World Destroying Demonic Emperor


World Destroying Demonic Emperor Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Young Lady of Note, Yi Manman

"I pay respects to Princess Zhi Ning." Suo Ningbing humbly bowed.

"Elder sister please don't." Princess Zhi Ning gently said, She then went inside and, leisurely sat down.

Suo Ningbing did not sit down. In front of the members of the royal family, unless they allow you to sit, then you can not sit,

"Today, Suo Lun's performance at the Royal City ACademy was absolutely stunning." Princess Zhi Ning said, "Mentor XIu Yan already suggested his point of view to the royal family and to the cabinet. Formation of a navy, letting Tianshui City slip off by."

Suo Ningbing once again bowed politely, "Please show mercy Princess."

"Why is it necessary for us to seize Tianshui City? Suo Lun already made it very clear in the classroom." Princess Zhi Ning said, "We don't have any personal resentment to your family. Although Tianshui City is rich and fertile, but the Royal Family is still the richest in under the heavens. We still won’t put its measly five hundred miles of territory in our eyes. However, because it is a strategic key to the kingdom's future expansion, so we must seize Tianshui City at any cost. I'm so sorry."

Suo Ningbing said, "But, taking to the sea to attack the savage hinterlands. It could be considered right?"

Princess ZHi ning said, "However, this program will take so long. Uncle Zhi Ting will be a key part if this notion is executed, rather than His Royal Highness Zhi Li himself. Once this proposal is adopted, it represents the failure of His Royal Highness Prince Zhi Li strategy plan. Do you know what that means?"

Suo Ningbing of course knew, afterall Prince Zhi Li is not King Zhi Bian's biological son, but his nephew.

King Zhi Bian got only one daughter, and no son. So he adopted his nephew Zhi Li as his adopted son. Although everyone regarded him as a prince, he is much more feeling the sense of crisis due to this uncertainty of not being able to directly inherit throne. He is just the King's adopted son after all.

He needs to seize the Tianshui City, needs to seize the Brutal Canyon, and offensively push forward into the frontier barbaric hinterlands. This is Prince Zhi Li's strategic direction.

Moreover, he has sacrificed a lot of to achieve this, he even did not hesitate to rip up the kingdom's vassal system. He cannot fail.

Suo Ningbing said, "Of course, the strategic direction of His Highness Prince Zhi Li is important. But what about my Suo Family, will it die?"

Princess Zhi Ning paused and did not directly answer, "Suo Lun's performance in the classroom today came from his elder sister's hand isn’t it?"

Suo Ningbing hesitated at first and nodded her head. This is to protect Suo Lun, if the Royal family knows that Suo Lun became intelligent and wise, than his wife would even be put to an even graver danger.

"His elder sister's wisdom is truly unrivalled. I am very sympathetic, so I came to visit." Zhi Ning said, "Originally, your Suo family would no doubt die. But so sad, it is not by our hands, for Duke Zhi Ting himself will personally destroy all of you. To know, he is much more savage than we are. He does not take into account his reputation or fame, that's what makes him terrifying. I also came here to give sister Suo Ningbing additional advise."

Suo Ningbing said, "Please advise Princess."

Zhi NIng said, "You should just lend Tianshui CIty temporarily to us. Twenty years later, we will give it back to your Suo Family."

Suo Ningbing said, "This is not really your style, Princess."

"Indeed." Zhi Ning calmly said, "I only propose this for His Highness Prince Zhi Li himself. He can renounce Tianshui City and its five hundred miles of territory and at the same time save your Suo Family."

Suo Ningbing fluttered and said, "How?"

Princess Zhi Ning said, "You should pledge allegiance to Prince Zhi Li and become his assistant. Twenty years later, your future son, will inherit and succeed Tianshui City's position, and he will also be promoted to Marquis."

Suo Nigbini said, "Unfortunately, I have no son."

"A son can't be born without a father." Zhi Ning said.

Suo Ningbing, "With whom?"

Princess Zhi Ning said, "Of course, it will be my elder brother, His highness Prince Zhi Li. You should know that this is a great opportunity and a great gift. It is your only single chance to save the Suo Family."

Suo Ningbign felt something was off and asked, :And Suo ….Suo lun?"

Princess Zhi Ning faintly said, "Remember, you are going to save a family, not a man. There is nothing perfect in this world. Zhi Li is the man given by the heavens who will cherish you, and not Suo Lun. When Suo Lun pursued me, this already is clearly an act of rebellion against Prince Zhi Li."

In other words, in order to save the clan, to save the family, Suo Lun must die.

Suo Ningbing lifted her gorgeous charming face and smiled,:"But wouldn't it be better if the princess marry Suo Lun? Your son will become the Lord of Tianshui City, everyone would be happy."

These words put away all of Princess Zhi Ning's facial expression. She recover her cloak, got up and went out."

"You better move, you only have two days."


Ascension Pavilion, one of the largest brothels in the Royal City.

This world also has well known prostitutes, courtesans who sold their skill in music, poetry and song rather than their bodies. Here, they were also respected as masters of their art.
Thus in the Ascension Pavilion, their were talented courtesan performers and there are also those prostitutes who sell their bodies. Suo Lun being a playboy, rarely went to the courtesan performers. In his words, these courtesans specialized to deceive other people. He does not need their performance, he needs women who can please his manly needs.

His sentence harvested a lot of woman's heart, but it also offended a lot of the courtesan prostitutes who do not sell their body.

How can you explain Suo Lun's reputation in the brothel world? He is loved and pleased like the ancestors. Cnce, he even visited the brothel together with his girlfriends.

Over the years, the money he butchered on these brothels at the lease amounted to thousand gold coins. Moreover, the amount he spend daddying around with friends also amounted to several thousand more gold coins.

