World of Xianxia


World of Xianxia Chapter 14

"All of you Zha Yi disciples, listen here, there will be a white crystal rock as big as your fist in front, you have to place your hands on it and absorb the aura from it, it will then turn to green, blue, red and purple, if you did not see any of the colors mentioned, please go down the hill yourself, you will no longer be part of us."

A clear command pierced through the place, hurting everyone's eardrums.

Four elders in long robe appeared suddenly in mid-air, their aura was so strong that it made everyone shuddered with fear.

Thousands of white ray sped from the sky and landed in front of every disciple.

It was crystal clear and transparent.

Yun Ye looked at the crystal rock in front of him and breathed in deeply. This was the first test of examination, the test of divine pulse.

Generally, the one who possessed divine pulse could get a better result easily and thus, would be favored by the clan. The results of this test could be categorized into four colors that were green, blue, red and purple, from the worst to the best.

Yun Ye breathed again and positioned himself in a better state, he then stretched out his right hand slowly.

"Brother, I'm nervous." Chen Mo's voice was shaky; he could not control himself under the huge aura.

"Don't worry, based on your talent, you will succeed next time if you failed this round." Yun Ye smiled warmly and patted his shoulders.

Chen Mo nodded his head and he was surprised by how Yun Ye's aura could calm his body instantly.

The first test of divine pulse had officially started; the whole place was shining brightly.

"Ah, I'm green, I'm green, I passed!"

"I'm blue, blue!"

"Green, I'm green, ha ha ha!"

"Oh God, why didn't I have any colors?"

"Black, why am I black? Must be something wrong somewhere."

Everyone's hands were shining furiously; different colors were reflected all over the place, the color shown on each of the disciple's foreheads, showing off their results.

There was mixed emotions around them, some were sad, some were delighted, shouts and echos were spread across the colosseum.

Suddenly, a red ray of light sped up to the sky, it went higher than the others and looked stronger too.

"Red, it's red!"

The four elders stood and observed, their faces showed excitement. One of them raised his hand softly and a disciple flew towards them.

"Red represents the mighty skill from others, what is your name? You can straight enter into Tian Zhu Valley without going through the other tests."

"Report back to elders, I am Qu Yiping, from the city." The disciple who absorbed red light answered politely, he looked as if he was only fifteen or sixteen years old.

"Very well, stand aside!" The elder nodded his head and raised his finger, Qu Yiping froze his body and stood steadily with them in mid-air.

Qu Yiping could not hide his emotion, enthusiasm was written on his face.

Below them, the colorful rays were still reflecting around, there were black, white, green and blue, red was no longer in sight, not to mention purple too.

Soon enough, half of the disciples were eliminated, the only hundreds of them left were the ones who had green and blue.

Suddenly, a red ray shone around them again. This time, the light was even mightier and stronger than Qu Yiping's.

"Who, who was that?"

The elders exclaimed.

Before the elder could do anything, a sound came from below, "Report back to Elder Lan, I am Duan Chenfeng from the city."

It was the Duan Chenfeng who wanted Yun Ye to be his steward.

"You know me? Oh, it's Duan family from the city, normal to have this kind of skill, just stand behind me." The elder nodded and looked at Duan Chenfeng.
"Thank you Elder Lan!" Duan Chenfeng bowed politely and walked towards the back of elder, glancing at Yun Ye on his way.

Yun Ye ignored him, he was not rushing to get any results like the rest, he looked at his crystal rock silently.

"What is practice if you couldn't even pass the first test!"

Yun Ye raised his arms, just about to absorb the aura from the crystal rock. Unexpectedly, a ray of light shone on the sky, the light was so strong that even the sky changed its colors.

At that moment, cheers and wows filled the surroundings.

Purple, a strong ray pierced the sky elegantly.

It was purple. Green, blue, red and purple, this was the best among all, it would only happen to the highest level.

"Purple, it was purple! How long has it been?" Elder Lan exclaimed in a shaky voice.

The other three elders froze when they saw the purple ray.

Elder Lan raised his hand once again and a slim figure appeared among the students, it was a young lady.

The lady was decent-looking, her hair was silky and smooth, her face was as clear as porcelain. She wore a purple long dress that swayed gracefully along with the breeze.

"Jun Ruolan reports to the Elders!" The lady bowed politely.

"Very good, Jun Ruolan, you will straightaway join the Wuying Peak, the elders will look into you and see which practices suit you the best." Elder Lan was dazed, he raised his hand again and Jun Ruolan floated away.

"Yes!" Jun Ruolan answered gracefully and stood aside.

Entered directly into Wuying Peak, and received personal trainings from the elders, this treatment was insane.

The disciples below who seen this rushed back to complete their tasks immediately, hoping to get a purple ray themselves and received the trainings from the elders.

Yun Ye breathed in deeply and placed his right hand onto the crystal rock.

He felt a miraculous and refreshing aura seeping into his body and flowing in his bloodstream. He could clearly see a purple aura inside, wanting to bust out of him.

Purple talent?

He froze a while and his heart was racing in excitement, if it was indeed purple ray, he could get the trainings personally from the elders.

Suddenly, the black and white light rushed inside him and covered the purple aura, then it then turned into a green ray and burst out of his finger, into the crystal rock.

A faint green ray lighted up the crystal rock and traveled to his forehead.

Green divine pulse!

Green talent, it would not shock the elders, there would be a disciple who told them that he had passed.

Yun Ye squinted his forehead anxiously, he was very sure of what he saw earlier on, he did see clearly of the purple ray in his body flowing with the transparent aura, if it could come out from his fingertips and portrayed on the crystal rock, he would have been of the same status as Jun Ruolan.

If so, he could have gotten the personal trainings from the elders, and be different from the other disciples.

But, why would it become green when it bumped into the black and white aura?

Yun Ye thought silently, and slowly came to an understanding.

"Brother, I'm going to do the test now."

Chen Mo broke his thought.

Yun Ye turned to him and said calmly, "don't be nervous, go ahead."

Chen Mo's boney shoulders were still shaking, he took a deep breath and felt the aura flowing inside him.


A loud clear sound rang, the white crystal in front of him was broken into pieces like a cobweb, the fist-sized crystal rock instantly transformed into powder.


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