Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss


Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss Chapter 1


Chapter 1 — Rebirth

At the edge of a cliff, the wind howled, and a dilapidated thatched hut could be seen. Outside of the hut, in a pool of blood, laid an unacceptably disheveled and small figure.


Searing pain tore through her body, making Wu Feng feel as though she was being hacked at by knives, and under the immense pain, she found it hard to breathe.

Ascribed to her instincts as an assassin, her eyes shot open the second she regained consciousness. Her hands pushed against the ground, wanting to turn her body over so she could spring up, but sharp pain consumed her body from head to toe. Her hands and feet were immobilized, and her arched body fell back into the pool of blood.

Wu Feng's breathing quickened. She realized she was on a cliffside clustered with debris and weeds.

What was happening? Could it be that she hadn't died under the lethal Poison Needle Bomb?

She began to recollect her memories and stopped when she remembered the betrayals of her two most trusted and loved confidants. She had pierced her heart with a poisoned needle, thus activating the bomb within her body, and she'd thought, if she had to die, she would drag that dog couple into the grave with her.

Suddenly, her head was assaulted by prickling pain. Foreign memory fragments swarmed into her mind, as if wanting to fry her brain. She broke out in a cold sweat. The throbbing went on for a long time before ending, and it left Wu Feng dumbfounded.

She had…. transmigrated?

However, before she could fully digest the absurd news, a whip lashed through the air at her.

"Rabid bitch, looks like your life is quite unyielding. My hands are already sore from hitting you, yet you still have the strength to move. See if I don't beat you to death!" Accompanying the descending whip was an incisive voice.

"Third Sister, don't kill her. Since she scratched my face, her face now belongs to me. I want to carve her little cheeks to resemble a hornet's nest, like how we sliced off her flesh earlier." Another excited and insidious voice added.

"Hold it!" Yet another voice, this one gentle, softly whisked over.

"Eldest Sister, why are you stopping us? This little slut dared to secretly seek out His Highness the Crown Prince. When we discovered her, she actually bit Third Sister and scratched my face. Even her death wouldn't be enough to repay this debt." The owner of the insidious voice sounded unwilling, but she seemed to be fearful of the gentle-voiced woman.

"Heheh…" A soft and alluring laugh sounded from above Wu Feng's head. "You've already slit the tendons of her hands and feet and sheared her body a hundred times with a knife. Third Sister also vented her spite with a hundred whip lashes, so there is not one shred of presentable flesh on her body. Now, the only thing she has left is her little face."

Although the voice was tender and sweet, it was not difficult to perceive the disgust and mockery in it.

Cold murder rose in Wu Feng's eyes. So her tendons were slit? No wonder she couldn't move her hands or feet.

However, what a familiar-sounding voice…

Beneath her disorderly hair, Wu Feng slowly raised her eyes.

In that moment, her entire body stiffened, and her eyes twinkled with a glint of ridicule before it was slowly eroded by frost. She saw a woman who looked identical to San Feng1; the traitor. Even their charm was synonymous.

At the gentle woman's words, the other two started to giggle and their moods eased.

"Come, throw Ninth Miss into the forest below the cliff. Let the beasts have her as nourishment; that's her only worth now." Her voice was tender, but her words were vicious and cold.

Wu Feng did not miss a word of the trio's conversation. In her mind, the memory of what had happened prior flashed by.

His Highness the Crown Prince had spent the night in General Manor, intending to take someone from the manor as an imperial concubine, when the original body's owner, who lived in the back mountains, somehow appeared inside the crown prince's room.

Throughout that memory, there was no indication of the original body's owner entering the crown prince's room at allundoubtedly, someone had framed her.

Afterwards, she was captured by the Eldest Miss, Third Miss, and Sixth Miss and dragged to the cliffside, where she was then whipped and lacerated…

Good, very good!

Wu Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. She marked down everything that was done to her today.

When her body was hauled unceremoniously through the debris, treated as though she were a sack, a slice of bloody flesh was left behind. She was forcibly thrown off the cliff as her heart filled with murderous desire.

Wait for heronce she returned, their peaceful days would end.


The mountains were covered with ancient and colossal woods and shrouded in what seemed like a millennia of darkness. A multitude of magical beasts roamed the forest, emanating a malicious aura.



Tigers roared, wolves howled, and their cries resonated across the whole forest.

The startled Wu Feng —no, she was Yun Wu now recovered her consciousness. After she discerned her situation, Yun Wu could not help but feel her heart quiver. She arched her body and retreated back to the cliff wall.

At this moment, a beam of golden light flashed through her mind, and immediately, a strange passage of information followed.

[Rank 2] Golden Tiger: Fire attributes. They are twice as large as a normal tiger breed and possesses unique defense and strong offense, but low agility.

[Rank 1] Iron-Back Wolf: Water attributes. High agility, average offense, and weak defense. A pack attack can rival the power of a rank two magical beast.

There was not enough time for Yun Wu to contemplate why these pieces of information appeared in her mind, because on her right-hand side stood a rank two Golden Tiger. It was ferociously baring its fangs at a pack of Iron-Back Wolves and growling in warning while its eyes stared at her greedily, as a predator would with prey.

On her left-hand side was a pack of Iron-Back Wolves. They were also baring their fangs defiantly at the rank two Golden Tiger while keeping a close eye on her.

VIN: I personally was quite shook by the harsh state this particular MC woke up in.