Once Suo Lun visits a brothel, he usually does not choose the most popular woman, but chooses those prostitutes who were not so popular. In his words, he chose them so these girls also have food to eat.

So overall, Suo Lun's reputation through the whole kingdom is very messy. Only inside the brothel building is his reputation very excellent and a lot of the women in the brothels considered him as their loved one.

And so, when Lanling entered the Ascension Pavilion, he immediately enjoyed the feeling of being a star.

All woman inside the pavilion rushed out regardless if they still got guests to please or not. They all rushed over.

Not just the women, there are also men who rushed over, and instantly bowed in salute.

If their ancestor came, then their food and clothing is coming.

"Young master Suo Lun, you finally came. Your slaves already thought that your dead.."

"Young master Suo Lun, your slaves really miss you……"

"Young master Suo Lun, how can your heart be so ruthless. How can you not visit us for so many months?"

Although Lanling was somewhat prepared to his somewhat degree of popularity, their manner and attitude still surprised him out of his wits.

It was truly eye catching to the public eyes.

Soon, a charming, gorgeous middle aged woman was obstructed by the crowd, and thus she squeezed towards the front of Lanling. Hugging his waist worshipingly, she said, "My young master Suo Lun, you finally come here ah? This whole months you did not come, my heart felt so empty, I was waiting forever for your touch…and for your..…"

Apparently, she is the procuress of the Ascension Pavilion.

She directly grabbed the hands of Lanling and moved it towards her huge, busty chest.

Originally, Lanling was planning to retrieve it back without any second thought, but he played the part of Suo Lun.This time, he can not have stage fright.

And so he coquettishly groped the huge fluffy thing, and then gave her a kiss, "Still so fragrant."

The procuress flirtatiously grinded his arms in her boobs, she moaned and said, "I still got a lot more fragrant places, would you like to taste them?"

"You better try mine." Lanling said.

The procuress stuck out her tongue and let it slide between her lips, "In that case, let's taste each other then. In the glacier before all these people, do you dare?"

Lanling said, "Well, maybe next time. But I'll be even more rougher than you."

The procuress bitterly said, "I know that you are just making fun of me. I know you don;t have a liking to an old women like. Talk, which lucky daughter would you like to accompany you today, I'd like to know which daughter would receive your big manly blessing."

Lanling said, "Manman?"

The procuress loudly said, "Manman?"

A person next to her immediately said, "Currently, there are guests in young miss Manman's courtyard."

The procuress immediately said, "Drive them away, drive them away, young master Suo Lun is here. I don’t care what guest they are. Make Manman immediately dress herself gorgeously so she can receive young master Suo Lun."

Unlike in the Royal City Academy where he was treated like a scurrying mouse in the street, here he enjoys the feeling of a super vip.

Resentment and sadness were in eyes of the other woman. The procuress accompanied with Lanling went to the to the room of the Ascension Pavilion's most famous prostitute, Yi Manman.


Yi Manman is a very popular woman, and she is known even throughout the whole kingdom. As it should be, she has her own small house and her own courtyard and garden.

She is considered to be a top notch prostitute lady of note in the Royal City, and she costs two to three gold coins or even more.

When they reached the door, the procuress said, "Anyway, seems lust is steaming out from you, I will not hold you any longer"

Then she directly left.

Lanling stood at the outside for a moment, to be honest, his heart was pretty much filled with intense curiosity with this Yi Manman. He does not know what she looks like. To be certain for sure, she must be very beautiful, achieving her position in the pavilion is difficult.

Her and Suo Lun's relation is very very close. This relation between the man and woman has already maintained for many years, and she can be called as Suo Lun's long time lover.

However, Suo Lun did not leave a portrait of her, and this made Lanling somewhat puzzled. Does Suo Lun deep within his heart held content for this Yi Manman?

To gather the astronomical amount of three thousand nine hundred gold coins in two days, Yi Manman is precisely a key point to achieving that.

After a moment, Lanling opened the door and walked inside.

After he went through a light colored screen curtain, a magnificent room appeared before his eyes. The whole room's hue and color were frilled ambiguousness, and was absolutely gorgeous.

Whether it is the color of the bed sheets, the color of the lights, the color of the carpet, they are all hazy erotic red.

In short, the whole room was arranged like a bridal chamber in general.

A woman was combing her hair sitting in front of a mirror. She was wearing a bright red underwear and a bright silk red panties.

Most of her white skin was exposed on the outside, and was filled with a charming luster under the radiance of the red light.

Her body was just as Lanling imagined, very fleshy…..

Of course, this meat is not fat, but kind of plump and compact, soft to the touch and full of hormones.

If a female star on earth is to be compared to her body, that is precisely Zhong Li Ti.

And of course, she is abit high, about one meter seven or so.

At this time, her back was facing towards Lanling. She was holding a bronze mirror of this world, and thus Lanling can not clearly see her face.

"If you still did not repent when you pursued Princess Zhi Ning, then why did you bother coming to this dirty place?" The woman tauntingly said.

Lost your pen = no pen

No pen = no notes

No notes = no study

No study = Fail

Fail = no diploma

No diploma = no work

No work = no money

No money = no food

No food = skinny

Skinny = ugly

Ugly = no love

No love = no marriage

No marriage = no children

No children = alone

Alone = depression

Depression = sickness

Sickness = death

Lesson: Don’t lose your pen, you will die

A taxi passenger tapped the driver on the shoulder to ask him a question.

The driver screamed, lost control of the car, nearly hit a bus, went up on the

footpath, and stopped centimeters from a shop window

For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate

dont ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

The passenger apologized and said, “l didnt realize that a little tap

would scare you so much “

The driver replied, “Sorry, its not really your fault. Today is my first day as a

cab driver. rve been driving a funeral van for last 25 years.”

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