waist pulling her closer.

It felt delightful, their tongues entwined.

Her breathing quickened and her heartbeat rose. Her body got hot,

Leandroth stopped for air, ‘Mattie, what’s wrong?’ he asked huskily.

She grabbed at him, holding on to his neck with strength she did know she had. She kissed his neck, sucking at it but it did not make a kiss mark like she hoped. She drew her hand up his hard body caressing him.

Leandroth took her hand off, creating a distance. It was lonesome.

‘Leann…’ she took the hand and placed it on her breast. (Zuben: Mattie, your seduction is a little too desperate.)

‘Would you like to…?’ Leandroth asked surprised. She got shy.

She had been thinking about how her father would feel if she’d died when she was with Bellmud. But as she returned to her room, she turned her thoughts to Leandroth. She could not imagine what she’s do if he died. To imagine it made her body and heart cold. She suddenly wanted him, wanted to be with him, even if it made her a perverted woman. She could not wait for night.

But Leandroth still had work to do, she didn’t want to be a bother. But…

She hugged him tightly and whispered, ‘I want you…’

But she pulled back, and said, ‘No I will wait till tonight.’

He stopped her and pulled her back, ‘You’re in trouble if you say that.’ He took her lips and kissed her brutally. So much so she couldn’t breathe, their panting filled the room. He pulled her up so she was sitting astride him. He began to unbutton her dress at the back, while kissing her. He was so dextrous. He pulled her clothes off, she was suddenly embarrassed, she was stripped naked. There was so much light, she felt shy.

‘I can’t stop now,’ Leandroth said, his eyes molten pools of desire.

‘No don’t stop.’

He held both her breasts in his hands and kissed the soft skin. They were rolled in his palm, her rose nipples are pinched and rolled. She moaned. He took a nipple in his mouth and the sound of his sucking filled the room. He lifted her skirt and his hand pulled aside her underwear, he rubbed and fondled her bottom, her body trembled with mounting desire. His fingered brushed against her core, she jumped every time he brushed past her bud.

‘Ky~a…’ she cried. His fingered entered her stroking in and out while his thumb rubbed her clitoris. She moaned. She held on to his head against her chest desperately and she moved her waist in time to his stokes. She nearly felt ashamed, she wanted more, she was unconsciously looking to feel good more,


‘Does it feel good?’ Leandroth whispered against her chest, she couldn’t trust herself to speak, she nodded vigorously.

His thrusting fingered intensified, and she was about to climax when he suddenly stopped.

She looked at Leandroth reproachfully but he gave her a smile,

‘I want us to come together,’ he said. She was strangely relieved and strangely embarrassed at the same time, her face flushed deeper.

‘Mattie, I’m going to put you in a slightly embarrassing position,’

She nodded. Leandroth would not hurt her, she felt secure with him.

He put her on the settee so she was on all fours, and pushed her skirts over her waist. Her panties now handing off one ankle. He stroked her buttocks and then her drenched petals.

He undid his trousers and placed his manhood at her entrance, and slowly entered. It was maddening it was frustrating, it was lovely.

He entered fully, thrusting up against her womb. He leaned forward and massaged her breasts. She cried out.

‘Are you okay, Mattie?’ he asked worriedly.

‘Yes, I have Leann in me.’ She said as she patted held her hand to her lower abdomen stroking the skin. She wondered what this lovely feeling of being filled. It was so delightful.

‘I want your child, give me lots,’ she said turning her head to look at him behind her.

She wanted his children. This was a new feeling. But she wanted him, all of him; his smiles, his tears, his anger, his jokes, his thoughts, she wanted everything. She was selfish. He began to thrust harder and faster, sending sharp intense delicious sensations through her.

‘Mattie, I can’t hold back anymore.’

She couldn’t hold back her moaning as the thrust fast like a piston into her. But she did not want him to stop, she got hotter and needier inside. Her head was full of Leandroth. The room echoed with the lewd sounds of their flesh, and her wet hole.

‘Leann…Leann…’ whether she was whispering or shouting she didn’t know anymore, she started to shake as she reached climax. Soon, she could feel his hot liquid inside her. She was filled with happiness. With her bottom sticking out, she looked like a cat in heat. But she didn’t want to think of herself as a cat.

Leandroth stroked her back and asked, ‘What is really wrong, Mattie.’

‘We’ll talk later. Do you still have time?’ She could feel Leandroth who was still inside her getting hard again.

‘Yes I do. Are you still hungry?’ Leandroth asked with a smile.

‘Once more?’ she asked gladly.

‘I’m happy. I wanted another so I did not pull out.’ He said with a lusty smile.

He began to move slowly again. Matilda sighed in pleasure. Because the position was different, the sensations were different. She felt a bit lonely though, since she could not see his face, but this position was rather pleasant.


He pulled out suddenly, leaving her feeling empty. At the same time, their mixed love juices flowed down her leg,

‘Ah,’ her body shivered from the remembered pleasures. Leandroth turned her to lie on her side on the settee and placed one leg over the back rest. He took off her dangling underwear. Matilda felt embarrassed from the exposure. Her secret place was wide open to his view.

