Without Me

Other name: No other name

Genre: Romance

Date released: Unknown
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Author: Akkira

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Unknown

She lived only to become the organ donor for her adoptive sister.

Her entire nineteen-year-old life was devoid of colors, and the only thought that accompanied her was: You will not live long.


Until she met him.

He appeared, like an angel sent by the heavens, to tear her out of the terrifying darkness and give her life a faint spark of hope.

He saved her once. Like her, although she does not remember it.


Perverse fate combined them again. This time as a marriage.


Is soulless president and heir of the most powerful corporations in the country will make her finally find a reason to live and feel like something more than just an organ donor?


Or could he be the one who ruthlessly put out that little spark that began to burn in her empty heart?






At first she thought that was only a product of her imagination, a dream from which she could not wake up. But the pain radiating from every little bit of her body reminded her that what had happened was not a dream. Unfortunately...


She opened her eyes, but all she was able to see was a faint light seeping through the gap under the door.


She winked several times until her eyes got used to the darkness.


She could not determine the time of day. She did not know how much time she spent in this place, but numb hands chained to a thick chain over her head told her that it must have been a few days.


She shifted slightly, trying to relieve although a little bruised wrists, but even so gentle movement made her gasps, and her eyes filled with tears.


Sharp pain pierced her chest, radiating through the ribs, making it difficult to breathe. She coughed, and the wounds on her back jerked as if her skin were torn off. Blood spurted from the corner of her mouth.


Disappointment and resignation flowed into Yao Xi's heart full of bitterness.

In the end, she couldn’t make him fall in love with her.

Despite his coldness and hatred for her, for Yao Xi he was the whole world.


The only thing she got from him for all these years of boundless love was a look of disgust, as he lay on her body another whip hits and a cold face when she begged him to spare her life.

But even when she barely breathed, his hand did not stop for even a second.


Her scarlet blood still spurted, mingling with the stench of the musty cell, yet with each subsequent blow the pain of torn skin was nothing compared to the wound of her crushed heart.


The last thing she remembered before the last tear of resignation flowed on Yao Xi's cheek, mixing with scarlet blood, was the sight of his back as he came out of the cell, hugging the one who was considered as her best friend.


Yao Xi gave her last breath with the door closed behind them.




Finally, she was reborn.

And what will happen next?

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