Without Me


Without Me Chapter 47: Chapter 47

Not so long ago she had talked with Cheng Yazhe so happily, but she did not spare even a look at him. She just stood in front of Ruo Yan and a crowd of maids, like a fearless but lonely soldier. And this sight made Li Ye Han feel an unpleasant stab in his chest.

At that time, Wen's footman entered the living room. Previously, he was too busy preparing lunch for master and girl Ruo, so he did not realize what had happened in the living room. Now he was stunned, his gaze wandering from the young master, to Yao Xi, then to Ruo Yan, until he stopped at the maid with her face swollen.

Butler Wen was extremely intelligent and almost immediately guessed what could have happened a moment ago. Judging by the look of the young master who did not leave Yao Xi, the butler was certain that this woman must have done something that made Li Ye Han angry again. Wanting to ease the situation a bit, Wen announced, bowing to Li Ye Han, "Sir, lunch is ready and already laid on the table."

But Li Ye Han did not react at all. He was focused on the impassive attitude of the girl in front of him, who did not seem to be disturbed at all, did not even defend herself. She looked as if she did not care. Or rather, as if she knew that even if she tried to say something in her defense, it would not make any difference.

Her clean eyes remained calm when she gave Li Ye Han a fleeting, nonchalant look, then turned away and left without a word. She wanted to leave before Li Ye Han would throw her away, not wanting to give him such satisfaction.

Handsome and full of aristocratic dignity, Li Ye Han watched in silence as she walked away, and her silhouette and back were straight as she moved away, untouched. And guided by a sudden impulse, he said quickly: "You just came back from the hospital, eat some lunch."

The sudden words of Li Ye Han made everyone in the room speechless, including Ruo Yan, who was staring at Li Ye Han with disbelieving eyes, and her face was ashen in anger.

Yao Xi stopped in her steps. She was convinced she was overheard. She even thought that from the impact on the head, she began to have auditory hallucinations and only when Wen's footman said, "Mrs. Yao, I invite you to the dining room", Yao Xi understood that she had heard correctly.

Yao Xi: "Thank you very much for your concern, Mr. Li, but as Miss Ruo said, lunch was only prepared for two people. I will not take away yours pleasure of spending time together. " She said it dryly, she turned elegantly and made big steps, and when she left the living room, she did not stop again.

As she walked away, she heard the whispers of the servants, but she let go of them in spite of her ears. She was too pleased with herself to care about unnecessary things.

Ruo Yan was scared to death. She looked at Li Ye Han straight away and her eyes filled with a pleading look. Unfortunately, he did not take his blue eyes off the winding stairs, which Yao Xi climbed on, and his eyes were deep but unreadable.

She clenched her teeth feverishly. How could this whore say that ?! she completely underestimated this cunning vixen! Now Li Ye Han will think she was abusing Yao Xi, not even allowing her to eat. Rag!

All the worse that Li Ye Han did not invite Ruo Yan for lunch. It was she herself who invited herself, ordering the servants to prepare a meal for two. Who could have known that this rag had not died in this hospital and would suddenly appear in the villa, ruining Ruo Yan's plans to get close to Li Ye Han!

When Ruo Yan internally cursed Yao Xi in her heart, she felt the chilling look of Li Ye Han on her, who wrenched his hand from her grip. She was so terrified that he would discover her intentions that she did not dare even breathe.

Ruo Yan bit her lip, looking miserably at Li Ye Han. Tears ran down her cheeks, and her delicate body shook with barely suppressed sobs: "Li Ye Han ... It's not like that ... I didn't ..."

Li Ye Han gave her an emotionless, indifferent look: "What are you doing here?"

Ruo Yan: "I just wanted to have lunch with you, I have not seen you for a long time. I didn't know that Yao Xi would come back so unexpectedly. Whenever I saw her, I already wanted to tell the cooks to prepare one more meal, but then she hit the maid and somehow that flew out of my head. "

Ruo Yan even at that moment was able to turn black into white and make herself a victim. Two drops of salty tears flowed down her beautiful face, making every man feel compassion for her and would like to comfort her.

Unfortunately, Li Ye Han was not an ordinary man. He could not help but feel only disgust.

The fearless face of Yao Xi appeared in his mind. If Ruo Yan is like a delicate tulip, then Yao Xi is like a dangerous rose, covered with numerous thorns. Instead of crying and arousing pity, she looks defiantly with her attractive cat eyes. Cold and expressionless eyes that stimulated something in him that he had never felt before.

In the past, regardless of everything, she did not take her eyes off him, carefully watching his every move. But now, it seemed that she had completely ignored his existence. She even refused a meal in his company when in the past she did everything to stop him at dinner, which she prepared. It seemed that she had given up on him completely.

Li Ye Han: "Looks like you forgot your identity, Ruo Yan." His voice was shockingly cold, sending an inexplicable fear to the hearts of those who heard him. "This is my legal wife, chosen personally by my grandfather. I have not yet divorced, so if I find out again that you have offended any member of Li's family, I will not be polite" Ignoring the distraught expression of Ruo Yan, Li Ye Han looked dangerously at the group of servants, including the one who had enough courage to offend Yao Xi: "And you, if you want to serve foreign people so much, instead of those who pay you, it's a free path, you're all laid off. There is no place in this house for people who can not recognize their real master. Wen. "Li Ye Han turned directly to the old butler" Throw them all away and remember to teach the new servants of respect. Fire also the guards who are guarding the gates today. They let Yao Xi walk all the way to the estate. Also remind everyone that Yao Xi is still my rightful wife, and anyone who does not show her due respect offends Li's family. "

When he finished, Li Ye Han went to his office, slamming the door furiously, until the windows in the floor-to-ceiling windows shut.

And Ruo Yan, from the beginning of his speech, remained petrified, unable to process what she had just heard.

Li Ye Han got angry for Yao Xi? What's more, he even admonished her that she forgot her identity? What identity did he speak about? His mistresses? What's that supposed to mean? Did not he hate Yao Xi with all his heart? How did it happen that now he even ignored his feelings to Ruo Yan?

No. She must have understood something wrong, for sure. Li Ye Han never spoke to her like this before. It must have had something to do with his grandfather.

Yes. Grandpa had to reprimand Li Ye Han for better treatment of Yao Xi. He could even blackmail Li Ye Han with something, so he had no choice but to listen to his grandfather and give him a face.

Ruo Yan did not want to believe that there might be another reason.

However, even despite this, she had to speed up their divorce somehow. If a grandfather cared so much about the rubbish, he could not agree to a divorce.

Ruo Yan had to come up with a way to ruin Yao Xi's reputation in the eyes of Elder Li. Only then will the old man wouldn't be so fond of this whore!

"Miss Ruo" thought out from her thoughts, the courteous voice of butler Wen, who had already settled the matter with the servants at the time. "Please, young master will not accept any guests today. Please come back next time. "

The butler politely pointed Ruo Yan out, and she could only humbly follow him, biting her teeth.

Nobody had ever asked her from this house before. And that's all because that bitch!

She could only stand it. She did not want to upset Li Ye Han. Especially now, when Yao Xi destroyed her image in his eyes.

'Just wait, I'll make you one hundred times more humbled than I am today!' she cursed in her mind when she reluctantly left the villa of Li Ye Han. She knew that she would still have the opportunity to destroy Yao Xi without hesitation! Ruo Yan must only wait a little longer.


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