He entered her and she went weak from the pleasure.

The sound of him thrusting into her overflowing honey pot filled the room. He had her right leg over his shoulder and had her breast crushed under is right hand. Yet, he was able to move really deftly inside her.

She was languid with pleasure, she could barely move.

‘Leann…’ she gasped between pants, ‘does it feel good?’

‘Too good.’ He said through gritted teeth, he had a frown on his face and his mouth was in a grimace,

‘Angry? Stop if you are?’

‘I am not going to stop, I am not angry, I am not disgusted, Mattie. You feel so good, please be more confident in yourself.’


‘Yes, you’re so cute and beautiful and attractive, can you have more self-confidence in yourself for me.’

‘Only for Leann?’ (Zuben: How can they talk so bloody much)

‘I do not know about other people, but I can swim a hundred laps around the castle moat from how happy I am.’

She laughed at the exaggerated expression.

‘Oh that feels good. Mattie clench down on your lower abdomen.’

‘…ah, okay…’

‘Yes…keep doing it.’


Repeatedly having to clench her abdominal muscles cleared her head a bit.

Although, she was not aware of it, something was changing inside her,

‘Ahn~Leann…something strange…’

‘It’s not strange…it feels good, that’s it.’

He leaned closer to Matilda. His thrusting got faster and faster, but she wanted his arms around her, she felt lonesome without him close to her. She wanted to wrap her legs around him but the settee was too narrow,

‘Leann, hold me…’ she sounded like a child, but she couldn’t bear not feeling him against her anymore. Leandroth thought her unguarded and cute. He took off his shirt, and tossed it on the table. His arms surrounded her; she gave a satisfied sigh as their skin touched.

‘Matilda, put your arms around my neck.’ She did as he bid, and he stood up still connected to her. She gasped at the change in position, it felt so good. Such a feeling could only be because she was with Leann.

It would certainly be different if this was with someone else.

He was carrying her to a larger sofa; the walking caused vibrations inside her. More of her honey flowed out from deep inside. She felt she should be ashamed but it felt so good.

There is a sound, and Matilda opened her eyes, Leandroth was watching her,

‘So Mattie, tell me what’s wrong. Although I am quite happy that you initiated things this time,’

‘It’s nothing…’ She wanted to downplay it, it all seemed so silly now.

‘It just that I realised you’re important to me. I wanted you to hold me. That I have your arms around me like this makes me happy.’

She felt tears well up in her eyes. Were they tears of sorrow or tears of release or tears of joy? They ran down her face,

‘Are you happy, Leann?’ (Zuben: Didn’t he just tell you he was happy enough to swim too many laps or was the brain elsewhere?)

Leandroth scratched his head, then said, ‘I am happy and scared. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.’

Matilda opened her eyes and stared at Leandroth.

‘Me too. Let’s have a long life together.’ She said with a smile (Zuben: Na na na na no guarantees♪)

Leandroth laughed loudly and said as held her face he kissed her, ‘Mattie, it’s going to be more intense now, are you ready?’

He was thrusting slowly moving his hips in circles.

Matilda rubbed her cheeks against his hands, and smiled,

‘I want you to be fierce,’

At Matilda’s word, Leandroth thrust into her hard and fast.

‘Ahn ahn…’ Matilda voice grew high as she climaxed. At Matilda’s cry, Leandroth also came.

He slowed down his thrusts as the walls of Matilda’s vagina contracted around him. He slipped out with a sigh. From between her legs, fluids from their lovemaking flowed out.

There was a knock on the door and a small voice said, ‘A quarter of an hour left before your meeting, your Majesty.’

Matilda wrapped her arms around her breasts,

‘My dress! It’s a mess!’

There was another knock on the door and Leandroth put his trousers back together and left the room. He returned with a trolley with some water with scented herbs in it and clothes for the two of them.

She laughed putting her hands on her bright red face, ‘I cannot fault the competence of the staff you chose.’

Leandroth laughed, ‘Me too.’

‘Let’s quickly get dressed and eat, Leann.’


‘It can’t be helped, if the head doesn't move on time everything will go out off course.’

‘I want to take care of you,’

She laughed and gave him a peck on his lips,

‘Please do next time,’


‘Yes, really.’

‘It’s a promise?’

‘Well I can’t promise you that much…’

‘I want a promise!’

‘Alright, I promise.’

Leandroth sighed a breath of relief (Zuben: Why?)

‘You’ll be late if you don’t hurry,’

‘Yes. After one’s sexual desire is fulfilled I always get hungry.’

‘You idiot!’ she said without malice. Matilda watched Leandroth dress quickly, feeling like she’d been dipped in a vat of happiness. After him, she quickly dragged herself up to clean up and dress.

They ate quickly.

At door Leandroth turned to her,

‘I’m off.’

‘See you soon,’ she said. He left.

Such a trivial exchange make her so happy, tears threatened to fall. She had become such a crybaby. But they were happy tears.

She felt so alive.

Zuben: I've worked hard this weekend. Four more chapters to the end! I hope they are coherent cos that helps speed things a great deal!

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